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David Haass

Headshot image of David Haas sitting at a desk.

David Haass is the CTO of Elite Insurance Partners and MedicareFAQ.com. David holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Florida. With a strong background in sales and customer service, David is motivated by a strong desire to demystify health insurance options. This is especially true when it comes to Medicare.

Using his knowledge of technology and sales background, David helped develop MedicareFAQ’s revolutionary approach alongside CEO Jagger Esch. The approach pairs clients with knowledgeable agents who can help them understand Medicare and evaluate the pros and cons of various plans and policies.

David is a member of the Forbes Finance Council, an invitation-only organization for senior finance executives. He publishes articles regularly, as well as masterful advice on health insurance.

David’s leadership has helped EIP progress toward its goal of changing the lives of countless Medicare beneficiaries in the coming years. David is also involved in philanthropic efforts and serves on the Board of Directors of the local nonprofit Wheelchairs 4 Kids.

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