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Average Cost of Medicare Advantage Plans by State in 2022

Unlike Original Medicare (Parts A and B), the price of Medicare Advantage plans varies depending on where you live. Thus, the average cost of Medicare Advantage is different in each state. Check the chart below for the average monthly premium and prescription drug deductible of Advantage plans in your state.

What is the Average Cost of Medicare Advantage Plans?

Private insurance companies offer Medicare Advantage plans. Plan availability depends on your county of residence and the carriers determine the costs for the plans. There are even some plans that partially or fully pay your Part B premium.

To enroll in an Advantage plan, you must first sign up for Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). Advantage plans are also known as Part C and are commonly called replacement plans because they stand in for Original Medicare. With an Advantage plan, you’ll still be responsible for applicable premiums for Parts A and B. Thus, an Advantage plan with a zero-dollar premium doesn’t mean your Medicare is free.

When choosing an Advantage plan, there are multiple considerations you must make. When it comes to price, you’ll want to take into account the monthly premium as well as the deductible you must reach for prescription drug coverage. However, not all Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage. Though, if yours does, you must meet the deductible for the coverage to kick in. So, for an affordable plan, look beyond the price of the premium and see if the deductible is also reasonable.

The average monthly premium for Advantage plans ranges from $13 to $78 across the 49 states where they are available. Prescription drug deductibles for Advantage plans range from $32 to $358. As you can see, there is a fairly broad range for each. Additionally, Advantage plans are not available in Alaska.

Average Cost of Medicare Advantage Plans in Each State

State Monthly Premium Prescription Drug Deductible
Alabama $26 $139
Alaska N/A N/A
Arizona $18 $140
Arkansas $24 $210
California $21 $140
Colorado $24 $100
Connecticut $40 $173
Delaware $24 $67
Florida $15 $108
Georgia $19 $185
Hawaii $44 $212
Idaho $38 $139
Illinois $28 $116
Indiana $22 $143
Iowa $28 $82
Kansas $20 $98
Kentucky $21 $100
Louisiana $29 $163
Maine $23 $178
Maryland $66 $98
Massachusetts $75 $229
Michigan $55 $69
Minnesota $63 $299
Mississippi $19 $296
Missouri $20 $105
Montana $48 $348
Nebraska $18 $155
Nevada $13 $130
New Hampshire $28 $230
New Jersey $27 $200
New Mexico $30 $233
New York $42 $235
North Carolina $21 $147
North Dakota $78 $358
Ohio $43 $116
Oklahoma $23 $130
Oregon $50 $152
Pennsylvania $50 $32
Rhode Island $44 $62
South Carolina $17 $152
South Dakota $68 $328
Tennessee $23 $125
Texas $23 $189
Utah $21 $154
Vermont $43 $167
Virginia $21 $178
Washington $39 $140
West Virginia $34 $108
Wisconsin $47 $249
Wyoming $50 $274

How to Find the Best Deal on a Medicare Advantage Plan Near You

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