• My neighbor referred me to MedicareFAQ and I am so glad that she did. They were such a delight to work with and I will now in turn refer them to my friends who are turning 65 in the near future!

    Client Testimonial – Alfred R. from IA
  • I saved $753 a year by comparing rates with MedicareFAQ! My wife will be turning 65 next year, they will have her business as well as our family and friends.

    Testimonial – Tom R.
  • I was really confused with all of the different options of Medicare Supplement insurance. MedicareFAQ was able to find the right plan for me that fit both my needs and my budget. You all are awesome!

    Client Testimonial – Susan S. from TX
  • I was so happy with the customer service that I received from MedicareFAQ. They were able to explain to me the differences between regular Medicare plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medigap plans. Thank you for taking the time to clarify all of the confusion that I was facing.

    Client Testimonial – Roland A. from CA


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WHY MedicareFAQ?

MedicareFAQ: Medicare Frequently Asked Questions Resource Center

MedicareFAQ is a learning resource center for Medicare recipients to learn about Medicare options and Medicare Supplement plans. We help individuals understand all Medicare options, whether it’s just learning about Original Medicare Parts A or B or any of the other Medicare plans like; Medicare Supplements (Medigap), Medicare Advantage (Part C) or Prescription Drugs (Part D).

MedicareFAQ finds the best possible supplemental insurance for Medicare plan & rate for the specific individual’s needs and budget that we are working with. We make sure that each individual knows everything there is to know about the plan(s) they are considering and shop for the best rate from the nation’s top carriers in the Medicare market.

Our services are 100% free and there in no obligation to sign up!

Let our licensed Medicare agents help you and get back to living life!


Our mission is simple; make sure each individual we work with is educated about Medicare and all the Medicare Supplemental plans that come along with it.

MedicareFAQ works with the top carriers in the nation to find the best Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plan that fits each individuals budget. We strive to educated our clients on all the available options so that they can make an educated decision when purchasing their Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.


  • Compare every plan in your area!
  • View 100’s of plans from the nation’s top insurance carriers. Compare costs and benefits side-by-side!
    • Big savings on Supplemental Medicare options with a peace of mind!
    • Save even more on a variety of out-of-pocket expenses not covered by the Original Medicare.

Our licensed agents are available to help you make the right decision. LEARN about the plans, COMPARE the different types of plans, and SAVE on the plan you choice!

Our Medicare agents can help beneficiaries, caregivers, and their families make informed decisions. We are available by phone to offer you the one-on-one assistance that every Medicare recipient should have. Call us today at the number on the screen!


  1. Why am I not being reimbursed for hearing aids from the Cleveland Clinic. They accepted Anthem and the handbook states reimbursement up to $3,000.00. I sent all the information to Anthem and I’m not getting a direct answer.

    • Hi Rita! Medicare does not normally cover hearing aids, therefore Medigap plans don’t either. However, some Medicare Advantage plans do, but not all. Advantage plans have a lot of restrictions on these benefits. If you purchased your Anthem plan through us, you can contact our Client Care Team and they will help you with the claim. If you didn’t purchase the plan through us, you’ll have to wait for an answer from Anthem directly.

  2. On April 6, 2018 I received 2 hearing aids from The Hearing Ctr in Kankakee, IL because I am a surviving spouse of a Ford Retiree. In addition to the price Ford pays I had to pay $1300 and I was wondering why Aetena did not pay some of the bill as that isnow our other insurance besides Medicare. I have just a small pension from Ford and that was a lot of money for me to put on a credit card.

    Juanita M. Baker

    • Hi Juanita! If you have a Medigap plan through Aetna, it will cover the remaining 20% of the cost of Medicare approved services after Medicare pays their 80%. Hearing Aids are not covered by Medicare, so your Aetna Medigap Plan wouldn’t pick up any of your out of pocket hearing aid costs. You would want to look into a dental, vision and hearing plan to add onto your current Medicare & Medigap coverage. These plans can cover routine hearing tests and sometimes hearing aids. Give us a call for more information! 800-845-2484.

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