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National General Supplement insurance helps lower Medicare costs. For 60 years this company has been providing coverage.

Our company provides Medigap policies with many top carriers. But you may find that National General has the perfect plan for you.

Continue to read more about the National General Medicare Supplements below!

National General Benefits

All Medigap Plans include:

  • Coverage throughout the country. You can visit any Medicare doctor.
  • 30-day Free Look period – You’ll have 30 days to decide to keep your new Medigap plan.

National General Health Insurance offers its beneficiaries:

  • Year-Round enrollment
  • Immediate coverage beginning the day after enrollment
  • Affordable health plans
  • A 7% household premium discount for qualifying members

National General Medicare Supplement Plan Reviews for 2020

When you shop for the best Medigap plan, you’ll want to consider carrier ratings. National General Insurance boasts an A- Rating.

Plenty of our clients are pleased with their Medigap policies.

National General Medigap Eligibility & Enrollment

Once you decide that you want to move forward with National General, enrollment should be a breeze.

While you can enroll anytime, it’s beneficial to sign up during the Open Enrollment Period.

National General Plan Options

National General offers four standardized Medigap plans. Plans A, F, G, and N are available, as well as the high-deductible F plan.

Supplement plans cover all the same benefits by letter. In other words, Plan A in North Carolina will look the same as Plan A in Maryland.

So, what is the difference in plans? The difference lies in the cost and company. But, several states (Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin) have Medigap plans that standardize differently.

2020 National General Insurance Medigap Plan A

Plan A is the most basic of Supplement policies. Medigap Plan A isn’t the most sought-after policy.

2020 National General Insurance Medigap Plan F

Both the regular and the high-deductible Plan F are available. Keep in mind, if you’re newly eligible to Medicare after January 1. 2020, you cannot buy a Plan F policy.

Medigap Plan F tends to be the most comprehensive policy, and the best bang for your buck. What is the difference between the regular plan, and the high-deductible plan though? Well, you must meet your deductible before the high-deductible policy pays out.

2020 National General Insurance Medigap Plan G

Perhaps you like the sound of Medigap Plan F but are ineligible to purchase it because of MACRA. The Medigap Plan G may be the perfect fit for you.

The Supplement policy covers all that Plan F covers but the annual Part B deductible.

2020 National General Insurance Medigap Plan N

Plan N is pretty similar to Plan G, but with a few slight differences. Medigap Plan N doesn’t cover Part B excess charges like Plan G does.

Excess charges are charges you may face if your doctor doesn’t contract with Medicare. You’ll be responsible for these charges since this Medigap plan doesn’t cover them.

You may also be responsible for cost-sharing for some Part B services such as doctor visits and ER visits.

National General and MACRA

MACRA is a relatively new Federal law. Anyone who is newly eligible for Medicare after January 1, 2020, can’t buy a Plan F policy.

Anyone who is Medicare-eligible before December 31, 2019, can still buy a Medigap Plan F policy. Also, if you already have a Plan F policy and wish to keep it, you can do so.


Does National General insurance offer a good Medicare Supplement?
National General Insurance has been in business for decades and has high ratings. Because of this, the company proves to be an excellent choice for many.
Does National General Medicare Supplement cover dental?
Medigap plans don’t include dental coverage. But you can opt into purchasing a dental policy. National General Insurance offers two different dental policies for purchase.
Does National General Medicare Supplement have SilverSneakers?
Unfortunately, if you’re shopping for a plan with SilverSneakers access, you won’t find it here. National General Insurance doesn’t cover any form of gym access or benefits.

Find the Best Policy for You, Today!

All in all, we feel that if you find the price to be right, this company may be an excellent option for you. Call us the number above for your quote.

We’ll be sure to highlight company ratings and prices. By offering easy comparisons in plans, you can make the best choice for your health care coverage.

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