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Does Medicare Cover Compression Stockings

Millions of Americans wear compression garments to soothe leg pain, prevent blood clots and minimize swelling. Yet, Medicare will only cover them in certain situations. Let’s take a look at the requirements for coverage of compression socks and stocking through Medicare.

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Does Medicare Pay for Compression Stockings in 2024?

In most cases, Original Medicare won’t cover compression stockings since they aren’t durable medical equipment. Still, in the cases of specific diseases or conditions, Medicare may provide coverage for certain types of compression stockings.

Chiefly, Part B will cover compression stockings if your doctor writes you a prescription to treat a venous stasis ulcer.

Are Compression Socks Covered by Medicare?

Similar to compression stockings, Medicare will only cover compression socks when the disease or skin condition requires. These conditions include open stasis ulcers.

Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for compression socks that treat varicose veins, circulation issues, or for the prevention of ulcers. Additionally, you’ll need a prescription from your doctor like you would for compression stockings for the same purpose.

What are the Different Types of Compression Socks or Stockings?

Compression socks and stockings come in various sizes, lengths, and pressures. Depending on your specific needs, you have the option of customizing your compression garments.

Graduated Compression Stockings

These stockings provide the strongest level of compression starting at the ankle and progressively decrease as they move up the leg. They help with mobility and usually require a professional fitting. Compression stockings that extend above the knee (going up to the thigh or waist) support blood flow. Further, stockings for the lower leg help alleviate fluid buildup.

Medicare only covers graduated compression stockings made to help issues below the knee, such as an open venous stasis ulcer.

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Anti-Embolism Stockings

Anti-embolism stockings are specifically for people who aren’t mobile. They work by applying pressure to the leg, which increases blood circulation. Additionally, these stockings come in a variety of compression levels.

Nonmedical Support Hosiery

Nonmedical support hosiery doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription. They’re beneficial for achy legs and provide the least amount of compression compared to the other options. Thus, they will not receive coverage from Medicare Part B.


What is the average out-of-pocket cost for compression stockings?
On average, compression stockings can cost between $10 and $100 per pair. A custom pair of compression stockings are more expensive and could cost several hundred dollars.
Does Medicare pay for leg compression pumps?
Medicare will cover pneumatic compressions devices (otherwise known as leg compression pumps) if the patient has Lymphedema.
Does Medicare cover compression stockings for varicose veins?
Medicare covers the costs of certain gradient compression stockings. However, Medicare won’t cover compression garments for varicose veins, ulcers, or circulation problems.
Does Medicare Part B cover compression stockings?
Compression stockings receive coverage under Medicare Part B when the beneficiary has a venous stasis ulcer. They will need a prescription from their practitioner first.
Does Medicare Advantage cover compression stockings?
Some Medicare Advantage plans may include additional coverage for compression stockings.
Does Medicare cover compression stockings for venous insufficiency?
If the beneficiary’s symptoms of venous insufficiency include venous stasis ulcers, Medicare will provide coverage for compression stockings. Medicare provides coverage for other treatments for venous insufficiency as well.

How to Get Help with Medicare Coverage for Compression Socks

Contact our team of Medicare experts today, and we can help you get the coverage you need. Call the number listed above or fill out an online rate comparison form to see options available in your area now.

Kayla Hopkins

Kayla Hopkins

Content Editor
Kayla Hopkins is an accomplished writer and Medicare educator serving as the Editor of MedicareFAQ.com. Upon completing her Communications degree from Ohio University, Kayla dedicated her time to understanding the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. With her extensive background as a Licensed Insurance Agent, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her writing.

6 thoughts on "Does Medicare Cover Compression Stockings"

  1. I’m glad medicare decided on paying for lymphedema items. Because my budget can’t afford them thanks medicare

  2. Kaiser Permanente California has been covering compression garments and bandages used to treat lymphedema since 2000. The California Health Code also made coverage mandatory in 2010. Starting January 1, 2024 Medicare will cover lymphedema compression treatment garments and bandages.

  3. I wish medicare would consider covering compression garments for lymphedema. In my case I can’t use off the rack garments and it cost a great deal to purchase the special made ones. We pay for medicare plus plan F supplement and I really feel these much needed medical items should be covered. Please review and reconsider. Thank you

  4. I work at at DME company that bills compression garments (a6545, A6531 etc). It was mentioned to us last year that Medicare may be changing the way stockings were priced and distributed. We were told that they may no longer be sold in pairs and that we had to repackage them? Is this something you are aware of and can help me with?

    1. Hi Christine! Thank you so much for your question. Since this change is relatively new, it’s hard to provide a good answer for you. I reached out to one of my contacts in the Durable Medical Equipment space and they suggested that you reach out directly to Medicare to get the answer to your question. I’m sorry we couldn’t be more helpful!


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