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Does Medicare Cover Ambulance Transportation

In the case of an emergency, Medicare will cover an ambulance ride to the hospital. Medicare only covers non-emergency ambulance transportation in certain situations.

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Medicare pays for an ambulance when not taking it would risk your health. Understanding Medicare coverage for ambulance services can prevent an unexpected bill later.

So, in the content below, we’ll discuss the coverage, guidelines, and details of ambulance coverage through Medicare.

Also, we’ll go over other important facts that you’ll need to know.

Does Medicare Cover Ambulance Services?

Original Medicare pays for an ambulance to take you to the nearest facility that can treat you. Often, that’s the closest hospital to the place where you were injured or became ill. But Medicare may pay for transport to a more distant hospital if you need special care or if there are no available beds at the closest hospital.

What is the Medicare Approved Amount for Ambulance Services?

The Medicare-Approved amount depends on the state, situation, and specific billing code. For example, the ambulance will likely charge more per mile in rural areas than urban areas. Also, the bill could be higher when you need care while in the ambulance, such as stabilization.

How Much Does Medicare Pay for Ambulance Services?

Medicare pays for ambulance services the same way it pays for other Medicare Part B care. You must first meet an annual deductible.

Then, you’ll pay a portion of the costs. Ambulance companies can’t charge extra fees for services. Not allowing Part B Extra Charges means the ambulance must accept Medicare’s price as payment.

Does Medicare Cover Air Ambulance?

Ambulance coverage includes airplane and helicopter ambulances. Part B will leave you with copays and any applicable deductibles.

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You may need an air ambulance if you’re in a remote area, such as hiking in an area that isn’t accessible by ground ambulance. As with ground ambulances, Medicare covers transportation to the nearest facility that can treat you.

What are the Medicare-approved amounts for international air ambulance services?

Medicare doesn’t usually pay for care outside the United States, including ambulance services. Medicare will pay for international care in a few situations.

These include emergencies near the U.S. border, where the closest hospital is in another country. Also, some emergencies on cruise ships and while traveling between the continental U.S. and Alaska.

It may be wise to buy a travel insurance policy if you plan to go outside the United States.

How to Submit an Ambulance Bill to Medicare

The ambulance may bill Medicare. Also, you may pay for the ambulance up-front and submit for reimbursement later. If you need to submit the bill to Medicare, follow these guidelines. Also, be sure to include an itemized invoice and records showing the ambulance trip was medically necessary.

Does Medicare pay for non-emergency medical transportation?

Your doctor must verify that an ambulance is necessary. Meaning you couldn’t travel by another method. For example, a patient with End-Stage Renal Disease going to a dialysis facility MIGHT qualify for a scheduled ambulance ride to dialysis.

But if an ambulance operator believes Medicare may not pay, they must give you an Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage. The notice states that in the event Medicare doesn’t cover your service of transportation, you agree to pay the bill.

You may choose to skip transportation services after getting a notice. If you refuse to sign the notice but take a ride in an ambulance, you’ll be responsible for the cost.

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What is a Voluntary Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage?

If an ambulance goes to a non-emergent incident, the company might give you a voluntary notice. The difference from a non-voluntary Advance Beneficiary Notice is that the voluntary notice doesn’t require a signature.

When an ambulance company gives you a voluntary notice, they expect Medicare may not cover the costs. Thus, they’ll give you a form to sign, acknowledging possible financial responsibility.

Does Medicare Advantage Cover Ambulance Services?

Medicare Advantage plans have different coverage options for ambulance services. Individuals with Advantage plans often end up owing less than those with Medicare. You’ll pay the Part B coinsurance and deductible. Advantage enrollees may only pay a copay and have no deductible.

If you’re unsure how your policy works, you may always refer to your Summary of Benefits.


Does Medicare cover transportation to doctor's appointments?
Medicare doesn’t usually cover transportation. But, in some cases, Medicare may cover non-emergency ambulance transportation to and from a doctor.
Does secondary insurance cover the cost of an ambulance when Medicare does not?
There are a few types of secondary insurance that may help pay for an ambulance. Coverage could come from ambulance insurance and travel insurance. Also, some Medigap plans may cover ambulance rides outside the United States.
Does Medicare pay for ambulance transportation?
Ambulances can take patients from one facility to another. Part B may cover this type of transportation. But, only if it’s necessary and only to the nearest facility. If you go to a hospital that can’t handle your situation, Medicare pays for an ambulance to the nearest hospital that can treat you. So, if doctors determine you need treatment in a burn unit, Part B covers transportation to the closest hospital that has one. Medicare won’t pay for an ambulance to a different hospital for the ability to be treated by specific doctors or to be close to your family.
Does Medicare cover Life Flight?
Life Flight is a membership-based insurance program that pays for ambulance costs in parts of the Pacific Northwest. Medicare doesn’t cover Life Flight’s membership dues. But, if you’re a Life Flight member and your ambulance meets terms, Medicare pays its portion. Life Flight pays after Medicare.

How to Get Medicare Coverage for Ambulance Services

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8 thoughts on "Does Medicare Cover Ambulance Transportation"

  1. If patient was transported by ambulance from the ED of first facility to another IP facility due to patient’s emergency condition will Part B pay for the ambulance service since the admit date is the same as the transport? Or is the second facility responsible.

    1. Hi Jackie, the only factors that impact payment for the ambulance service are whether the service was medically necessary and if the hospital accepts Medicare assignment.

  2. Is there ever an instance where Medicare Part A covers air evac for a patient already in the hospital and needing immediate air transport to a different hospital with the necessary doctors and equipment that the current hospital is unable to provide??

    1. Hi Lisa! Part B may pay for this, but it’s on a case-by-case scenario. It would most likely not fall under Part A. I would call Medicare directly to confirm.

  3. Are there any cases where Medicare Part A pays for emergency ambulance services. I do not have Medicare Part B.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Tom! Unfortunately no, there are no cases where Part A would cover emergency ambulance services.


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