Jagger Esch

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Jagger Esch is co-founder, president, and CEO of Elite Insurance Partners (EIP) and Under his leadership, EIP evolved from a startup to one of the fastest-growing small businesses in America.

By the time he was 24, Jagger started his own insurance business. Two years later, he sold it and started EIP with his best friend from high school, David Haass. Now, EIP is at the top of the Medicare industry.

Jagger is recognized as one of the youngest industry leaders in Medicare insurance. Elite Insurance Partners offers a wide variety of Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap) as well as Medicare Advantage plans.

Jagger’s guiding philosophy is to always put the client first. Excellent customer service is part of what seniors can expect at EIP. He also guides the company to stick to its original principle of offering only insurance products that the leaders and staff at EIP would also recommend to friends and family.

By educating clients on all the available coverage options, such as Medigap plans or Medicare Part D, EIP provides all of its clients with the right benefits for their healthcare.

But, guided by Jagger’s philosophy, his team will not try to sell a client only on policies available through EIP. Regardless of which coverage is right for you, Jagger and his team of motivated, well-informed agents are there to ensure you have the best benefits for your needs.

The combination of education and technology is what sets Jagger and EIP apart from the rest. Jagger is also regarded as a thought leader in healthcare and entrepreneurship. He regularly contributes to several websites and publications.

Through expert leadership, seniors can find the right benefits for their needs knowing they are in good hands. Jagger and Elite Insurance Partners have also received many honors as they continue to lead by example through a commitment to excellence.

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