Medicare Coverage for Stroke Victims & Rehabilitation

Medicare coverage is available for stroke victims. With a stroke comes plenty of side effects. Medicare coverage includes both inpatient and outpatient care. Medicare can cover rehab services to help you regain normalcy in life. Also, Medicare covers any Durable Medical Equipment you may need to use because of your stroke.

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What Does Medicare Pay for After a Stroke?

Part A will cover any inpatient rehab you may need after your stroke. Your doctor must deem that rehabilitation is medically necessary for treating you following the stroke. There are deductibles, coinsurances, and limits to the number of days you can spend in the hospital when Medicare is your only insurance.

Will Medicare Pay for Skilled Nursing Facility for Stroke Patients?

Medicare will cover Skilled Nursing Care that you might need following your stroke. To qualify, you’ll need to meet Skilled Nursing Facility requirements just like any other patient. Costs for SNF care are the same for stroke victims as for anyone else in need of those services.

Will Medicare Pay for Long-Term Care Facilities for Stroke Patients?

Your doctor may decide that you need long-term care following your stroke if your health takes a turn for the worse. Medicare won’t cover Long-Term Care if it’s the only kind of care you need.

Medicare won’t usually cover this service because care consists of bathing, feeding, and using the restroom. They’re not considered medical care services.

Will Medicare Cover Walkers for Stroke Patients?

As with other pieces of medical equipment, Part B will cover necessary walkers. Your walker will need a prescription from your doctor.

The most popular kinds of walkers following a stroke are 2-wheel and 4-wheel walkers, Medicare will cover a portion of the cost for either.

Does Medicare Advantage Cover Stroke Patients?

There are Medicare Advantage Chronic Care Special Needs Plans specifically for Stroke survivors. If one of these plans is available in your area, this could be an option for you if you don’t qualify for a Medigap plan.

Before choosing to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, there are a few things to consider; are your doctors, hospitals, and specialists in-network? Does the policy cover your pharmacy and drugs? And, just how much will a catastrophic event cost?

While some coverage is better than none, if you can fit Medigap into your budget, it’s highly recommended.

Will Medicare Supplement Plans Cover Stroke Patients?

Yes, Medicare Supplements will always cover the same thing services Medicare does. Therefore, a supplement plan will cover most, or all, of your cost-sharing after Medicare pays their portion.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

What Are the Costs of Stroke Rehabilitation with Medicare?

The average cost of stroke rehabilitation comes to over $17,000 within your first year. Medications can cost over $5,000, while rehab will likely cost you more than $11,000.

With high prices like these, you’ll want to be sure that you have adequate insurance coverage. Medicare Supplement and Advantage policies are a great alternative to high out-of-pocket expenses.


Will Medicare Cover Stroke Medications?
You can buy Part D or a Medicare Advantage policy to help you with drug costs. Before enrolling in a plan, it’s your responsibility to ensure your medications are on the plan formulary.
How long does Medicare pay for rehab after a stroke?
Medicare covers up to 90 days of inpatient rehab. You’ll need to meet your Part A deductible and cover coinsurance costs. After your 90 days, you’ll start using your lifetime reserve days.
How many outpatient occupational therapy sessions does Medicare allow post-stroke?
There is no cap on how many therapy sessions you can get following your stroke. But your doctor needs to prove that inpatient therapy sessions are necessary for you. Part B will cover physical therapy and occupational therapy treatments.
Does Medicare Pay for Physical Therapy After a Stroke?
Part B will cover physical therapy if a doctor says it’s medically necessary.

How Stroke Patients Can Get Medicare Coverage

Medigap plans can help reduce medical costs. Let our team of Medicare experts find the best rates and supplement plans for you. Call our licensed agents today for a free quote! Always remember, some insurance is better than no coverage. If you can’t call, fill out an online rate form to see the rates in your area today!

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  1. What are the costs for hospitalization for stroke patients? Do hospitals admit patients who enter the hospital through the ER? Does Medicare cover costs for patients admitted by the hospital for “observation” even though they have been diagnosed with a minor stroke?

    1. Hi Mike! There is no set amount a hospital will charge for stroke patients. It depends on the treatment the doctor at the time feels is necessary. Yes, hospitals will admit patients that were admitted into the ER. Yes, Medicare will cover the costs regardless if you’re admitted as an inpatient, outpatient, or under observation after being diagnosed with a minor stroke.


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