Tennessee Medicare Supplement Plans

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Tennessee Medicare Supplement Plans work with Original Medicare to supplement coverage. Without Medigap, beneficiaries are responsible for deductibles, coinsurances, and excess charges.

The 20% of Medicare is more than most beneficiaries realize; enrolling in Medigap ensures the savings and retirement funds are protected from high medical bills.

2020 Medicare Supplement Plans in Tennessee

Let’s say Lola is enrolling in Medicare as well as Prescription Drug Plan coverage. Well, she doesn’t enroll in a Medicare Supplement because she believes that 20% “isn’t that much money”.

However, Lola doesn’t realize the Traditional Medicare deductibles, excess charges, and coinsurance costs are so high.

Say Lola has a heart attack while she’s out at the store; the ambulance takes her to the hospital where she receives inpatient care for 5 days.

Well, the ambulance is an outpatient Part B service; this is her first Part B service for the year, she pays $198 for the deductible. Since an ambulance can cost $1,200 or more depending on mileage, Lola will pay 20% of the remaining fees.

Now the inpatient hospital services are Part A benefit. This deductible will cost $1,408 per benefit period; meaning she pays this amount again if she becomes inpatient after 60-days.

Next, Lola is still responsible for 20% of the total hospital bill minus her deductible. Now, the average cost of a heart attack is $20,000.

Like Lola, most beneficiaries weren’t preparing for 20% of this kind of care. This is why selecting a Medicare Supplement plan is so important; without proper coverage, high medical bills could be in your future.

These kinds of medical bills can clear out a savings account or retirement fund; Medigap coverage keeps that from happening.

Tennessee Medicare Coverage Overview

Traditional Medicare is Part A and Part B; combined beneficiaries will have access to inpatient and outpatient services. Deductibles and coinsurances are part of the coverage. This coverage doesn’t include prescriptions.

Part D is prescription coverage. Some beneficiaries select Medicare Advantage plans to handle their Part A, Part B, and Part D benefits. Medicare Advantage is Part C coverage, this plan will replace Medicare.

Then Medigap plans will fill the gaps of Medicare; paying the 20% and deductibles you’re otherwise responsible to pay. When combining Medigap with Part D, beneficiaries receive the most comprehensive coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans Tennessee

Medicare Advantage in Tennessee

In 2019, 37% of Tennessee enrollees chose a Medicare Advantage plan.

Advantage plans offer different plans in different counties; so, a policy in Memphis will be completely different than a policy in Nashville. Medicare Advantage will become the claim payer instead of Medicare A and B; so, you must follow plan rules and guidelines.

This type of coverage will change each year; so prepare yourself for change plans annually. Also, while it includes Part D, dental, vision, and hearing on certain policies, that coverage isn’t more than routine care.

For the best dental, vision, hearing and Part D coverage, enroll in an individual policy. They’re affordable and provide you with a higher quality of coverage.

Also, Advantage policies tend to have high out of pocket expenses; after a year of bad health, you could’ve had over 5 years of Supplemental coverage!

For example, Lola chooses Advantage coverage and faces the heart attack storyline; well, her out of pocket cost could be enormous.

The ambulance ride costs $250 and the inpatient services cost $300 PER DAY for days 1 through 5. Then, if Lola uses an out-of-network hospital she pays 40% of the total bill. Well, 40% is twice as much as Medicare!

Medicare won’t pay the claims anymore, the Advantage carrier decides terms and conditions. Advantage coverage offers Lola the Maximum Out Of Pocket (MOOP) benefit.

The MOOP is a spending cap for Lola; so, if she pays $10,000 out of her pocket on covered expenses, the plan will pay the rest. Medicare doesn’t offer a MOOP; therefore, some say Advantage coverage is better than no coverage.

However, beneficiaries turning 65 will find Medigap offers the most comprehensive and reliable coverage.

Medicare Part D in Tennessee

Tennessee Medicare Part D Prescription Drug PlansThe BEST Part D plan for Lola might not your best policy. Since prescription needs vary, the costs for each policy on out of pocket expenses vary.

For example, Lola needs the brand name Lipitor for her cholesterol because no other drug works. Let’s say she enrolls in the $15 premium policy without checking the formulary. Well, that policy doesn’t cover Lipitor and she pays over $500 a month.

