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Is Visiting Angels Covered by Medicare

Visiting Angels is a network of home health care agencies that operates throughout the United States and Medicare may help cover the services. These home health care agencies operate as franchises and provide care within the patient’s home, rather than within a facility. In-home care can provide several services to patients, depending on the condition; some of the most popular forms of care include respite care, end of life care, and personal care. Visiting Angel services can even include companionship, meal prep, and running errands for patients.

Visiting Angels Services Covered by Medicare

Medicare primarily covers short-term care for health conditions rather than long-term care. Below are some instances in which Medicare may cover Visiting Angels. The patient must have a physician certify requirements for therapy, been in a hospital for three consecutive days, or began care within thirty days of the hospital stay.

If the patient fits into all three categories above, Medicare will cover 100% of the health care for twenty days, and then will cover a percentage of the total cost from the 21st day to the 100th day. After 100 days, the patient will be entirely responsible for the costs incurred.

Home Health Services Covered:

  • Part-time nursing care
  • Short-term therapies such as physical or occupational therapies
  • Medical equipment to aide treatment for the patient (wheelchairs, oxygen, etc.)

If a patient finds themselves homebound and under the treatment of their physician for their health condition, they may qualify to receive home health care services.

What constitutes being homebound? If a patient’s physician can certify that their health condition could potentially worsen by leaving home, or if a patient requires some form of assistance.

Visiting Angels Services Not Covered by Medicare

  • 24 Hour around the clock care
  • Companionship care
  • Running errands, meal preparation, housekeeping
  • Personal care (bathing, dressing, etc.)

Care for Recovery

Often, Medicare may cover care ordered by a patient’s doctor to recover from an injury. Care might include physical, speech, or occupational therapies; part-time nurse-covered care; durable medical equipment; and medical social services. Medicare can pay for these services, as long as the physician reorders the care every sixty days. Also, the patient must have been certified homebound by their doctor.

Hospice Services

When a patient is not expected to live more than six months because of a terminal illness, Medicare will help to cover hospice care. This form of care can be in the patient’s home, a hospice center, or a nursing facility. In this type of situation, Medicare might cover medical equipment, prescription medications, occupational and physical therapies, grief counseling, social health services, and hospice aid. If a beneficiary begins getting coverage for their hospice care, Medicare will automatically stop coverage for all other health treatments.

Medicare covers the costs of hospice care except for a copayment on Part D. It’s always best to know which services a patient needs ahead of time so everyone can anticipate coverage quality. Home health care can get costly.

Getting Medicare to Cover Visiting Angels

If you’d like any more information regarding a complete list of services offered by Visiting Angels and costs associated with this home health care agency, you can visit the Visiting Angels website, or give their team a call.

If you or someone you know would like assistance in comparing supplemental Medicare coverage in your area, please give us a call at the number above. Our team of experts is here to help every step of the way. You may also complete an online rate form to see available options in your area now.

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3 thoughts on “Is Visiting Angels Covered by Medicare

  1. Some Medicare Advantage plans cover a combo of skilled nursing care
    & home health aides (they provide personal care that is excluded by
    Medicare [except short term], Humana & Aetna have this is their
    insuring agreements. Coverage is up to 35 hrs/wk but provider must
    be medicare approved (certified) & both nursing & health aide care must be intermittent or part time. This all pursuant to CMS callletter
    4/18 permitting advantage plans to offer such coverage. Lots of

  2. The patient is 91, does not know how to take care of herself anymore. He husband is 98 and is forgetful. He makes coffee in the morning and feeds the cats. If he feels good enough, they drive to a restaurant for breakfast. If he doesn’t feel good enough, he drinks ensure but she goes hungry. She is too unsteady on her feet the shower and getting in and out of the tub is totally out. Is there insurance or Medicare help available? Thank you


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