SilverScript Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

SilverScript is a Medicare Part D carrier with plans available in all 50 states. This company offers comprehensive Medicare Part D prescription drug plans with extensive coverage and low premiums.

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Millions of Medicare seniors utilize SilverScript prescription drug benefits each year. With some of the most affordable prescription drug coverage on the market, SilverScript is ideal for those on Medicare who want a Medicare Part D plan that won’t break the bank.

What is SilverScript?

SilverScript is a private Medicare Part D insurance company that offers prescription drug coverage to those with Original Medicare. The carrier offers coverage options in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

SilverScript offers three different coverage choices to those eligible for Medicare Part D. When you enroll in a SilverScript plan, you receive several benefits not included with any other carrier.

Medicare Part D plans through SilverScript offer low monthly premiums and copayments. Further, they provide coverage at thousands of pharmacies nationwide.

Even with changes to the SilverScript formulary each year, prescription drug plans through this carrier provide excellent coverage and competitive prices.

Who Owns SilverScript?

SilverScript is a Medicare Part D carrier owned by CVS Health. In 2019, CVS acquired SilverScript Medicare Part D plans. CVS Health is one of the nation’s largest pharmacy innovation companies with a mission to help its clients obtain better healthcare.

With close to 10,000 retail locations and over 1,000 walk-in clinics across the country, CVS Health offers convenient healthcare close to home. By acquiring SilverScript, CVS Health can expand its reach in the healthcare industry by venturing into Medicare Part D.

Is SilverScript Part of Aetna?

In January 2020, SilverScript Medicare Part D plans merged with Aetna. When the companies merged under the guidance of their parent company, CVS Health, members experienced plan changes and extended benefits.

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When the two companies merged, there was no interruption in coverage. Those originally on an Aetna or SilverScript Medicare Part D plan automatically transitioned to one of the three Aetna SilverScript Medicare Part D plans.

Aetna SilverScript Prescription Drug Plans

SilverScript offers three different Medicare Part D plans.

  1. SilverScript SmartSaver
  2. SilverScript Choice
  3. SilverScript Plus

When comparing SilverScript drug plans, you should know the following information.

  • Your prescription medication(s) and dosage(s)
  • How often you take your medication(s)
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, such as copays
  • How much you are willing to pay in annual deductibles

By creating a game plan at the start of your Medicare Part D plan search, you can ensure you get the prescription drug coverage you need.

SilverScript Formulary 2023

When shopping for prescription drug coverage, you should know your medications and how the available Medicare Part D plans would cover them. This way, you can enroll in a plan that covers the prescriptions you need.

A formulary is a master list of prescription drugs that have coverage under a specific policy. You can find the formulary for each plan on SilverScript’s website or contact a licensed Medicare agent to help you make sense of plan details.

Sometimes a Medicare Part D plan may not cover your specific medication. However, a formulary alternative could be available. Your doctor may consider a replacement if they feel it’s appropriate. Otherwise, you could request a formulary exception, which means your drug may receive coverage from the plan with approval.

SilverScript may make occasional changes to its formularies, so reviewing your prescription drug coverage each year during the Annual Enrollment Period is essential. Doing so will ensure you are on the best coverage year after year.

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SilverScript Drug Prices for 2023

Tier 1 Initial Coverage Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) Catastrophic Coverage
      Generic Brand
SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP) $2 Copay 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5% (whichever is more)
SilverScript Choice (PDP) $2 Copay 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5% (whichever is more)
SilverScript Plus (PDP) $0 Copay $0 Copay $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5% (whichever is more)
Tier 2 Initial Coverage Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) Catastrophic Coverage
      Generic Brand
SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP) $15 Copay 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5% (whichever is more)
SilverScript Choice (PDP) $7 Copay 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5%(whichever is more)
SilverScript Plus (PDP) $0 Copay $0 Copay $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5%(whichever is more)
Tier 3 Initial Coverage Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) Catastrophic Coverage
      Generic Brand
SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP) 25% Copay 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5% (whichever is more)
SilverScript Choice (PDP) 17% of Retail Cost 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5% (whichever is more)
SilverScript Plus (PDP) $47 Copay 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5%(whichever is more)
Tier 4 Initial Coverage Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) Catastrophic Coverage
      Generic Brand
SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP) 40% of Retail Cost 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5% (whichever is more)
SilverScript Choice (PDP) 37% of Retail Cost 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5%(whichever is more)
SilverScript Plus (PDP) 50% of Retail Cost 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5%(whichever is more)
Tier 5 Initial Coverage Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) Catastrophic Coverage
      Generic Brand
SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP) 25% of Retail Cost 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5% (whichever is more)
SilverScript Choice (PDP) 25% of Retail Cost 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5% (whichever is more)
SilverScript Plus (PDP) 33% of Retail Cost 25% of Retail Cost $4.15 or 5% (whichever is more) $10.35 or 5%(whichever is more)

SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP)

The SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP) is a lower premium option with a $0 Tier 1 deductible. Also, Tier 1 drugs require a $2 copay on this plan, making it an excellent choice for those with only generic medications.

