Prescription Discount Cards and Coupons for Medicare Beneficiaries

Manufacturer Rx coupons are a great way to lower the cost of prescription drugs. However, using Rx coupons and Medicare simultaneously to pay for medications is illegal. Thus, if you have a Medicare Part D policy and wish to use a pharmacy coupon, you must choose one or the other each time you pay for your prescription drugs.

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Why Can’t Medicare Beneficiaries Use Rx Coupons?

There is no legal implication to using Rx coupons when you have Medicare. But, combining the prescription coupon with Medicare Part D coverage is where the line blurs.

Using Rx coupons in conjunction with Medicare Part D coverage is illegal nationwide. When using Rx coupons, you must opt-out of using Medicare Part D benefits.

If the Rx coupon offers your drugs at a lower cost, you may use the coupon rather than your Medicare Part D benefits. However, if your Medicare Part D plan covers the drug at a lower cost, you should stick to your drug plan.

It is essential to do your research beforehand, as pharmacies can leave your options unclear. Going in blind makes it hard to decide which option is the most cost-friendly.

Medicare beneficiaries are not barred from using Rx coupons. They will just need to ensure they are not combining Rx coupons and Medicare benefits at the pharmacy.

Best Prescription Discount Cards

Several programs offer Rx coupons, discounts, and promotions at the pharmacy. Often, these programs provide members with a savings card to use at an eligible pharmacy.

The eight most popular Rx discount programs are:

What is The Anti-Kickback Statute?

Social Security Amendments of 1972 made it illegal for pharmaceutical companies to give discounts for any medications bought through Medicare. The 1972 Amendments also include the Anti-Kickback Statute. This statute makes it unlawful for anyone to offer drug coupons and rebates to customers for items or services for which a federal healthcare program pays.

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When a pharmaceutical company suggests you choose a more expensive drug option, Medicare spends more money than if you chose the lower-cost generic medication. Although the manufacturer offers a discount, coupons are generally for their newest and more expensive medicines.

Also, these drug coupons usually have a short lifespan plus an annual maximum cost. Thus, you and Medicare would be responsible for paying the remaining amount for the rest of the year.

The Anti-Kickback Statute prevents individuals from abusing the system. In turn, Medicare reduces cost spending.

Can Medicare Beneficiaries Use GoodRx Prescription Coupons?

Many Medicare Advantage policies include Part D. In this case, just like with Medicare, you can use either your built-in coverage or a discount drug card. You can use your discount card on your prescriptions if it saves you more money than your Medicare Advantage plan.

However, for those who have a Medicare Advantage plan without drug coverage, Rx coupons could be a great source of savings when visiting the pharmacy.

Rx Coupon FAQs

Is GoodRx a Medicare Part D plan?
No. GoodRx is not a Medicare Part D Plan. It is a drug discount program that occasionally releases coupons for medications at participating pharmacies.
Can you use SingleCare with Medicare?
Like GoodRx, SingleCare is another Rx coupon option to help save money. Medicare beneficiaries can use SingleCare, but they cannot pair it with their Medicare Part D.
Where can I get manufacturer coupons?
You can find drug manufacturer coupons online. If you Google the medication and go to the manufacturer’s site, you may find coupons. Also, websites like and offer manufacturer coupons.
Can prescription discount cards be used with Medicare?
If you are enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan you are not banned from using prescription coupons. However, if you do use them, you will need to decide between using the coupon or your Medicare Part D plan. You cannot use both coverage options on the same drugs.
How do I get lower prescription drug costs with Medicare?
Finding lower drug costs is important for beneficiaries on a fixed income. Using generic drugs, comparing pharmacies, and finding Rx coupons are good ways to lower prescription drug costs.
Can you use GoodRx in the Donut Hole?
Yes. No matter which drug phase you are in, you can always utilize a drug discount card like GoodRx. However, you must still decide between using GoodRx or your 75% coverage gap discount.
How do I get cheaper prescriptions with Medicare?
If you need to lower your Medicare Part D costs, you can apply for Extra Help. If you do not qualify for Extra Help, an Rx coupon could occasionally bring you savings on your monthly prescriptions.

How to Use Prescription Coupons When You Have Medicare

When a prescription coupon presents itself for your use, it is essential to know the rules and regulations around using the discount. Drug discount coupons and cards can seem appealing to help you save money, especially on a fixed income. Yet, it is essential to be informed about the facts.

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  1. Thanks for a great article. Can you specify exactly which CMS provisions allow a Medicare recipient to choose whether to utilize a manufacturer’s coupon or their Medicare coverage?

      1. Jagger, would you please answer the question which has been asked twice, now for the third time? WHAT IS THE CMS cite for what you are saying????? If you don’t have time to look it up, or don’t know, get some help. You are giving advice that people can use a coupon if they are willing to pay out of pocket when Medicare DOESN’T COVER a prescription. “Can you specify exactly which CMS provisions allow a Medicare recipient to choose whether to utilize a manufacturer’s coupon or their Medicare coverage?”

      2. Hi Mona. It is always your discretion whether or not to use your Medicare Part D plan. For example, if you find a coupon (such as GoodRx or a manufacturer coupon) allows you to receive a drug at a lower cost than your Medicare Part D plan, you can choose NOT to utilize your Part D plan to cover the drug and use the coupon instead. However, you can never use a coupon in addition to your Medicare Part D plan. You can find more information regarding your Medicare Part D plans by reading the CMS Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Manual.


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