Now, if she enrolled in the $120 a month policy; her drug would cost about $200 in the initial coverage level. Then, $110 in the Coverage Gap and ONLY $22 in the catastrophic coverage stage.

Checking the formulary is necessary to ensure you pay the least amount annually for your prescriptions. Verify your coverage with Medicare’s plan finder tool.

Tennessee Medicare Assistance Resources

Beneficiaries with low-income can apply for the Medicare Savings Program. If you don’t qualify for the MSP, you could still receive extra help paying for prescription coverage.

The local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is dedicating time to help Medicare recipients in the community.

All recipients can stay informed on relevant information by following CMS Newsroom.

You can also use TennCare connect to apply for TennCare, CoverKids, and Medicare Savings Programs.

Those with Part B that are losing Medicaid eligibility, have Guaranteed Issue Rights for a Medigap policy with Aetna, Bankers, Central States Indemnity, Cigna, Combined Insurance, Gerber, GPM, Medico, Mutual of Omaha, New Era, United American, and United Health Care.

Voluntarily losing coverage, such as choosing to leave employer coverage, won’t require you to meet specific conditions to qualify for GI rights. However, proof of creditable coverage is a requirement.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Tennessee

The best Medicare Supplement Plans in Tennessee are Plans F, G, and N. Also, these are the most common policies nationwide. Since standardizing Medigap, seniors can compare apples to apples instead of apples to oranges.

The Plan F boasts the same first dollar coverage no matter which state or county you reside; the difference will be in a premium. Companies are also an important choice; not all companies are the same and choosing a financially strong company is more important than a low premium.

Plenty of A-rated companies offer an affordable Medigap policy. Some of these companies like Mutual of Omaha and United American have been around since the beginning of Medicare.

Great customer service is always worth a ton; thankfully, enrolling in a policy through our team gives you access to our client care team for the policy duration. So, if you stay with us forever, we’ll stay with you forever!

TN Medicare Supplement Plan Requirements

The best time to enroll is during the six-month Medigap Open Enrollment Period. This period takes place three months before the 65th birthday, the birthday month and three months after.

During this time frame, beneficiaries are granted GI rights. GI forbids insurance companies from denying coverage or charging more based on pre-existing health conditions.

Also, GI during the OEP allows beneficiaries to receive the best premium on any policy they want.

Medigap doesn’t participate in the Annual Enrollment Period fiasco; so, you can enroll and change coverage whenever. Although, an application with underwriting could be required.

An underwritten application could result in a higher premium policy; however, it’s unlikely that an insurance company will deny you for minor health issues.

Talking to an agent ensures you apply for the company likely to approve an application.

Tennessee Medigap Eligibility for the Disabled Under 65

Many seniors under 65 may find Advantage coverage the most suitable option; Medigap plans can cost more for those under 65.

While the state of TN requires companies to offer at least one policy to those under 65; however, the premiums are so high that there is no value.

Most agents are recommending that you wait until your OEP when turning 65.

Medigap Costs in Tennessee

Medicare Supplement plans vary in cost for each person. In most states, “attained age” rating is commonly used; so, the premium increases as you age.

Medigap Plan G is usually several hundred dollars cheaper than Plan F; also, Plan G has historically lower annual rate increases. This means Plan G could save you more money over time.

With first dollar coverage plans becoming unavailable, some predict Plan N to become the next big thing.

Plan N in TN costs around $100 a month for someone turning 65.

A quote is only a number, the true premium amount will display after underwriting. If someone gives you a low quote and you apply for new coverage, DO NOT cancel your current policy.

Only cancel coverage when new coverage is effective and care is up to par.

Enrollment for Medicare Supplement Plans in Tennessee

Applying for coverage is as easy as making a quick phone call. Enrollment is completed over the phone with an agent licensed in your state.

Just call the phone number above to discover the most suitable coverage options in your area.

Don’t have time to call today? Fill out our online rate form to discover the best rates in your area!

Medigap coverage is the best way to ensure you have adequate coverage and protection throughout retirement. Don’t let low premiums fool you, sometimes less is more.

Speaking with a broker is the best way to ensure you get the lowest premium and the best coverage.