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Medicare Supplement plans in Vermont are covering seniors through the gaps in Medicare. Beneficiaries with Medigap have comprehensive medical coverage, freedom to choose doctors, and more manageable healthcare bills.

Imagine being able to see any specialist in the United States that accepts Medicare; also, imagine not having a copayment or deductible. Well, this is the reality with Medigap.

Top-rated insurance carriers offer Medigap plans to beneficiaries in your area at an affordable rate; discover more about the reasons many seniors choose Medigap coverage!

Vermont Medicare Supplement Plans in 2020

Let’s say Susan has diabetes; her coverage is Traditional Medicare and Part D. Well, Susan believes that Medicare is the only coverage she needs.

Medicare Part A covers inpatient needs and Part B covers outpatient care. Then, she purchased a drug policy. So, isn’t that enough coverage? Well, the answer is no.

If Susan has a diabetic complication that requires an ambulance ride and inpatient hospital visit her expenses could be huge. These kinds of bills can clear a savings account.

The ambulance is a Part B service that requires Susan to pay the Part B deductible and 20% of any further costs. So, that ride to the hospital will cost $198 deductible plus MORE!

Then, the inpatient hospital care requires payment of the Part A deductible; that deductible is $1,408 per benefit period and Susan will pay 20% of the hospital bill!

Medicare doesn’t provide the most comprehensive benefits; so, having additional coverage will protect you from the burden of 20% medical cost.


If Susan turns 65 on November 12th then her Part B should be effective on November 1st. The first signifies Susan’s eligibility for the Medigap Open Enrollment Period options.

Susan knows her birthday is approaching; so, she can pre-enroll into Medigap coverage. When she enrolls the coverage will begin on the 1st of November with her Part A and B.

Also, Susan avoids having to answer health questions by enrolling in Medigap within the 6-months of her Part B effective date. This is because she’s granted Guarantee Issue rights during her OEP.

Beneficiaries that enroll with GI rights will avoid underwriting and guarantee themselves coverage. Sometimes documents or proof of prior coverage are necessary.

Medigap doesn’t have an Annual Enrollment Period; so, enroll or change plans anytime, just be ready to medically qualify.

Medicare Eligibility in Vermont for the Disabled, Under 65

Vermont REQUIRES that insurance carriers provide at least one plan to those disabled and under 65. However, these policies tend to cost A LOT more for beneficiaries under 65.

Most beneficiaries under 65 will find Advantage policies provide more value than Medigap. Some areas have SNP MA coverage for beneficiaries with certain disabilities. Talk with an agent today to discover the SNP coverage in your area.

Upon turning 65, beneficiaries will be eligible for the Medigap OEP with GI rights. So, take advantage of a better rate once you reach Medigap age at 65.


You are eligible to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan during your Open Enrollment Period, which begins the first day of the month you are eligible to and you have enrolled in Medicare.

This means if you are born on May 31st and your effective date is June 17th, your OEP would begin July 1st. Additionally, this is when you are given the Guarantee Issue, previously mentioned.

Guarantee Issues right is just that, a guarantee that an applicant will receive coverage regardless of previous or current medical conditions.

Applying without these rights may create additional costs and higher fees. They might need to undergo medical underwriting as well.

If you’re not eligible for GI, an insurance company can deny you coverage or charge you a higher premium because of pre-existing conditions.

Cost of Medigap Plans in Vermont

Like plans offer the same coverage across the nations. So, Plan N in Burlington will have identical coverage to Plan N in Rutland, VT.

Medigap Plan F in Vermont can cost around $200 a month or $2,400 a year. That is less expensive than a year of MA plan premiums and a stay in the hospital.

Some policies offer more out of pocket expense and lower premiums; such as Plan G or N, those plans provide thousands of beneficiaries with coverage.

The cost and coverage are personalized for your needs because the best plan for you might not be the best plan for Susan.

Medicare Advantage in Vermont

Medicare Advantage in VermontAdvantage plans can seem like a great option and for some beneficiaries, this coverage is better than nothing. However, Medicare Advantage policies can end up costing more than Medigap coverage when serious health issues arise.

In 2019, only 11% of beneficiaries chose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan in Vermont.

MA coverage has out of pocket expenses that can quickly become unbearable. Let’s say Susan experiences the diabetic complication scenario with an MA plan.

Most Vermont MA policies have a premium of about $50 a month; however, some pay more or less depending on the zip code.

Now, the ambulance copayment for this kind of policy is about $250. Then, the inpatient hospital care costs are about $400 EVERY DAY for days 1 through 4.

That means the hospital stay is $1,600 PLUS the $250 ambulance ride. Now, with Medigap Plan F the only thing Susan would pay is her monthly premium.

Beneficiaries with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) might not be eligible for MA coverage; unless a Special Needs Policy (SNP) for ESRD is available in your area.

Medicare Part D Vermont

Vermont Medicare Part D Prescription Drug PlansPrescription Drug Plans (PDP) offer coverage for prescriptions a physician prescribes; however, often there will be a few exceptions. These plans won’t cover over the counter medication.

It’s important to note that Traditional Medicare won’t cover Part D drugs; beneficiaries need to select a policy on their own or with the help of an agent.

If you don’t enroll in PDP coverage when the Initial Enrollment Period is available, a Part D penalty could be applied in the future when you select a policy for drugs.

Most Part D plans have affordable premium options; however, the lowest premium isn’t always the lowest overall cost.

Some beneficiaries will benefit from coverage that costs more each month and has lower copayments. PDP coverage can be compared on Medicare’s website or with the help of a broker.

Medicare Extra Help Resources in Vermont

Each State provides a Medicare Savings program for low-income Medicare beneficiaries. If you don’t qualify for the MSP, Extra Help could provide you assistance with medication costs.

The Vermont State Health Insurance Program can provide beneficiaries with additional resources, without income requirements.

Finally, every senior should follow the CMS Newsroom for cool updates on Medicare services or information.

How to Find & Compare Vermont Medicare Plans

Vermont Medicare Supplement plans can help beneficiaries with the deductibles and coinsurances Medicare doesn’t cover.

Understanding the different supplement plans is overwhelming, let a broker do the hard work.

Our agents specialize in Medicare and understand which companies have lower rate increases; so, they save you money now and later.

Seniors across the nation are trusting Medigap to protect savings and retirement funds; get your protection now, before it’s too late.

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