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Medicare Parts

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There are a total of 4 parts of Medicare. The two main parts of Original Medicare include Part A and Part B. Part C and Part D are both additional coverage options. In the content below, we’ll discuss all four parts of Medicare. Then, you can decide on the options that work best for you.

4 Types of Medicare Parts

Original Medicare consists of two parts; Part A covers your hospital services and Part B covers your medical, or doctor visits. Part D covers prescriptions. Then, Part C is a combination of Part A, B, and sometimes D. If Part C doesn’t meet your needs, you have the option to choose Medigap instead.

Part A

Part A covers your inpatient services while visiting the emergency room. For example, if you need hospice care or skilled nursing after a hospital stay, Part A covers 80% after the deductible. The deductible applies each benefit period; so, you could pay this multiple times in the year. Most people get Part A premium-free; but, if you didn’t pay enough into Medicare taxes, you might have a premium.

Part B

Part B covers your outpatient services while at the doctors. It covers 80% of the service after the deductible. Those that delay enrolling risk paying a penalty that will stick with them forever.

Part C

Part C is required to offer the same benefits as Part A & Part B. To enroll in Part C, you must have BOTH Part A and Part B. Many Advantage plans include Part D and other extra benefits. These plans vary by county.

Part D

Part D covers your prescription medications. It’s a smart decision to enroll in Part D, even if you don’t have a reoccurring prescription. Delaying enrollment in Part D can result in penalties. You must have either Part A or Part B to enroll. Most plans include a deductible. If you have expensive medications, you’ll likely reach the donut hole.

What Parts of Medicare Do I Need?

If you have no other healthcare coverage, then you need to enroll in both Part A and Part B. Otherwise, you’ll go without any health insurance. You also need to enroll in Part A and Part B to be eligible to enroll in either a Medigap plan or Medicare Advantage plan.

Don’t Tackle the Different Parts of Medicare Alone

Medicare is far from easy. Don’t tackle the task of consuming the information alone. Our job is to stay well versed and up to date on everything Medicare. That way, when you’re ready to enroll, we can help. Our resource center is completely free for you to use. Give us a call, we’ll help you get from point A to point B. As well as point C and point D! If you can’t call right now, that’s okay. Fill out our online rate comparison form to get the process going now.

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