Medicare Supplement Plans in Louisiana

Summary: Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana are there to cover additional costs that remain after using Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B). Also known as Medigap plans, Louisiana residents have plenty of coverage options to lower healthcare costs and receive the care they deserve. Estimated Read Time: 16 mins

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  • Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana help cover costs that Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) leaves behind. Like the supplemental benefits in other states, the (Medicare Supplement) Medigap plans Louisiana residents can enroll in allow them to see any doctor accepting Original Medicare, regardless of the carrier. Thus, you will not face denial of coverage because of the company from which you receive your benefits.

    There are ten standardized Medigap plans in Louisiana, along with two high-deductible plans. Finding the best Medicare supplement plans in Louisiana will vary from person to person because everyone has their own needs from a healthcare and benefits standpoint.

    This is why it’s important to review the various Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana to better understand which works best for you. Below, we review Medigap plans in Louisiana, their benefits, costs, how to enroll, and more.

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    Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Louisiana

    Finding the best Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana comes down to comparing benefits, healthcare needs, and your budget. There are several Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana, but a few emerge as the most popular among all Medicare beneficiaries.

    The top three popular Medigap plans in Louisiana are Medicare Supplement Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. These coverage options offer comprehensive benefits and low out-of-pocket costs, giving you the freedom to receive the care you need.

    Each of the Medigap plans Louisiana has to offer are going to provide a different level of coverage. In general, if you have more coverage, you’re going to also pay higher premiums. Therefore, when picking your benefits, you will need to take these factors into consideration.

    Here’s how the three most popular options for Louisiana Medicare Supplement plans stack up:

    Medicare Supplement Plan F Louisiana

    If you are looking for a full-coverage plan, Medicare Supplement Plan F Louisiana is likely your best option. With Medigap Plan F, you are enrolling in the highest level of coverage available. Here are the benefits the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan in Louisiana has to offer:

    • Copayments for Medicare Part A and Part B.
    • Coverage for your Medicare Parts A and B deductibles along with leftover coinsurance costs.
    • If you are visiting a healthcare facility in a state that allows Medicare Part B excess charges, you’re covered.
    • Beneficiaries are also covered for coinsurance costs when using a skilled nursing facility.
    • Finally, you can also receive benefits towards foreign travel emergency expenses, though a lifetime limit applies.

    While Medicare Supplement Plan F can be a tremendous coverage option, it’s important to put things into perspective. Not only can this coverage come with elevated premiums, but not everyone is allowed to sign up for it.

    In order to enroll in Medigap Plan F in Louisiana, you’ll need to have become eligible for Original Medicare before January 1, 2020. However, if you do qualify, you’ll have 100% of your leftover costs covered when receiving healthcare at a facility that is within the Medicare program.


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  • Medicare Supplement Plan G Louisiana

    Medicare Supplement Plan G Louisiana coverage has seen a rise in popularity because of the eligibility restrictions placed on first-dollar coverage plans such as Plan F. This is because, for Medicare beneficiaries that became eligible after the cutoff date, Medigap Plan G in Louisiana is the most comprehensive plan available.

    You’ll receive the same coverage as Plan F when enrolling into Medicare Supplement Plan G in Louisiana, but you’ll need to pay your Medicare Part B deductible. For many, the cost of their Medicare Part B deductible is not as high as the cost of their healthcare. Therefore, Medigap Plan G is a great option for those in Louisiana looking to enroll in a wide range of coverage.

    Medicare Supplement Plan N Louisiana

    Lastly, Medicare Supplement Plan N Louisiana involves cost-sharing and deductibles, making it available for a low monthly premium. With Medigap Plan N in Louisiana, you will need to pay your Medicare Part B deductible, $20 copays at the doctor, $50 copays at the emergency room if not admitted, and excess charges if applicable.

