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Does Medicare Cover Gym Membership?

Summary: Original Medicare does not cover the cost of a typical gym membership. However, a gym membership may be available through your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan carrier. Not all carriers offer this benefit so you will want to choose one that offer this perk.Estimated Read Time: 7 min

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Table of Contents:

  1. Does Medicare Pay for Gym Membership?
  2. Does Medicare Part B Pay for Gym Memberships?
  3. Which Medicare Supplement Plans Include Gym Membership?
  4. Does Medicare Advantage Cover Gym Membership?
  5. Are Medicare Gym Memberships Available to Individuals on Medicare Under 65?
  6. Does Medicare Cover YMCA Membership?
  7. Does Social Security Pay for Gym Membership?
  8. The Importance of Fitness Programs for Seniors
  9. How Do I Get a Free Gym Membership with Medicare?
  10. How to Enroll in a Medicare Gym Membership

Original Medicare does not provide coverage for Gym memberships. However, as a Medicare recipient, you may qualify for a gym membership based on the coverage you have.

There are ways to cover gym memberships through your Medicare coverage, but it will depend on the extra coverage you choose. There are programs available through some Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plan providers that make going to the gym more accessible for seniors enrolled in their plans.

Does Medicare Pay for Gym Membership?

Receiving a gym membership through insurance is rare. Yet, a Medicare gym membership may be available through your Medicare Advantage or – less commonly – Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan carrier. However, not all carriers offer this benefit, and it may not be available in all ZIP Codes throughout the U.S.

Often, carriers will provide additional value to individuals who enroll in their plans. These additional values can range from dental or vision coverage discounts to free gym memberships through programs like Active & Fit or SilverSneakers.

So, while Medicare officially does not cover gym memberships, you may still be able to receive a membership through your Medicare plan.

Does Medicare Part B Pay for Gym Memberships?

Medicare Part B coverage does not include gym memberships.

However, if you are required to attend physical therapy or rehabilitation, Medicare Part B will cover these costs. Additionally, there are certain fitness-related benefits associated with Medicare Part B that you could receive coverage for if necessary. These include:

  • Group fitness classes used for the prevention of diabetes as well as programs to help manage your diet, exercise, and weight.
  • Nutrition therapy to help prevent diabetes or kidney disease.
  • Weight-loss counseling for individuals with a BMI of 30 or higher.

If you feel you require one of the services mentioned above, your doctor will need to recommend the service as a preventative measure for your Medicare benefits to cover the cost.

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Which Medicare Supplement Plans Include Gym Membership?

Medicare Supplement plans do not provide additional benefits outside of what Original Medicare covers. So, unfortunately, Medicare Supplement plans do not include coverage for a gym membership.

Though, as a benefit of enrolling with certain carriers, Medicare Supplement enrollees may be eligible for a free or reduced gym membership through a gym membership program. Not every carrier offers a gym membership program and often, those that do will offer different plans to their enrollees.

If you wish to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan, but also hope to receive a free gym membership, you’ll want to choose a carrier that offers the benefit.

Luckily, Medigap plans are standardized throughout the U.S. This means your health benefits will not suffer based on the carrier you choose. The only difference is cost and benefits of enrolling in each carrier.

Does Medicare Advantage Cover Gym Membership?

Similar to Medicare Supplement plans, the carrier you choose to enroll in will be the largest determining factor in whether or not your Medicare Advantage plan offers a Medicare gym membership. Depending on the plans offered in your area, a Medicare Advantage gym membership may be included as an additional benefit of your plan.

To offer Medicare Advantage coverage, private companies must be approved by CMS, the governing body of Medicare. These companies understand the value of preventive care and provide many benefits, including a Medicare gym membership, to improve the health of seniors.

However, Medicare Advantage plans do differ between ZIP Codes and may not provide the same benefits from one area to the next. Thus, you should always carefully review your plan and your area to understand if you plan offers a gym membership or not.

Are Medicare Gym Memberships Available to Individuals on Medicare Under 65?

Similar to those who age into Medicare, individuals who are under 65 on Medicare may have access to gym programs like SilverSneakers. While these programs are designed for those 65 and older, there is no official age limit to receive the benefits.

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Thus, if you are enrolled in a Medicare plan, regardless of your age, that offers a gym membership program, you will be eligible to receive the benefits.

If your plan does not provide a gym membership, there are still options for you. There may be community-based programs in your area that offer discounted gym memberships as well as discounts or offers from local wellness programs.

Additionally, community centers, YMCAs, and gyms in your area may offer health and fitness programs at discounted rates for individuals on a fixed income.

Does Medicare Cover YMCA Membership?

Officially, Original Medicare does not offer benefits to cover the cost of fitness programs such as a membership to a YMCA.

Yet, the costs of a YMCA membership may be covered by your plan provider if that is an enrollment benefit they offer. To know if your local YMCA is covered by your plan, you can contact either your plan administrator or the Y to check your plans availability.

Does Social Security Pay for Gym Membership?

Social Security funds can be used however you feel necessary once they have been deposited into your account. If you wish, you can decide to enroll in a gym membership and use your Social Security funds to cover the costs. However, the gym membership fees will never be taken from your Social Security check before it is placed into your account.

If you have an additional income stream in retirement, Social Security can act as a safety net of income. Social Security provides you guaranteed monthly payments as long as you qualify.

The Importance of Fitness Programs for Seniors

Staying active as you age is extremely important. Yet, Medicare and gym memberships do not typically go hand in hand. However, carriers noticed this benefit lacking. Thus, several carriers now offer this benefit solely for enrolling in a plan.

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Each year, there are 36 million falls among older adults in the United States, accounting for 3 million seniors in need of emergency room care and over 32,000 deaths.

Exercise at any age is important, but as you get older, it can help you maintain your independence and avoid unwanted medical costs.

Staying active can help you reduce stress, improve your health, and strengthen your body, helping you reduce your risk of falling. Here are some common benefits:

  • Stronger bones as working out can fight against bone loss
  • Reducing your risk for chronic diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc.
  • Mitigate pain caused by osteoarthritis
  • Improvements in both immunity and your mood for improved physical and mental health

Gyms offer a wide range of exercise types, with many offering specific workout opportunities that are low-impact yet physically challenging and designed for seniors.

A gym membership with Medicare provides plenty of benefits that positively impact your health and improve your standard of living.

How Do I Get a Free Gym Membership with Medicare?

If you have supplemental Medicare coverage such as Medicare Advantage or Medigap, you may be able to enjoy fitness and wellness programs such as SilverSneakers, Active and Fit, or a gym membership from your local gym.

But with so many options, how do you know which plan is right for you? We are here to help.

How to Enroll in a Medicare Gym Membership

Here at MedicareFAQ, we thrive on helping seniors find the right level of coverage for their needs.

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Let us help you navigate your Medicare journey

We have been offering a wide range of Medicare coverage options since 2014 that provide our clients with affordable healthcare coverage focused on their needs.

Our agents are here to help you receive the right coverage for everything, including hospital visits, drug plans, and preventive care options such as Medicare free gym membership opportunities.

By calling the number above, you can learn more about how to receive your Medicare gym membership. You can also complete our online rate form to review your options online!


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