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Mutual of Omaha Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Part D plans offer coverage for the prescription drugs beneficiaries need. Members enjoy affordable monthly premiums and copays with a prescription drug plan through this company.

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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Part D Plans

There are two Medicare Part D prescription drug plans available through Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rx. The Premier Rx Plan and the Plus Rx plan are offered by the carrier. Both plans offer different levels of coverage, so their pricing varies as well.

A major draw to this carrier is that Tier 1 (preferred generic) drugs and Tier 2 (generic) prescriptions require low to no copayment at preferred pharmacies. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to remember that your monthly premium will further vary due to your location.

Further, there is no copayment for Tier 1 drugs on the lowest-cost plan. However, the beneficiary will be responsible for a deductible for Tiers 2 through 5. If you’re relatively healthy and don’t currently take prescription meds, a Mutual of Omaha plan will likely be a better fit for your budget.

Additionally, the formulary is more extensive, and beneficiaries are responsible for paying lower amounts in copays and coinsurance than on the Premier Plan. So, the Plus Plan is best for people who need multiple prescription medications.

Mutual of Omaha Rx Preferred Pharmacies

Mutual of Omaha Rx plans involve a network of pharmacies. This means for the most comprehensive coverage of your medications, you’ll need to use one of the preferred pharmacies within their network. These include Sam’s Club, Safeway, Kroger, Walmart, CVS (including CVS pharmacies at Target locations), and various local pharmacies nationwide.

If you are interested in drug coverage through this carrier but don’t live near any of the primary chains, visit their website to see a list of all pharmacies participating in their network. Another option for those with Medicare Part D plans through this carrier is to utilize the mail-order option.

Mutual of Omaha Rx Medicare Part D Formulary

When selecting a Medicare Part D option to go with your coverage, it’s important to review the plan’s formulary. You’ll want to obtain a copy of the most recent version because it is subject to change every year.

Mutual of Omaha Rx’s Premier and Plus Plans have different formularies, so make sure your drugs and dosages for the coming year are all on the copy for your plan of choice. Both formularies include brand-name and generic drugs. Beneficiaries may need prior authorization from their physician before obtaining certain drugs from either plan.

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Does Mutual of Omaha have a mail-order pharmacy?
Mutual of Omaha Rx offers a mail-order option for prescriptions. Utilizing this option can save money for drugs at every tier on both plans. The pharmacy benefit manager for this carrier is Express Scripts.
What states do not offer Mutual of Omaha Part D plans?
Both Mutual of Omaha Rx Part D plan options are available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
What is the insulin coverage on Mutual of Omaha Part D plans?
Mutual of Omaha’s Medicare Part D plans offer insulin at $35 per month.

How to Sign Up for Medicare Part D with Mutual of Omaha

If you’re shopping around for a Part D plan and are interested in signing up for one through Mutual of Omaha Rx, give us a call at the number above. We will help you determine which plan can best help you get the prescriptions you need, with premiums and copays that fit your budget. Or, fill out our online rate form to learn more about the costs of these and other Part D plans in your area.

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Ashlee Zareczny

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