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Our Client Care Support Team

We care about you long before you become a client. That’s why our Client Care Support Team is here for you. By providing a team of Medicare experts, both during the enrollment process and after, we can provide our clients with high-quality guidance and support throughout their Medicare journey.

Once you enroll in a plan with one of our licensed agents, you will be eligible for unlimited access to our free Client Care Support Team whenever an issue may arise. Our friendly and experienced staff is here for you every step of the way.

Our Client Care Support Team has three main goals. First, to help you through your Medicare buying journey from the day you submit your application to the day it is approved. Next, to help with any issues you may experience while your policy is in force. And finally, to ensure you have the best plan to fit your medical needs if your first option does not suffice.

Read below to learn more about our Client Care Support Team and how we can help you.

What We Do:

Once you submit an application with one of our licensed Medicare agents, it takes time for approval from the carrier. This is where we come in. Our Client Care Support Team representatives are the middlemen between our clients and the carrier during the application processing stage.

If the carrier requires additional information, a health screening, or documents from you, they contact our team. Then, our team obtains and relays the information.

If your application takes longer than usual to process, a team member investigates to help understand the delay. We know how important it is for every application to be approved, which is why our Customer Care Support Team is so diligent with their work.

How We Can Help:

Our Customer Care Support Team was designed with you in mind. As a client, you will have unlimited access to a team member whenever you have a question or an issue regarding your policies. They can answer your questions and find proper solutions to any situation.

We are in the business of helping people, especially those on Medicare, and our client testimonials show our competence. We can create one-on-one relationships with you by providing you with high-quality support and a personalized experience. Our Customer Care Support Team aims to give you peace of mind knowing your coverage is in the right hands.

Our Customer Care Support Team offers FREE assistance with:

  • Claims
  • New ID cards
  • Appeals
  • Annual Medicare Part D Review
  • Unexpected Premium Increases
  • Any additional questions/issues

Building a relationship with our clients is essential to us. We want our clients to trust that we have their best interests in mind. The best way to do this is by offering unlimited free support whenever needed. Do not hesitate to reach out to your customer care specialist whenever you have an issue.

We Always Have Your Back

Once our agents submit a Medicare Supplement application to the carrier on your behalf, there is no guarantee the carrier will approve your policy if you need to answer underwriting health questions. In the unfortunate event that the carrier denies your policy, it is the job of our Customer Care Support Team to find out why.

Our team works diligently with the carrier to determine why your application was denied. They also contact you for further clarification and help you decide your next steps.

While speaking with you, our team does their best to recommend the next best plan and carrier for you. If you decide to submit a new application, you can do so on the same call with our Customer Care Support Team.

Our Customer Care Support Team does their best to ensure every client ends up on the right policy and is satisfied with their decisions.

Our Client Care Support Team is Always by Your Side

Whether you’re new to our client family or have been with us for years, we are here for you.

The Client Care Support Team is comprised of highly skilled Medicare experts that can assist with everything from lost ID cards to filing complex appeals.

When you join the MedicareFAQ family, you no longer have to navigate these challenges independently. If you are interested in reviewing your policy to be sure it is still the best and most cost-effective in your area, we are here for you! Contact us at the phone number above or complete our online rate form to get started today!


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