Key takeaways about the SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP):

  • Lowest national average Medicare Part D premium
  • $0 deductibles and copays as low as $2 for 30-day supplies

Those who take few medications, or all generic prescriptions benefit the most from the SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP). Thus, SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP) is best for those who are generally healthy and active. As the plan with the lowest monthly premium nationwide, this coverage is great for those who wish to avoid the Medicare Part D late enrollment penalty.

SilverScript Choice (PDP)

The SilverScript Choice (PDP) offers extensive prescription drug coverage. This policy provides a $0 deductible for Tier 1 and 2 medications.

SilverScript Choice (PDP) also includes delivery of your Tier 1, 2, and 3 prescriptions. This is an excellent plan for those taking low to mid-tier medications and generics.

Key takeaways about the SilverScript Choice (PDP) :

  • Copays as low as $2
  • Zero deductible for Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs
  • $0 premium and low cost-sharing if you qualify for Extra Help

Those who take brand-name or Tier 1 drugs can benefit from the SilverScript Choice (PDP). This option is suitable for those who wish to have low copays for common prescriptions.

While it is not the best plan for everyone, those whose prescriptions change over time may benefit the most from this option.

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SilverScript Plus (PDP)

The SilverScript Plus (PDP) offers a $0 deductible for medications on all tiers. The policy has even more drug coverage than the SilverScript Choice (PDP), and you can get your prescription drugs delivered at no additional cost. This prescription drug plan is a fantastic option for those who take high-tier drugs.

Key takeaways about the SilverScript Plus (PDP):

  • More drugs that Medicare Part D covers are on the formulary
  • A variety of prescription minerals, vitamins, and erectile dysfunction drugs

Those who take high-tier and specialty medications can benefit from SilverScript Plus (PDP). Also, if you take several medications or have health conditions that require expensive drugs, you may benefit from this plan.

However, this is not your best policy if you take primarily generic drugs. Low-cost, typical drugs are more expensive on this plan due to the formulary.

Is SilverScript a Good Drug Plan?

SilverScript is one of the best Medicare Part D carriers available. In addition to being one of the popular companies in terms of enrollment, the policies also provide extremely low drug costs and monthly premiums.

Depending on your prescriptions, SilverScript tends to outshine other carriers when you compare prices for generic and low-tier drugs. For more expensive medications, it is vital to research and compare plans, as there may be a more cost-effective option depending on your prescription drugs. Overall, it is difficult to beat SilverScript Medicare Part D plans.

How Much Does SilverScript Cost Per Month?

Each SilverScript Medicare Part D plan has a different monthly premium. Additionally, SilverScript monthly premiums vary by ZIP Code.

However, the SilverScript SmartSaver Rx (PDP) is the lowest-cost Medicare Part D plan in many areas. The plan starts as low as $5 per month.

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The SilverScript Medicare Part D plan with the higher monthly premium is the SilverScript Plus (PDP). The monthly premium for this plan starts at $70.

What Pharmacies Does SilverScript Use?

SilverScript allows you to utilize thousands of pharmacies nationwide to receive your prescription drugs. The SilverScript pharmacy network includes over 65,000 pharmacies in the United States. Most chain pharmacies will accept your SilverScript Medicare Part D coverage.

However, not all pharmacies are preferred. A preferred pharmacy allows you to receive the drug at the lowest cost possible. Standard network pharmacies still provide coverage at a slightly higher price than preferred pharmacies.

SilverScript Preferred Pharmacies

  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Wegmans
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Plus, local pharmacies nationwide

SilverScript Standard Pharmacies

  • Walgreens (This pharmacy is out-of-network for the SmartSaver Rx plan)
  • Sam’s Club
  • Plus, local pharmacies nationwide

Utilizing a preferred pharmacy is vital to receive drugs at the lowest cost.

