Medicare Part D Changes for 2024

Learn How These Changes Affect  Your Coverage

There are two major changes coming to Medicare Part D in 2024

Expansion of  "Extra Help"

Elimination of  catastrophic coverage

Expansion of  “Extra Help”

People Who Qualify for Extra Help Pay:

No Premium

No Deductible

No late enrollment penalty

People Who Qualify for Extra Help Pay:

$11.20 for brand-name drugs

$4.50 for generic drugs

Income Limits: Single $22,590 Married $30, 660

Extra Help Income & Resource Limits

Resource Limits: Single: $17,220 Married $34,360

Elimination of Catastrophic Coverage 5% Coinsurance

Beginning January 1, 2024, the 5% catastrophic coverage coinsurance for Part D will be removed.

In 2024, the Medicare Part D out-of-pocket threshold limit is $8,000.

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