Nevada Birthday Rule for Medigap Plans

On January 1, 2022, Nevada will be implementing a new birthday rule for Medigap policyholders in the state. This rule guarantees Medicare Supplement beneficiaries enrollment in certain Medigap plans once a year, beginning their birthday month.

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New Nevada Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

Once effective, the Nevada birthday rule will allow Medigap policyholders an annual two-month window to make changes to their Medigap plan. This window opens on the first day of the beneficiary’s birth month and closes at least 60 days subsequently.

During this time, policyholders can change their plan to one of equal or lesser benefits with any carrier. Meaning, you can switch from Plan G with Aetna to Plan N with a Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement– without answering Medicare underwriting questions. However, you can’t go from Plan G to Plan F, even with the same carrier using NA’s birthday rule. This is because Plan F offers a higher level of benefits than Plan G.

Why Should I Utilize the Nevada Birthday Rule?

This rule affords an annual opportunity to beneficiaries who won’t otherwise pass underwriting. While you can still change your Medigap policy at any time, you are subject to health questions. With pre-existing conditions, this could result in a denial of the application. The Nevada birthday rule is another time you can bypass this step, along with your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period and when you have a guaranteed issue right.

Keep in mind, this rule only applies to those who have a Medigap plan prior to their window opening. During this time, you are not eligible to change from a Medicare Advantage Plan to a Medicare Supplement.

How Do I Find a Medigap Plan in Nevada?

Making any changes to your Medicare is an important decision. Working with a licensed agent is vital in understanding which policy best fits your needs. We work with only the highest-rated carriers to bring our clients the best standard of Medicare coverage possible.

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