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Top 5 Dental Insurance for Seniors

As you age, dental health becomes more important than ever. You can prevent several health conditions by attending annual dental exams. If you are a Medicare beneficiary or are researching plans for your initial Medicare enrollment, you know that Original Medicare does not cover dental services. Some Medicare Advantage plans may offer dental coverage. However, few of those plans offer anything more than basic coverage.

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One of the biggest holes in Medicare benefits for seniors is dental coverage. However, you are not out of options. Several dental plans are available from dental insurance companies that are ideal for those with Medicare. Below, we review the top 5 dental insurance for seniors on Medicare and how they stack up against one another.

What Are the Top 5 Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors?

The top 5 dental insurance plans for seniors on Medicare offer coverage for dental services and other services Original Medicare does not cover. These plans are great options to help seniors save money and prevent future health complications while receiving the care they deserve.

Top 5 Dental Insurance for Seniors in 2022:

  1. Cigna – Best overall benefits
  2. Aetna – Best provider network
  3. Humana – Best in terms of affordability
  4. Manhattan Life – Best for beneficiary ease
  5. National General (Allstate) – Best for preventive services

Cigna – Best Overall Dental Benefits for Seniors

Cigna is one of the top dental insurance companies, as their dental plans provide the best overall dental benefits for seniors.

Dental plans from Cigna offer coverage for beneficiaries across the United States. Not only do these plans cover dental, but they also provide coverage for hearing and vision benefits within the same plan. Coverage options range from $1,000-$5,000 in annual benefits.

You do not have to enroll in Medicare to enroll in a Cigna dental plan. Enrollment eligibility is open to anyone age 18 to 89. However, Cigna dental plans are ideal for those on Medicare as benefits are specific to their needs. Additionally, Cigna’s waiting period is waived if you have prior dental coverage.

The biggest benefit to a Cigna dental plan is the option for 100% preventive dental service coverage with no waiting period. Major dental services, such as oral surgery, require a 12-month waiting period and will be covered at 60% from year two and beyond.

Aetna – Best Dental Provider Network for Seniors

Aetna comes second in our list of dental insurance companies as their dental provider network works in conjunction with the Careington network, making them one of the largest dental provider networks in the country.

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Dental plans from Aetna also allow policyholders to utilize benefits for vision and hearing along with dental coverage. To enroll in an Aetna dental plan, you do not need to be eligible for Medicare. The plans are guaranteed issue, meaning there are no health questions necessary for enrollment.

Aetna dental provides 60% basic and preventive coverage from day one. After the first year, basic and preventive coverage jumps to 70%. In the third year and every year moving forward, preventive and basic services receive 80% coverage. For major dental benefits, a 12-month waiting period applies. Once the waiting period expires, you receive 60% coverage each year moving forward for major services.

Humana – Affordable Dental Coverage for Seniors

Next on our list of dental insurance companies is Humana dental plans which offer different levels of coverage to meet the requirements of any budget. Humana dental plans are available in 28 states and offer straightforward dental coverage with ease in mind.

Humana dental plans are geared toward those looking for great dental coverage with low monthly premiums. Another great perk of Humana dental insurance is the option for a lifetime deductible. Once you meet the lifetime deductible, you will receive the maximum coverage of the plan. Lifetime deductibles range from $50-$150.

Once you meet your deductible, Humana dental insurance offers 100% coverage on all preventive services in-network and 80% coverage out of network. Additionally, Humana offers 50% coverage for basic services. However, their plans do not cover major dental services.

Manhattan Life – Best for Ease of Use

Manhattan Life is also listed as one of the top 5 dental insurance companies, as they provide a user-friendly mobile application for policyholders to track and submit claims. Submitting a dental claim is as easy as snapping a photo of your dental visit summary and charges, uploading it to the app via your mobile device, and waiting for the benefit to deposit into your bank account. The entire transaction is complete within two weeks.

Manhattan Life dental plans are available to anyone age 18-85 regardless of Medicare enrollment status. Manhattan Life dental coverage is a reimbursement plan that offers great benefits to policyholders and includes dental and vision coverage.

Coverage on Manhattan Life dental plans includes 60% preventive coverage in the first year and up to 80% coverage by year three. Major dental services require a 12-month waiting period. After the waiting period, services receive up to 80% coverage by year three.

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National General (Allstate) – Best Preventive Services for Seniors

National General (Allstate) rounds out our list of top 5 dental insurance companies. Their dental plans offer one of the best preventive coverage options for seniors.

Dental plan coverage from National General ranges from $750-$3,000 in annual benefits. Their dental plans utilize the Aetna dental network, allowing policyholders access to a wide variety of dentists who accept the plan.

Enrollment to National General dental plans is not dependent on Medicare. However you must be at least 55 years old to enroll in the plan.

In addition to dental coverage, National General plans also provide hearing coverage to policyholders. For dental coverage, in the first year, you will receive 100% preventive coverage and 25% basic coverage. By year two, your basic services receive 50% coverage. These plans do not provide coverage for major services.

How to Choose the Best Dental Insurance Plan for Seniors

Since Original Medicare does not cover dental services, enrolling in a separate dental plan is crucial. However, you should not go alone in your search for the best dental insurance plan to accompany your Medicare coverage. Insurance coverage is an important decision to make, and we are here to help.

At MedicareFAQ our licensed agents are not only here to help you enroll in the best Medicare plan, but also the best dental and ancillary coverage. Call the number above to speak with a licensed agent about options available in your area.

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2 thoughts on "Top 5 Dental Insurance for Seniors"

  1. My nephew, in his 70’s has teeth that have deteriorated to the degree that he has to have his remaining teeth pulled, replaced with dentures. He is presentily in a group home with only original Medicare. His income is solely on disability. Is there a plan that could cover his cost? What would you recommend?
    I am on Humana Gold Plus account, but know nothing about his needs.
    His name is below, it is my email (Dianne Singer)

    1. Hello! Have you looked into Medicaid qualification for your nephew? Based on his income, he may be eligible for Medicaid benefits that could cover these costs. If not, unfortunately Medicare will likely not cover this service. You would need to seek outside coverage in order to receive any dental benefits.


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