SilverScript Mail Order Pharmacy

Many people prefer utilizing mail-order pharmacy services. Mail-order can be especially beneficial when you cannot leave your house to pick up prescriptions.

You can have your medication sent to your home or place of employment. SilverScript Choice (PDP) and SilverScript Plus (PDP) members can use this service.

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The Aetna SilverScript mail order pharmacy is one of the highest-rated mail order pharmacies for a Medicare Part D plan. When you opt-in to receive your drugs through the mail-order pharmacy, you can get up to 90-day prescriptions. Thus, it allows you to reduce hassle by decreasing the number of times you must order your medications.

Anyone with a SilverScript Rx plan can utilize the mail-order pharmacy. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that convenience does not have to be forced. Mail-order pharmacies do just that. They allow you the comfort and peace of mind that your drugs will always arrive on time.

How Do I Sign Up for SilverScript?

To enroll in a SilverScript Medicare Part D plan, it is essential to speak with a licensed Medicare agent who has access to the carrier and is familiar with each plan’s benefits. While speaking with an agent, you can ensure the coverage you choose will provide your prescriptions at a low cost.

Your prescription drugs will determine which SilverScript Medicare Part D plan is best for you. Once you choose a policy, you must provide your Medicare card and other demographic information to complete the application.

If this is your first time enrolling in Medicare, your Medicare Part D plan becomes effective with your Medicare Part A and Part B. If you sign up during the Annual Enrollment Period, your new coverage will begin on January 1.

Remember, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you cannot enroll in a SilverScript Medicare Part D plan. You can only enroll in Medicare Part D if you have Original Medicare, with or without a Medicare Supplement plan.

How Do I Pay SilverScript Online?

Paying for your SilverScript Medicare Part D plan has never been easier. Most seniors who enroll in Medicare Part D decide to have the monthly premium automatically deducted from their Social Security check each month. This way, they will never accidentally miss a payment and lapse their coverage.

If you do not receive Social Security or do not wish to have your payment automatically deducted, you can pay your monthly premium online. To do so, you will need to visit and create a log-in. You can pay your bill, check your claims, and more.

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SilverScript Payment Portal

SilverScript has a unique and convenient online portal through CVS Caremark. Caremark is an online platform that allows you to check your pharmacy benefits and more.

The portal also allows you to:

  • Review current prescriptions
  • Check on the status of your order
  • Review your drug coverage
  • Check on medication costs.

The Caremark portal will let you gain valuable information with ease. In addition, the Caremark portal also lets you order drugs through the online pharmacy.

Through the portal, you can check and compare your drug costs, view your savings opportunities, understand your plan benefits, review coverage details, and find answers to SilverScript FAQs.

SilverScript Reviews

SilverScript has a Medicare Star Rating of 3.5 out of 5, which is a fantastic score. Medicare scores prescription drug plans on their performance and quality annually. Customer satisfaction also largely influences the rating of each plan.

SilverScript offers excellent, 24-hour customer service. A prescription drug plan through this carrier also comes with many online tools.

SilverScript earns a B+ rating through the Better Business Bureau for customer reviews. Several customer reviews mention the low drug costs and affordable monthly premiums as selling points for this company.

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How to Apply for Medicare Part D Through SilverScript

When you're ready to sign up for a SilverScript plan, we're here to help make the process as easy as possible. Our licensed Medicare agents will walk you through the online application to ensure it is correct the first time.

To get started with your SilverScript Medicare Part D plan today, give us a call at the number above, or complete our online rate form. We look forward to finding the best Medicare Part D coverage for you!

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77 thoughts on “SilverScript Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

    1. Hi Elaine, the deductible depends on the SilverScript plan you are enrolled in. Which SilverScript plan are you inquiring about?

  1. Silver Script has given us good coverage. I must now cancel Margaret’s subscription. How do I do it?

    1. Hi Lawerence, I am sorry to hear about your wife. To cancel, you’ll want to reach out to SilverScript directly.

    1. Belva, this will depend on the specific SilverScript plan you have. You can look up drug costs for your exact plan with the plan finder tool.

    1. Hi Richard, SilverScript does cover Eliquis on all plan formularies. However, your copayment costs may differ between SilverScript plans.

  2. I use Rays Pharmacy and Walgreens to fill my scripts and have a 6 mth refill how do I change if my pharmacy is not covered?

    1. Hi Janna,
      If your pharmacy is not covered by your plan, you can simply have your current pharmacy send your unfilled prescriptions to a new pharmacy and update your preferred pharmacy with your physician.