    However, because of the cost-sharing, you’ll also typically pay lower premiums for your coverage. Again, although these are the top plans from a coverage standpoint, your budget and healthcare needs determine the best coverage option for you. It’s always important to weigh your options and select the benefits that work best for your needs.

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    Who Is Eligible for Medicare Supplement Plans in Louisiana?

    To enroll in a Medigap plan in Louisiana, you must first enroll in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). When you first become eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan in Louisiana, you will have a Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period.

    At this time, you can sign up for the plan of your choice without answering underwritten health questions. These questions and the underwriting process can prevent you from enrolling in the future if you have pre-existing conditions. Therefore, it’s always advised that Louisiana Medicare Supplement plans are enrolled in as soon as beneficiaries are eligible.

    Remember, your coverage will supplement your Original Medicare benefits, and you’ll need to enroll either when you qualify as a disabled person before the age of 65 or at the age of 65 once you have reached the appropriate amount of tax credits. For most, Medicare Supplement eligibility in Louisiana will occur at the age of 65 after contributing ten years (40 tax credits) to the Medicare program through qualifying employment.

    How Much Do Medicare Supplement Plans in Louisiana Cost?

    The monthly price of Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana can vary depending on your ZIP Code, age, gender, disability status, the amount of coverage you enroll in, tobacco usage, and more. To find your exact premium rate, you will need to speak to a licensed Medicare agent who has access to each carrier and can pinpoint your quote based on your personal factors.

    However, if you would like to get a better idea of what your costs may look like, below is a sample premium for the cost of Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana. These premiums are based on male and female residents in the same Louisiana ZIP Code aged both 65 and 75 years of age. None use tobacco products:

    Female, No Tobacco, Louisiana ZIP Code 70726
    Medigap Plan Monthly Premium Age 65 Monthly Premium Age 75
    Medicare Supplement Plan F $130-$445* $157-$445*
    Medicare Supplement Plan G $109-$424 $132-$424
    Medicare Supplement Plan N $82-$392 $98-$392


    Male, No Tobacco, Louisiana ZIP Code 70726
    Medigap Plan Monthly Premium Age 65 Monthly Premium Age 75
    Medicare Supplement Plan F $147-$502* $177-$502*
    Medicare Supplement Plan G $118-$478 $149-$478
    Medicare Supplement Plan N $91-$442 $111-$442

    * If on Medicare before 1/1/20

    Remember that the chart above is just a sample; your actual costs may vary.

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    Companies Offering Medigap Plans in Louisiana

    Louisiana, the Sportsman’s Paradise, has no shortage of Medigap companies, but it’s important to review different carriers when enrolling. This is because while Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana are standardized, their premiums will vary depending on who you enroll with.

    For example, if you were to compare the costs of Medicare Supplement Plan F in Louisiana between two different companies, while the benefits will remain exactly the same, you’ll note that their costs will be different. At times, these variations can be quite notable. So, if you’re going to enroll in coverage, it’s important to look at multiple carriers offering Medigap plans in Louisiana to ensure you are getting the best price.

    With that being said, there are other factors that go into enrolling with a company. This includes each carrier’s financial stability, ability to provide its clients’ benefits, customer service, and more.

    You can research customer service ratings for different brands thanks to consumer agencies, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the financial strengths of companies through credit agencies, which include the likes of A.M. Best and S&P. Although residents of the Pelican State have many options, here are just some of the top-rated carriers providing Medigap plans in Louisiana:

    Compare Louisiana Medicare Supplement Carriers
    Carrier BBB Rating S&P Rating A.M. Best Rating
    BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana A+ A+ (Superior) A+
    Cigna N/A A- A (Excellent)
    Mutual of Omaha A+ A+ A+ (Superior)
    Manhattan Life A+ A B++
    United American A+ AA- (Very Strong) A (Excellent)

    At MedicareFAQ, we can help you compare plans from a variety of carriers, choose the right one for your needs, and answer any questions you may have. Our customer care team is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and satisfaction every step of the way.

