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Humana Medicare Supplement Plans

Humana Medicare Supplement plans are some of the highest-rated in the nation. One of the largest medical insurance providers with a diverse line of products, Humana serves many types of consumers. Humana Medicare Supplement Plans

Empowering their members to lead healthy and active lives is one of their many goals. Humana is a company that genuinely cares about its clients.

We’ll discuss plan options to give you a better understanding of coverage on Humana. Additionally, we’ll also go over customer experiences with Humana so you can learn about the value of a plan through this carrier.

Humana Medicare Supplement Plans for 2022

Humana is known for its Medicare options. Coverage between states can vary.

For some, a Humana Medigap policy will be the most suitable. Meanwhile, others find a Humana Medicare Advantage plan makes the most sense. Further, some people may only want a Part D prescription drug plan through Humana.

Regardless, the best Humana plan for you will depend on your situation and budget. Let’s explore some of your options below so we can help you determine your ideal plan.

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G is currently the most popular Medigap plan because it gives you the best overall deal. It is common for eligible beneficiaries to save at least $250 per year by selecting Plan G instead of Plan F.

For instance, if a 70-year-old man in Arizona doesn’t use tobacco and chooses to go with Plan F from Humana, he’ll be paying about $182 in premiums each month. Yet, the same beneficiary’s monthly premium for Humana’s Medicare Supplement Plan G in Arizona would be around $154 per month.

In most cases – including this one, where the annual difference is to the tune of $336 – the savings surpass the cost of the Part B deductible, which is the only cost Plan F covers that Plan G doesn’t. Meaning, it could be more financially responsible to choose Plan G over Plan F.

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive Medigap plan. When a beneficiary has Plan F, they have no out-of-pocket costs for hospital or doctors’ visits.

Because Plan F has the most coverage of all Medigap plans, it also comes with the highest premiums. Thus, many people who are eligible for Plan F are put off by the monthly cost. But, if you frequent the doctor and are eligible for Plan F but Plan G policies in your area don’t provide significant savings to offset the annual Part B deductible, Plan F could be a sensible policy for you.

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N

You may consider a Plan N Supplement suitable if you don’t go to the doctor often. It features small copays for the doctor and emergency room in exchange for a lower premium.

The same, 70-year-old man in the example for Plan G would pay about $128 a month for Plan N from Humana. Plan N contains the basic benefits and Part A costs. Yet, it doesn’t cover the Part B deductible or any potential excess charges and it also comes with copays. So, if you frequent the doctor, this plan might not be the best for you because the copays could surpass the premium difference for the year on Plan G. 

What Does a Humana Medicare Supplement Plan Really Cost?

Overall, the cost of Humana Medigap plans can range from $50 to $300 a month depending on the coverage you choose. The cost of Medigap varies more by the state than by carrier. Most top carriers have similar prices.

Further, you may pay more if you sign up outside your Medigap Open Enrollment Period. Also, Medigap can charge higher premiums to those with pre-existing conditions if they don’t use their Open Enrollment window.

The best way to obtain an accurate quote is by using a professional insurance agent who specializes in Medicare.

What Are the Medicare Supplement Plan Rate Increases for Humana?

The cost of your Supplement is subject to increase every year. Usually, the rate increase is about 3% each year.

Also, insurance companies increase the rate for entire states all at once. These increases are plan-specific; so, Humana could increase Plan F by 5%, Plan G by 4%, and Plan N by 3%.

Sometimes, the rate will only go up a couple of dollars and other times the rates increase more. Working with an agent ensures you have access to different options when you need them.

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan Reviews

With its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana has over 55 years in the industry under its belt, along with a BBB accreditation of A+. AM Best, the standard for rating Medicare Supplement providers, gives Humana an A- rating for financial strength, with a stable outlook.

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

Humana is one of the leaders in the Medicare Advantage market. In some areas, Part C plans have options that lower Part B premium costs.

Many of these plans have a $0 premium. Additionally, Humana offers Special Needs Plans to cater to those with chronic conditions.

Many Humana plans offer fitness programs such as SilverSneakers. Also, plans can include prescription drug coverage, as well as coverage for dental, vision, and hearing. Some plans with such benefits charge slightly higher premiums. Plan availability varies by location.

The maximum out-of-pocket amounts for Humana Advantage plans range depending on the policy you choose. Your deductibles and copays go toward this amount before the plan starts paying 100%, so keep this in mind when evaluating your options.

Humana Medicare Advantage Reviews

Fortunately, 92% of Humana Advantage members are in 4-star or higher plans. Over 99% of Humana’s group retiree Medicare Advantage plans have 4-star and above policies.

Humana Part D Preferred Pharmacy

The well-known Humana Walmart Value Rx plan requires lower costs for prescriptions at Walmart pharmacies or the mail order program.