    1. Hi Kevin, your copay will depend on the Medicare Part D plan you are enrolled in. Which plan do you have for 2023?

  3. I’m trying to help a resident that moved here from Texas and has Silverscript Part D-I was told by Wellcare that I needed to cancel that because she’s now residing in Louisiana?

    1. Hi Mary, if the enrollee moves from one state to another, they will need to enroll in a new Medicare Part D in the service area they currently live in. Moving allows the enrollee to receive a special enrollment period to switch plans with no penalty.

    1. If he has recently enrolled in a SilverScript plan, his identification card should come in the mail within 4 weeks. If you need a replacement card you’ll need to contact SilverScript customer service.

  4. I currently take Celicoxib 100mg daily. Is this covered? what tier? what is the cost? My pharmacy is CVS and I usually get a 90 day supply

    1. Hi Marie, this drug is covered by Silverscript. However, the coverage depends on which SilverScript plan you are enrolled in. You can compare prices here.

    1. Hi John, if you want to change your payment method for a silverScript plan, you will need to call the number on the back of your SilverScript card to contact customer service. If you purchased your SilcerScript plan through one of our agents, you can call the number above to speak with a customer care agent to resolve your issue.

  5. Why does Breo Ellipta costs $415 at my CVS? My friend has Cigna and it only costs $50. I need an explanation as this is unaffordable.

    1. Roberta, each Medicare Part D plan covers drugs differently. You may be enrolled in a plan that does not cover your Brio Ellipta drug. To review your plan, you can complete this online rate form and we will happily review your plan and see if there is another plan in your area to cover your drugs in the future.

    1. Grace, yes. Both forms of coverage are necessary to receive full health benefits. Silverscript is paying for your prescription drugs while Plan G is covering your healthcare costs.

  6. If I discontinue my enrollment with Silverscript will it effect my other Medicare plans I have?

    1. Walter, disenrolling from your Silverscript Part D plan will not affect your other plans in any way. However, if you disenroll without creditable drug coverage, you may be responsible for the Medicare Part D late enrollment penalty if you decide to reenroll in the future.

  7. I am experiencing high deductibles for my prescriptions. I take Trulicity and changed to Victoza at Silver Scripts suggestion and that was way wrong. Now trying to get answers on how to afford the “new” costs associated with the revised plans.

    1. Karen, I am sorry to hear about your high drug costs. Have you tried applying for Part D Extra Help? If you meet certain income requirements, you could receive help paying for your Medicare Part D costs. If not, you can also contact your plan and ask for a tier exception which lowers the prescription tier and may help with cost, however there is no guarantee the plan will accept this request.

  8. Cvs is Charging me a Copay but Walmart does not. Why? I’ve been disabled since 2009 and have Medicare with Part D and Medicaid.

  9. Why is it so darn hard to find my co-pay for a tier 3 drug? I have silver-script choice. Have made several calls today and have received different answers! I’ve paid my $480 deductible….so what’s my co-pay?

    1. Hi Sharen, if you have already met your $480 deductible for the year on the SilverScript Choice plan, your copayment for a Tier 3 drug would be 17% of the drugs retail cost. You can find the retail cost of the drug by calling your preferred pharmacy.

  10. Have been on the choice plan for three years, this year the deductible doubled to $480 and tier 3 went from $47 to 17% of cost of medication. So now before deductible my medication will cost almost $500 and after deductible will cost almost $90 per month. So just explain to me how this is a good plan?

    1. Lorraine, unfortunately drug plan costs change annually as do the plan formularies. Therefore, it is important to review your plan each year during the Annual Enrollment Period(link) to ensure the plan you are on is still the best for your needs.

    1. Victoria, thank you for reaching out! Drug plan cost depends on the area you live in as well as the prescription medications you are taking. To find the silverscript plan cost for your needs, our licensed agents can walk you through the process by completing this online form.