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    Medicare Supplement Plans Louisiana for the Disabled Under 65

    Federal law does not require Medicare Supplement carriers to provide plans to those on Medicare under 65 due to disability. However, carriers offering Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana must offer at least one Medigap option to those under 65. Specifically, all Medicare Supplement companies in Louisiana must offer Medigap Plan A.

    While Medicare Supplement Plan A may be the best coverage for your needs, it doesn’t offer the most amount of coverage. Furthermore, it is difficult to find one of the best Medicare Supplement plans available when disabled and under the age of 65, as your monthly premium can be double or triple what someone 65 or above would pay.

    Because of the staggering premium differences, it’s often better for you to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan as they are much more affordable and may better suit your healthcare needs. However, once you reach the age of 65, you can switch to a Medigap plan and take advantage of the lower rates by aging into the program.

    Medigap Rating Method in Louisiana

    If you’re going to enroll into Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana, it’s important to note that there are several factors that go into determining how much you’ll pay. We’ve mentioned many of them above, but how your company applies rating methods will also be a factor.

    There are three different methods a company can use to determine Medicare Supplement premiums, but only two apply to companies in the Bayou State. Here’s how they can affect your premiums:

    • Issue-age-rated plans are going to create a premium that goes off of the age you are when purchasing a Medicare Supplement plan in Louisiana. It’s just one more reason to enroll as soon as possible because the younger you are at enrollment, the less you’ll pay as you age.
    • Attained-age-rated plans are also available. These premiums will be based on your age at the time of enrollment. However, as you age, you’ll pay more for your coverage.

    As you can see, these different Medigap rating methods will affect your premiums due to age and are amplified over time due to inflation. Therefore, it’s important to compare different plans from different companies and enroll in the best option for your needs.

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    Medigap Guaranteed Issue Protections in Louisiana

    There are several scenarios in which you can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan in Louisiana without being denied coverage, even if enrolling outside of your Medicare Open Enrollment Period. These are known as guaranteed issue rights or guaranteed issue protections.

    Generally, you’ll need to have a qualifying life event in order to have guaranteed issue protections, which can vary from state to state. For example, the birthday rule isn’t completely unique to Louisiana residents, but it’s not available in every state and operates differently in Sportsman’s Paradise.

    In addition to the Louisiana birthday rule, here are some of the additional scenarios in which beneficiaries enrolled in Medigap plans in Louisiana can enjoy guaranteed issue rights according to R.S. 22:1112 of ACT No. 459:

    • You have maintained health insurance through your employer, are eligible for Medicare, and don’t have a Medicare Supplement plan, but your employee coverage is either going away, changing, or you are leaving the employer’s plan.

    When To Enroll in Medicare Supplement in Louisiana

    As soon as you qualify for Original Medicare benefits, you should enroll in Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana. This will allow you greater access to benefit options, lower premiums, and better coverage. Here’s how:

    • If you don’t enroll in the Medigap plans Louisiana offers as soon as possible, you can be denied coverage altogether.
    • Furthermore, if you are accepted as a client, expect to have higher premiums if you wait to enroll.
    • If you are not enrolling during your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period or during a time in which you have guaranteed issue rights, you can be denied access to certain Medigap plans in Louisiana. However, when this occurs, while you can enroll in another lettered plan, it can still be hard to do so within the same carrier.

    While most beneficiaries in Louisiana will qualify when they turn 65, disabled persons can qualify beforehand and may face higher premiums when enrolling before the age of 65. Therefore, with this exception in mind, it may be better to enroll at a later age. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, it’s always best to enroll in Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana as soon as possible.

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    Louisiana Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

    The Louisiana Medicare Supplement birthday rule is a unique opportunity that allows residents to switch their Louisiana Medicare Supplement plans once each year. During this window, there is no need to answer underwriting health questions.

    Your timeline for the Louisiana Medicare Supplement birthday rule window opens 30 days before your birthday and lasts 63 days following your birthday each year. At this time, you can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan in Louisiana with equal or less value from the same carrier.