There are three basic Part D plans with Humana:

  • Humana Basic Rx Plan has a $435 deductible on brand-name drugs. This plan would be great for someone with a few generic scripts.
  • Humana Walmart Rx Plan offers a low monthly premium and low copays if you fill your prescriptions at Walmart or Sam’s Club.
  • The Humana Preferred Rx Plan has a low copay amount for prescriptions filled at Walmart or Sam’s Club and slightly higher copays for prescriptions filled at other network pharmacies.

Does Humana Offer Household Discounts for Medicare?

In some states, Humana offers a discount for couples if they both enroll in a Medigap plan. The discount tends to be around 12%. Discounts are not available for Part C or Part D plans.


Does Humana sell Medigap plans?
Yes, Medigap plans are available through Humana, as are Advantage and Part D plans that also supplement Original Medicare coverage.
How much does a Humana Medicare Supplement plan cost per month?
How much the monthly premiums for your Medigap cost depend on multiple factors, including your age, the letter plan you choose, and your location. As an example, the cost of Medigap Plan G in Florida for a 65-year-old woman who doesn’t use tobacco would be about $198 per month on Humana. Meanwhile, her monthly Humana Plan N premium would be about $158.
Which Medigap plans does Humana offer?
Humana offers all Medigap options except for Plan D and Plan M. All 10 other plans are available through Humana, yet not every other Humana plan is available in all states.
Who pays first, Medicare or Humana?
If you have a Medicare Supplement, then Medicare pays first and Humana pays second. But, if you have an Advantage plan, then Medicare doesn’t cover you; instead, Humana pays your claims.
Does Humana have a give back plan?
In some counties, Humana offers Medicare Advantage plans with the Part B premium give back option.

How to Compare Humana Medicare Plans

If you're wondering whether a plan with Humana is your best option, you're in the right place. We can help guide you through the unfamiliar waters of Medicare and find the plan that best fits your needs.

Options will vary depending on your state. We are here to assist you in making a decision. Call the number above to find out if a Humana Medicare Supplement plan is right for you, or complete our online rate form to start exploring plans near you.

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Jagger Esch is the Medicare expert for MedicareFAQ and the founder, president, and CEO of Elite Insurance Partners and Since the inception of his first company in 2012, he has been dedicated to helping those eligible for Medicare by providing them with resources to educate themselves on all their Medicare options. He is featured in many publications as well as writes regularly for other expert columns regarding Medicare.

13 thoughts on “Humana Medicare Supplement Plans

  1. I see some Humana Medi-gap policies have a Standard Premium and a Preferred Premium. What is the difference in the coverages on these? The Preferred is a lower rate but I can’t find anything that explains Standard versus Preferred.

    1. Hi Dennis! A preferred premium is when you enroll during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period and pre-existing conditions are not taken into account in regards to your monthly premium. Standard premium is when you enroll outside your Medigap OEP and have to go through medical underwriting. This is when some pre-existing conditions could increase your monthly premium.

  2. My husband just turned 65 and started his Medicare Part A and Part B coverage in April 2021. Our question is, if we choose a certain Medicap plan now, is he stuck with that company/plan for life? In what cases can you change Medigap policies? Deciding between Plan G, which is the most expensive, and other lower-cost plans. Right now, he hardly ever goes to the doctor, but that could change 10 or 15 years down the road. Don’t want to be stuck with a poor plan then….Thank you.

    1. Hi Robert! You can enroll and/or switch Medigap plans at any time of the year. The only caveat is once your 6-month open enrollment window has passed, you will have to answer health questions and go through medical underwriting to change plans. So, if your husband gets diagnosed with something serious in the future, he could be denied a Medigap plan at that time. Of course, he will be able to keep the plan he was already enrolled in as long as he continues to pay his premium.

  3. I am 75 y/o and my social security deductions on part B is $178.50 which is a big hit for a semi-disable person. Which companies are offering $95 or more back/month on part B deductions.

  4. I would like to know if I qualify for the part B reimbursement through my Humana Advantage,THANK YOU

  5. Shopping a Medicare supplement plan for my mom. 85, high blood pressure under control, diabetes. Would like quote on the F plan. She has very limited funds, so knowing what she will pay is better then copays, of having something to pay after a hospital stay or doctor appointment

  6. Hi Lindsay, I admit, I don’t understand my insurance coverage. I’m now a widow and need help to understand what my coverage is. I’m 85 years old, and live alone. I have plan F. Could you explain to me, what I’m qualified for. I have no help and at time need help. I am also confused about my medication deductible. I would appreciate your help and advice. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry that you’re going through a tough time at the moment. We’re more than happy to help you! The good news is, Plan F is a first-dollar coverage plan. This means you will pay zero out of pocket as you use your benefits at the hospital and doctor’s office. The only costs you’re responsible for is the monthly premium. You can see our Plan F benefits chart here. Regarding your medication deductible, this depends on what Part D plan you’re enrolled in. The max deductible amount is $445, but your deductible could be less, or even zero. You mentioned you have no help, but you need help. Is there something going on with your health or are you just looking for help regarding what benefits you have? Please give us a call, we can help you understand what your current benefits are.


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