Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut for 2020

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Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans have different rules than other states. Over 600,000 residents have Medicare in Connecticut. Over 40% of those beneficiaries have an Advantage plan. There are more than 25 options for Part D. Below we explain how Medicare works in Connecticut.

State Specific Medigap Rules in Connecticut

Connecticut has specific Medigap rules that only apply to residents living in the state. For example, doctors can’t charge excess charges. Plans in Connecticut have community ratings. The cost of a policy for a 65-year-old is the same for a 70-year-old.

How Medicare Supplements Work in Connecticut

Let’s say Chad has Medicare and nothing to help him cover the 20% coinsurance. One day Chad has a stroke; the ambulance takes him to the hospital where he accepts inpatient care. After the stroke, Chad needs to see a specialist and get rehabilitation care.

The Part B deductible applies to ambulance transport. First, Chad pays 20% of the ambulance and the Part A deductible. Then, 20% of any remaining inpatient costs. With rehab and specialist care, Chad’s medical costs become overwhelming. He’s looking at a total of over $10,000 in medical bills.

If Chad had a Medicare Supplement plan, he would’ve paid the minimum out of pocket in this scenario.

Would you rather be Chad with Medigap or without?

Year-Round Medigap Open Enrollment in Connecticut

Do you have pre-existing conditions? Is there concern that you won’t qualify for a policy?

Well, in Connecticut, the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period is ALWAYS. All carriers must approve your policy, regardless of when you apply.

So, you never need to fear policy denial. You can enroll whenever you want.

Tip: Looking to change plans? Consulting an agent can save you time and money.

Medigap Premiums in Connecticut for the Disabled Under 65

Those under 65 have access to Medigap plans at the same premium as those over 65. That is NOT the case for most states. In other states, a beneficiary under 65 that’s eligible for Medigap could pay as much as 4x more in monthly premiums compared to those over 65.

Next, we’ll discuss other supplemental Medicare options in Connecticut, like Medicare Advantage and Part D.

Connecticut Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage in Connecticut Medicare Advantage plans are a good option if you can’t afford Medigap. In 2020, 41% of enrollees in Connecticut chose Medicare Advantage.

Aetna Advantage plans have some of the best ratings in Connecticut. Aetna is an excellent option for those with many doctors. They have an extensive doctor network, including over 8,000 doctors that are residing in Connecticut. Further, they partner with over 30 hospitals in the state.

The premiums for all Advantage plans in the state range from $0 to $240 a month.

Tip: Don’t judge a policy by the monthly fees.

How Medicare Advantage Plans in Connecticut Work

To better compare the value of supplemental coverage to an Advantage plan, let’s use Chad.

If Chad has an Advantage plan when his stroke occurs, he could end up paying more out of pocket than he would’ve with Medigap.

With an Advantage policy, the ambulance would come with a $300 copayment. Then the hospital could cost $800 each day. Then, Chad pays $45 for specialists and 20% coinsurance for any Durable Medical Equipment. These costs only continue to add up.

The Maximum out of Pocket protects you from paying tens of thousands of dollars. Let’s say Chad’s Maximum is $6,700 for the year. Once he spends that much, the plan pays services in full. While this is better than Medicare, $6,700 is more than the cost of Medigap for the year.

Medicare Part D in Connecticut

Connecticut Medicare Part D Prescription Drug PlansPart D isn’t part of Medicare or Medigap. You’ll need to buy a policy during the Initial Enrollment Period to avoid a late penalty.

You can get most plans for an affordable premium, such as $15. But, the lowest monthly premium isn’t always the best value.

If Chad enrolls in the Humana $15 a month policy only to pay $110 a month on his medication, the plan is costing him $125.

Now, if Chad talks to an agent, he’ll discover the there’s a $45 monthly premium plan available where the same medication would only cost him $20. So, Chad pays more each month in premiums to pay less on copays.

You can make Part D changes during the Annual Enrollment Period or if you’re eligible for a Special Election Period.

If your Advantage plan includes Part D, you can make changes during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period. Plans change each year, prepare to re-evaluate your policy regularly.

Tip: Before you choose a plan, be sure to check the formulary and pharmacy network.

Medicare Savings Programs in Connecticut

Each state has a Medicare Savings Program that helps people with lower incomes. Extra Help can help cover the premiums, deductibles, copayments, and coinsurances.

Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries programs vary depending on income.

These extra QMB programs include:

  • Specified- Low Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB)
  • Additional Low Income Medicare Beneficiary (ALMB)

All three pay the Part B premium. Those eligible for ALMB must enroll every year as soon as possible because there is only so much funding.

Failure to re-apply could result in a loss of benefits. You must have a low-income to qualify. The Connecticut State Health Insurance Assistance Program “CHOICES” can help you with information.

In some instances, benefits begin up to three months before you apply. So, you could be eligible for three months of back payments from premiums.


How to apply for Medicare in Connecticut?
Applying is easy! You can go online to Social Security, call, or submit an application in person at a local office. If you only need Part B, you may need to mail in your application for enrollment form.
How to verify Medicare eligibility in Connecticut?
At “,” you can check eligibility, claim status, and more.
How do I report Medicare fraud in Connecticut?
Medicare Fraud is a serious issue; contact Medicare immediately! You’ll need some information handy, so prepare yourself for the call.

How to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut

The application process is simple; finding your “perfect-fit” plan is the hard part. You can get a supplement plan by calling us at the number above. When you choose us, we are here for you long after your enrollment. Call us today to enroll in the most suitable plan for you. If you can’t call now, fill out our online rate form and get one step closer to getting comprehensive healthcare coverage.

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