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Our Clients Love Us Because We Care

Striving to Maintain our 5-Star, “Across the Board” Rating

Our mission is to show our clients that we care. We’re not your average insurance brokerage. We’re dedicated to our clients and our goal is to maintain an ongoing relationship. As you can see from our MedicareFAQ clients testimonials below, our clients know how much we care about their healthcare. Read more about us here.

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Customer Reviews

Hand Picked Reviews

5 Star Rating

My neighbor referred me to MedicareFAQ and I am so glad that she did. They were such a delight to work with and I will now, in turn, refer them to my friends who are turning 65 in the near future!

Client Testimonial – Alfred R. from IA

5 Star Rating

I was really confused with all of the different options of Medicare Supplement insurance. MedicareFAQ was able to find the right plan for me that fit both my needs and my budget. You all are awesome!

Client Testimonial – Susan S. from TX

5 Star Rating

I was so happy with the customer service that I received from MedicareFAQ. They were able to explain to me the differences between regular Medicare plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medigap plans. Thank you for taking the time to clarify all of the confusion that I was facing.

Client Testimonial – Roland A. from CA

5 Star Rating
Thank you for making a difficult process as smooth as you guys did. I felt like I was in way over my head with all of this Medicare stuff. MedicareFAQ was very attentive and courteous with me. They will have my business from now on.

Client Testimonial – Ross D. from VA

5 Star Rating
I felt like I was paying too much money for my insurance plan so I called MedicareFAQ to see if there was any way that I could save any money and I DID! MedicareFAQ, you’re great! Thank you!

Client Testimonial – Grayson R. from UT

5 Star Rating
I was so nervous about making a choice on my Medigap insurance. I called and spoke with a MedicareFAQ agent and they were awesome! They listened to everything that I had to say and helped me to make an educated decision on what plan to choose. Thanks again!

Client Testimonial – Shirley H. from TX

5 Star Rating
MedicareFAQ’s team was awesome! The professionalism and ability to be patient with me through all of the information that I requested was admirable. Thank you!

Client Testimonial – Nora K. from TN

5 Star Rating
Everything about Medicare was very unclear to me, until I called MedicareFAQ. They made the process of enrollment painless and answered all of the questions that I had, and believe me; I had a lot of questions. Thanks!

Client Testimonial – Paul T. from SD

5 Star Rating
Confused is the best word to describe how I was feeling when I began looking for a Medigap plan. MedicareFAQ helped ease my confusion with their knowledge and warm personality. They assured me I would be well taken care of and I sure was. I am confident with the decision that I made because of their assistance. Thank you for the great experience!

Client Testimonial – Wilma C. from PA

5 Star Rating
I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get the kind of coverage that I wanted with my budget. MedicareFAQ was very informative and laid out for me all the plans that were both in my budget and satisfied all my needs and wants for coverage. They made me feel cared for and I appreciate that so much. It’s not every day that you speak with a team that is so nice and accommodating on the phone. I will be sure to pass the word on to anyone I know that needs help with Medigap insurance!

Client Testimonial – Rolande F. from NJ

5 Star Rating
I felt like I had so many options once I aged into the Medicare market. MedicareFAQ was able to help me make the best decision for my health plan. They were so pleasant and friendly. Thank you!

Client Testimonial – Frederick E. from MO

5 Star Rating
MedicareFAQ was such a joy to work with! They we able to make everything really clear to me. I’m so glad that I called MedicareFAQ. They will always have my business!

Client Testimonial – Joseph B. from MD