What Dental Expenses does Medicare Cover

Medicare doesn’t normally cover any routine care dental expenses such as cleanings, exams or fillings. Medicare may cover dental expenses if they’re found to be medically necessary for your overall health. For example, if you were diagnosed with oral cancer and needed a dental procedure that the doctor found medically necessary, then that dental expense may be covered if approved by Medicare.

Does Medicare Cover Dental

If your dental procedure is approved by Medicare, your Original Medicare plan won’t pay for any follow ups after the procedure. If any dental procedures require a hospital stay, your Medicare Part A will cover the expense of the hospital stay, but not the expense associated with the dental procedure. Below, we’ll answer some common questions about Medicare and dental coverage.

Does Medicare Cover Dentures?

Original Medicare does not cover dentures, this would fall under the category of routine dental care. However, if dentures are found to be medically necessary due to a health issue, such as oral cancer, then Medicare may cover the cost.

Does Medicare Cover Oral Surgery?

Most likely not. Unless the procedure is done by an oral physician, Medicare considers the procedure “dental” and not “medical.” Medicare Part B will cover oral surgery done by an oral surgeon that involves a medical issue with your jaw, tissue or nerves. 

Does Medicare Cover Dental Exams?

No, this also falls under the category of routine dental care.

Does Medicare Cover Invisible Aligners?

Unfortunately not, Medicare does not find invisible aligners “medically necessary.”

Is the Removal of Wisdom Teeth Covered by Medicare?

No. Even though this is an extremely common procedure, it’s not covered by Medicare.

Does Medigap, or Medicare Supplements, Cover Dental?

No, Medicare Supplement policies do no include dental care benefits. However, some companies may offer their members additional coverage options that include dental benefits. Some even offer a dental discount program.

How do I get Senior Dental Coverage?

To get a senior dental plan you would need to enroll in a stand alone dental plan. You can enroll at anytime!

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