Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit

The welcome to Medicare preventive visit is when you’re new to Medicare. Your doctor will compare and track your health. You need preventive care to maintain health. With Medicare, getting the care you need is possible.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to know about your “Welcome to Medicare” visit and how coverage works for this exam.

What is the Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit?

The first doctor’s appointment is the “Welcome to Medicare” visit. The focus of the exam is to improve health and well-being.

Your doctor will use preventive services to keep your health in tip-top shape. The Welcome to Medicare visit is no cost to you.

Further, a doctor will review your medical history and go over any prior surgeries. Also, your doctor may ask you about daily activities and the welfare of your home.

Then, you’ll get a written health care plan from your doctor at the end of your visit.

A plan of action that gets you from somewhat healthy to excellent health can make all the difference.

What Should You Bring to Your Welcome to Medicare Visit?

Make sure to bring along all your medical records and immunization records. Gather all pertinent information about the health history of your family. By providing family health conditions, your doctor will better know which screenings you need.

You’ll need to bring an up-to-date list of all medications. Also, make sure to take note of the dosage amounts, how often you take it, and why you take each medication.

What is the Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit Requirements?

If you can receive Medicare benefits, you’ll qualify for the Initial Wellness Visit. The appointment depends on your eligibility.

Also, you must be within 12-months of joining Part B to qualify. Once you are eligible, schedule your exam with your doctor.

Or, find a new doctor and start taking steps towards better health. Medicare coverage is here to help you age gracefully.

What is the Difference Between Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit & Annual Wellness Visit?

There are several “wellness visits,” let’s go over the differences and similarities.

The exam is just the initial visit to ensure you’re on the right track with your healthcare.

An Annual Wellness Visit is every year following the Welcome Visit. Also, the purpose of the Annual Wellness exam is to update your individual written prevention plans.

The checkup is to inform your doctor of any necessary updates and reevaluate your health care plan.

What Services Won’t the Welcome to Medicare Visit Include?

The “Welcome to Medicare” visit doesn’t cover everything. Your initial visit is to make a plan of action for your health.

A few of the services not included are:

  • New health concerns
  • X-rays
  • Bloodwork
  • Diagnosis
  • Physical exam
  • Wound care

Make sure the doctor understands you want the Welcome to Medicare visit, not a physical. Also, Medicare doesn’t cover routine physicals.


Does Welcome to Medicare Visit include EKG?
EKG screenings fall under the diagnostic test category and are part of your Welcome to Medicare visit. Medicare covers this test once in the Welcome to Medicare visit.

Also, Medicare covers part of a second EKG if you need a diagnostic test.

Does Medicare require a primary care physician?
Having a specific doctor isn’t mandatory, but you should. It’s recommended that you choose a doctor that accepts Medicare assignment.
Is the initial preventive physical exam the same as a beneficiary's yearly physical?
Your initial preventative physical exam is different than an annual physical. The initial checkup is a first-time introduction to the program.
Will clinical lab tests be part of the initial preventive physical exam?
Your initial preventive physical exam doesn’t include clinical lab tests. Should you need lab tests, you can request that service.

How to Get Help Understanding Your Coverage Options

Differentiating between the different preventive appointments can be challenging. Thankfully your doctor can track services.

Also, some companies have apps you can download to keep track of your appointments. We can help you find the best policy in your area.

Our agents ask a few questions and give you some of the best options. But, the final choice is always yours.

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