Does Medicare Cover Dermatology

Medicare coverage for dermatology services is widely available. However, coverage may vary depending on your Medicare policy. Original Medicare does not pay for routine dermatology care unless medically necessary.

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Medicare Part B may pay for dermatology care for evaluating, treating, or diagnosing a specific medical condition. This article reviews standard dermatology services and how Original Medicare covers them.

What Dermatology Services Does Medicare Cover?

Before getting treatment, patients should find a dermatologist in their area who accepts Medicare. Doing so will ensure coverage of services and confirm costs.

Cosmetic services such as Botox treatments to remove wrinkles are not part of the dermatology services Medicare covers. Per Medicare’s guidelines, Botox can receive coverage when treating severe migraines and may require prior authorization for treatment of other conditions.

Medicare covers dermatology services that are preventive or medically necessary. Below, we explain whether Medicare covers a variety of dermatological conditions. Patients should discuss all treatment options with their dermatologist.

Does Medicare Cover Skin Cancer Screenings?

Dermatologists often screen patients to treat or diagnose a condition. If a doctor performs a skin cancer screening, Medicare Part B may cover some costs.

However, coverage is only available for necessary services. For example, if a patient shows no signs of skin cancer, Medicare Part B will not cover screening costs.

A mole with an unusual color or a new skin growth may be the reason for skin cancer screenings that Medicare Part B will cover. Doctors often refer patients to a local dermatologist who accepts Medicare for more extensive testing of potentially cancerous skin growth. In this case, Medicare Part B may cover the referral visit costs.

Does Medicare Cover Dermatology for Hair Removal?

Original Medicare does not cover cosmetic dermatology services like laser hair removal. These services are not necessary to treat or diagnose a condition.

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Cosmetic procedures are services that enhance the appearance of the individual undergoing treatment. Therefore, the patient must pay the entire cost.

Does Medicare Cover Mole Removal?

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, each year in the U.S., more people get a skin cancer diagnosis than all other cancers combined. Dermatologists have the proper training to treat and diagnose skin cancer, moles, and other tumors found on the skin. Specialists may remove a mole, whether it is cancerous or for appearance-related reasons.

Original Medicare covers mole removal for patients with cancerous moles or growths. Any outpatient checkups or procedures fall under Medicare Part B coverage.

Does Medicare Cover Allergy Testing?

Original Medicare will cover allergy tests given to treat a specific allergen. Allergy tests that involve pricking, scratching, or puncturing the skin, also known as percutaneous tests, are an example of an allergy test that Medicare will cover.

Does Medicare Cover Skin Tag Removal?

If the skin tag removal is considered medically necessary, Original Medicare will cover it. Original Medicare will also reimburse you for wart removal and seborrheic keratosis removal if they are causing you pain or are continuously bleeding.

Does Medicare Cover a Full Body Skin Exam?

Original Medicare does not cover routine, full-body skin exams. Original Medicare covers examinations directly relating to the treatment or diagnosis of a specific illness, complaint, symptom, or injury.

Screening procedures are for asymptomatic conditions, which Original Medicare does not cover. However, Medicare pays for skin exams following a biopsy because it is not a routine service.

If you are experiencing symptoms of rosacea or psoriasis, Medicare will cover the cost of treatments such as biologics. They will also cover any available treatments with FDA approval.

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Medicare and Dermatology FAQs

Does Medicare cover dermatology for hair loss?
Medicare will not cover strictly cosmetic services. Thus, Medicare does not cover most procedures to rectify hair loss (alopecia). The only circumstance in which Medicare (indirectly) covers alopecia is through a medically necessary treatment for a condition originally causing the hair loss.
Is sebaceous cyst removal covered by Medicare?
Most sebaceous cysts are benign and non-cancerous. Thus, the removal of these cysts is not typically medically necessary, unless it is causing an underlying condition. However, Medicare will cover the cost of cyst removal when medically necessary.
Does Medicare cover atopic dermatitis?
Atopic dermatitis is another name for eczema. Eczema is covered when medically necessary. Treatment can include lotions, ointments, oral medication and more.

How To Find Dermatologists Near Me That Accept Medicare

Finding a dermatologist that accepts Medicare within your service area is easy. Using Medicare’s physician compare tool, enter your city and state plus the keyword dermatology.

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  1. I have a strange spot growing on my chest that I would like to go to the dermatologist for body screening. Will this body scan be 80 percent covered if I am going on a gut feeling something doesn’t look right?

    1. Hi Sandra! Yes, your screening should be covered by Medicare. However, I would consult with your doctor first to confirm this since it depends on what code they put in when billing Medicare. If you have a Medigap plan, the remaining 20% will also be covered.


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