    This enrollment period allows those who may face denial due to their health the opportunity to switch Medigap plans in Louisiana and save money on premiums each month. It’s an important consideration because of evolving healthcare and budget needs.

    Does Louisiana Allow Medicare Excess Charges?

    Medicare Part B excess charges are an up to 15% additional fee on top of the Medicare-assigned cost for a healthcare service. Thus, if your physician does not accept Medicare assignment, they may charge you up to 15% more, and you are responsible for covering this cost in full.

    Some Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana (Medigap Plan F, Plan G, and their high-deductible versions) cover excess charges, so you do not need to worry about them with one of those policies. However, with a Medicare Supplement Plan N policy, you will need to be aware of these charges as Plan N does not cover them.

    Not all states allow physicians to bill for excess charges. However, Louisiana does not have any laws in place to ban excess charges. Thus, if your physician does not accept Medicare assignment, you could be responsible for these expenses unless your Medicare Supplement plan covers them.

    It’s worth mentioning that such costs are rare. For the most part, Medicare Part B excess charges are not a part of normal billing processes even when receiving healthcare services in states that allow them. However, you should always check into the costs of your healthcare providers before enrolling in Louisiana Medicare Supplement plans.

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    Additional Medicare Coverages in Louisiana

    In addition to Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana, there are also Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans, Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, and ancillary plans like dental, vision, and hearing available to help you cover your healthcare costs.

    If you decide a Medigap plan is not for you, Medicare Advantage may be the right option. Medicare Advantage plans often do not have the same freedom in terms of your network compared with Medigap plans. However, the monthly premium cost with a Medicare Advantage plan tends to be much lower than Medigap.

    These can be especially attractive options for disabled persons under the age of 65, but for those aged 65 and older, there are many careful considerations before enrolling:

    • Network limitations mean that you might have less access to healthcare altogether or face higher costs when receiving medical attention. It also means that you’re going to need a referral for a specialist.
    • Medicare Advantage plans are often advertised with many attractive benefits that go beyond Original Medicare benefits. But because each plan is different, as is each company, the benefits you receive can vary greatly.
    • Furthermore, the availability of each Medicare Advantage plan is different. This means that someone in New Orleans and someone even as close as Metairie is likely going to have many different options available, potentially limiting healthcare coverage.
    • You also can’t have both a Medicare Supplement plan in Louisiana and a Medicare Advantage plan. It’s one or the other, and you’ll need to decide which one works best during your initial enrollment period (with the exception of disabled persons under the age of 65).

    Some Medicare Advantage plans offer prescription drug coverage, but not all do. For Louisiana residents with Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement plan, prescription drug coverage can still be a very important benefit. Thankfully, there are options.

    Medicare Part D plans are available and cover prescription drugs for beneficiaries. Offered by private insurance companies, these plans can help mitigate costs for beneficiaries but operate with formularies, lists of the specific drugs each plan covers.

    This means that if you’re enrolling in Medicare Part D, you’ll want to be sure that your medications are on the specific plan you enroll in beforehand. You should also enroll in Medicare Part D as soon as you are eligible to avoid the late enrollment penalty.

    Finally, there are just some healthcare costs that aren’t covered through Medicare benefits. This includes dental, vision, and hearing standalone coverage for your healthcare.

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    How To Enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan in Louisiana

    When choosing a Medigap plan in Louisiana, you may wonder which plan or carrier is right for you, if another coverage option may work best, or any number of additional questions. Not to worry, we can help!

    Working with a licensed Medicare agent is essential. At MedicareFAQ, our agents provide you with a side-by-side plan comparison to help you determine which coverage is best for your needs. Additionally, our customer care team can also help deliver excellent customer service in the present and future for a better enrollment experience.

    To review Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana specific to your area, give us a call at the number above. You can also complete our online rate form to compare rates today!

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