Medicare Annual Notice of Change Letter

Medicare plan costs and benefits change each year. Understanding those changes is essential if you have a Medicare plan.

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Each September, you should expect to receive a Medicare Annual Notice of Change (ANoC) letter for your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan. This document describes the changes to your plan for the following year.

You should contact your Medicare insurance company if you do not receive this important plan document.

Who Will Receive the Medicare ANoC Letter?

You can expect to receive a Medicare Annual Notice of Change letter if you are a Medicare beneficiary receiving in Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or a Medicare Part D plan.

However, you should not expect to receive an Annual Notice of Change for a Medicare Supplement plan. That is because Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans do not incur annual changes to benefits. So, the letter is not necessary.

Changes to Medicare Plans You Can You Anticipate

The letter will include all changes to your Medicare plans. For Medicare Part A and Part B, the letter will come from Medicare. It will outline cost changes and, if applicable, benefit and service area changes.

Those on Medicare Advantage will receive a letter from the private insurance company providing their coverage. The correspondence will include changes in costs, benefits, and any adjustments to the service area.

Private insurers offering Medicare Part D plans must also send their beneficiaries an ANoC letter. For Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, the changes listed will include costs, service area, and formulary changes.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

It is crucial to note any Medicare Part D formulary changes involving medications for which you have a prescription. You could have much higher copays if a drug no longer receives coverage or changes tiers.

When Will the Provider Send Your Medicare Annual Notice of Change Letter?

Medicare guidelines require carriers to send the ANoC annually, in the fall. You should anticipate receiving your letter(s) in September.

If you do not receive a letter for each of your Medicare plans by September 30, you should contact the plan provider. Any changes take effect in January of the following year.

Where Will the Plan Providers Mail Your ANoC?

Without your current address on file, you will not receive the ANoC that Medicare sends out each fall. You must also ensure your address is up-to-date with any private insurance companies with whom you do business. Otherwise, you will not receive the ANoC in the mail each autumn.

Evidence of Coverage (EOC)

You will usually receive your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) in the fall, along with your Annual Notice of Change. The EOC lists Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plan costs and benefits. These costs and benefits will take effect on January 1 of the following year.

Why Does the Federal Medicare Program Send an ANoC?

Annual Notice of Change Letter
The ANoC provides a list of changes more than a month before the Fall Medicare Annual Enrollment Period begins. This is important because, during this time, you can make changes to your Medicare plans.

This window to make plan changes lasts from October 15 until December 7 each year. With the list of changes, the ANOC provides, you can contact your insurance agent to review options that may be a better fit for the next calendar year.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) determines Medicare Part A and Part B plan benefits and costs. Therefore, these figures are non-negotiable. Medicare beneficiaries receive the Annual Notice of Change letter only as a notification.

How Do I Leave a Medicare Plan That Doesn’t Fulfill My Coverage Needs?

After receiving your Annual Notice of Change letter, you should contact your licensed agent to review the policy changes. A benefit comparison should include a list of the services you mostly frequently utilize.

For example, yearly EEG or durable medical equipment. A cost comparison is essential to ensure you can still comfortably afford your policy.

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you could encounter changes to your doctor network. If you want to keep your doctors in the upcoming year, you should speak to an agent about switching to a Medigap plan that will include your preferred providers. It is also possible that your health needs have changed since last year, and you need more coverage than you initially thought.

Lastly, consider your premium costs and expected cost-sharing. Review the service area in which your current plan is available and compare it to any potential service area changes you can expect for the following year.

How to Get Help Understanding your Annual Notice of Change Letter

All Medicare beneficiaries will receive an Annual Notice of Change letter each September. This letter will list all changes for the coming year – whether related to cost, benefit, or service area – in detail.

If you do not receive the ANoC letter for each of your Medicare plans, contact the provider before the start of the Annual Enrollment Period.

Upon receiving the ANoC for your Medicare plans, you should contact your licensed agent to review your policy and expected changes.

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