  11. I am on Silverscript and have been using local CVS pharmacy. But customer service there has fallen terribly and I would like to switch my pharmacy to Safeway or Walgreens. How do I do this? Thank you

    1. Daniel, I am sorry to hear about your negative experience at the pharmacy. Changing pharmacies is simple. All you need to do is request an Rx transfer for prescriptions at your current pharmacy and notify your doctors for future scripts. However, it is very important to be sure the pharmacy you are switching to is covered under your drug plan. To do this, you can contact Silverscript directly or use the Part D plan finder on

    1. Barbara, Silverscript offers multiple Part D plans that each have a formulary of their own. Meaning each plan covers drugs differently. If you need information about your specific plan, it is best to call the number listed on the back of your RX card to receive a full list of drugs covered by your plan

  12. I currently have Silverscript. I can not find my new premium rate for 2022. where do I go to find this rate?

  13. I currently have Silverscript Choice PDP plan, I’m paying so much more then in 2020 since Aetna became a part of the plan. I was looking at AARP Medicare Saver Plus, do you suggest I change since it is so much lower in cost. Is there a hidden secret?

    1. Hi Dorothy – what you pay for Medicare Advantage depends upon your location. We would advise you to make sure you choose a plan that includes your preferred providers and has your medications and dosages on its formulary. That is the best way to keep costs down, as well as taking note of the maximum out-of-pocket amount as well as the premium.

      1. Arnold, all Medicare Part D plans are required to cover the Shingles vaccine, however, you could be responsible for a deductible or copayment. It is best to contact your plan directly for exact information.

      2. CVS wanted almost $100. For my shingles vaccination x 2 last year. Are you saying the vaccination is free now?

      3. Nancy, this is completely dependent upon the Part D plan you are enrolled in. Deductible and copayment amounts vary from plan to plan.

  14. My husband has just enrolled in SilverScript Plus (PDP). He takes an expensive Rx for Rybelsus, but with no deductible, the monthly cost is very reasonable in this plan. I don’t understand what costs contribute to him reaching the coverage gap stage and what it will cost him next year if/when he hits that stage. Could you help with that answer?

  15. Will Silverscript choice cover hormone replacement prescription my Dr has suggested that I start taking it.

    1. Hi Brenda! You would want to check your drug plan formulary to see if your specific prescription is covered.

  16. My father has been prescribed Eliquis. At CVS today, the cost is $531. He is unable to pay for this every month. What can be done to lower this cost???
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Michelle! I would reach out to SilverScript directly to find out why it cost so much now. It could be the deductible has not been met for the calendar year. Eliquis is covered by 99% of Part D plans.

    2. I couldn’t afford it either and Coumadin did not work for me. My cardiologist put a Workman filter in my heart and I now take a baby aspirin. I love modern medical technology. I was so tired of begging for samples every month.

  17. how do I change from picking up my prescriptions at Wallgreens to ordering them by mail

  18. I’m trying to find out if Vons pharmacy is accepted by SilverScript and there is no where for me to access a list of participating pharmacy.

  19. I have only approx $24 left to fulfill my deductible, and I am paying more, especially for one, the price doubled since 2020. On 4/1/2020 I paid $201, on 3/23/2021 that price doubled to $422. I understand about the deductible, but double in price?. I am being charged the full yearly cost of this med, it is a 90day supply every 3 months, I don’t expect to be charged for any auto-refills for the remainder of 2021. I also note that the plan I am enrolled in, I am paying more than the plan is paying, this is not a very good plan, and I am strongly considering finding another company to enroll with.

    1. Hi Lou! We’re so sorry you’re not happy with your current Part D plan. You are not the first to voice your concerns. It sounds like you should not have to pay that much once you hit the deductible. If there is a generic available, I would ask your doctor if you can switch. Unfortunately, unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you will have to wait until the Fall Annual Enrollment Period to change your Part D plan. You should be able to go onto Medicares plan finder tool and put in what Part D plan you have to see what your estimated costs will be out of pocket for all your medications for the entire year.

  20. My local pharmacy recently changed ownership and is no longer a preferred pharmacy with Silver Script. What a shock when I went to get my latest prescriptions. They were almost 10 times more money than when I got them in December. I’m 76 and on a fixed income and the preferred pharmacy closest to me is a Walmart 25 miles away. In addition to the normal blood pressure and other heart drugs I take Entresto and Pradaxa both very high priced drugs. I guess I’ll be doing some traveling. Bummer.

    1. Hi Gary! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this issue. Is there a chance you’re now in the deductible phase of your prescription drug plan, and that’s why you’re paying more for your prescriptions? The plans reset annually at the beginning of the year. Also, have you looked into mail-order pharmacies? You may be able to get your prescription mailed to you.

  21. do you have a page where i can type in our medication and it will tell m what you will pay on each, if so where do i find it,

      1. I have friends that have silver script and they had to pay for their shingles shots. I also have Silver Script and need to get the shots, but can’t afford to pay $200 for each shot.


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