Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana

Medicare Supplement plans in Indiana follow the standard federal guidelines. The most significant difference between plans will be the cost. In this research, you’ll learn how Medicare plans in Indiana work, why you need extra coverage, and how to get the plan you need.

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Indiana Medicare Supplement Plans for 2022

Medicare Supplement plans offer identical coverage across the nation. So, the top 3 plans for Medigap in Indiana are the same highly sought after policies in the United States.

In the past, Plan F had more enrollees than any other plan. But, with Plan F going away, Plans G and N grew in popularity.

We believe that since Medigap always pays claims on services Medicare covers, all plans make a great choice.

Further, if you’re looking to keep more money in your wallet, you could consider the High Deductible Plan G option.

Indiana Medigap Premiums

The cost of Medicare Supplement plans will vary between people. For someone in the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, the premium will be lower than someone who may be older and has to go through underwriting.

Indiana Medigap Eligibility

Eligibility for Medigap plans in Indiana is the same as everywhere else across the nation. Once you turn 65 and have Part B, it’s the prime time to choose a plan.

In the state of Indiana, if you leave employer coverage that is primary to Medicare, Guarantee Issue rights apply.

Those over 65 leaving employer coverage have a 63-day window to get Medigap without underwriting.

You can apply for Medigap in Indiana anytime. But, you must go through underwriting outside the Open Enrollment Period or Guaranteed Issue Period.

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Indiana Medigap for the Disabled Under 65

State laws don’t work in favor of Medicare recipients under 65. No company has to offer Medigap to those under 65. Medicare recipients under 65 will benefit from Advantage coverage.

Some Advantage policies offer plans for people with disabilities, such as heart issues or diabetes. We call these policies Special Needs Plans. If one of these plans is available in your zip code, then a Special Enrollment Period to apply for this policy exists.

If you want Medigap, you can enroll at age 65 during your Open Enrollment Period. Of course, if you move, look into state laws because some states require Medigap insurers to offer plans to those under 65.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Indiana

Medicare Advantage plans usually have a low premium. Those 65 or older that can’t afford Medigap should consider an Advantage plan. 40% of Indiana Medicare enrollees chose an Advantage plan.

While this plan has a lower premium than Medigap, Advantage plans come with rules. These rules include limits on coverage, in-network doctors, and cancellation restrictions. Sometimes, in the long run, Advantage plans will cost more.

Medicare Part D in Indiana

There are 23 Part D options in Indiana. Prescription plan premiums start around $15 a month in Indiana. But, those that delay Part D will incur a penalty if they get Part D.

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You can find the best plan for you by comparing annual drug costs for all options in your area.


How do I apply for Medicare in Indiana?
Applying for Medicare in Indiana is the same as in all states. You’ll apply through Social Security. Contact your local Social Security office to apply.
Does Indiana Medicare cover cataract surgery?
Indiana Medicare covers cataracts surgery the same as it does across America. Doctors must certify surgery is necessary. You will pay a part of the cost unless you have a Medigap plan. Further, Medicare will cover one pair of glasses or contacts after your surgery. But, to be clear, Medicare doesn’t cover vision.
Does Medicare cover assisted living in Indiana?
Under specific circumstances, Medicare will cover skilled nursing care. Yet, you must meet guidelines to be eligible. Medicare doesn’t cover assisted living. But, there may be an Advantage plan in your area that includes Long Term Care.

How to Apply for Medicare in Indiana

There are different routes you can take on the Medicare journey, let us help find the right one for you. Our agents are Medicare experts with access to top carriers across the nation.

Call us from the comfort of your home. Your agent can answer questions and make a suggestion based on your needs.

Once you know the policy and company you want to select, our agents can walk you through the enrollment process.

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