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Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N is one of the most popular Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans available to those on Original Medicare. Medigap Plan N is ideal for those who prefer great benefits, low copayments, and lower monthly premiums but do not want to forfeit their ability to utilize the freedoms that come with Original Medicare.

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Below, we review Medicare Supplement Plan N, what it covers, and how you can benefit from having Plan N as your Medicare Supplement coverage.

What is Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Medicare Supplement Plan N is a standardized Medicare Supplement insurance plan available in most states throughout the U.S. As Medicare Supplement coverage, Plan N helps cover certain costs left by Original Medicare that would otherwise be yours to pay. This plan allows you to have the same great Original Medicare health coverage but at a fraction of the cost as your plan covers most of the financial responsibility.

Since the introduction of Medigap Plan N, enrollment has increased yearly. However, the popularity of this plan does not come as a shock as it is one of the most comprehensive Medigap plan available to those new to Medicare.

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Medicare Supplement Plan N Benefits

Medicare Supplement Plan N offers enrollees comprehensive benefits that combine with Original Medicare coverage. When enrolled in Medicare Supplement Plan N, you are only responsible for your Medicare Part B deductible, small copays at the doctor’s office, and excess charges if applicable in your situation.

Medicare Supplement Plan N is popular among beneficiaries.

With these benefits, those who enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N only pay a fraction of the out-of-pocket costs they would otherwise be responsible for through Original Medicare.

While Plan N is not the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan available, it is a fantastic plan for those who are enrolled in Original Medicare and wish to have additional coverage but do not mind paying copayments and other small costs.

If you only receive care a few times each year during your preventative care appointments and wish to be covered in an emergency situation, Plan N might be the right plan for you.

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Medigap Plan N Outline of Coverage Chart for 2024

The chart below compares Medigap Plan N to the other Medicare Supplement plans available nationwide. You can see how each plan stacks up next to one another regarding benefits and coverage. Remember, regardless of carrier, each Medigap plan offers standardized benefits across the U.S.

Medicare supplement plan n comparison chart 2024

What Does Medicare Supplement Plan N Cover?

Similar to Medicare Supplement Plan G in many ways, Medigap Plan N offers significant cost-sharing benefits to policyholders.

These benefits include:

Keep in mind, you may be responsible for additional charges if you live or receive care in a state that allows Medicare Part B excess charges, as Medicare Supplement Plan N does not pay for these. However, most doctors accept Medicare assignment, so excess charges are rare.


What is Not Covered By Medicare Supplement Plan N?

If you enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N, you must cover your Medicare Part B deductible, which is $240 for the year 2024. You’ll also have to pay for Medicare Part B excess charges in states that allow them when seeing healthcare providers that are a part of the Medicare program but do not agree to the Medicare-approved amount for healthcare services.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for coverage for your dental, vision, hearing, or prescription drug costs, you’ll need additional coverage. Medigap Plan N provides benefits that cover the same healthcare services provided by Original Medicare. Therefore, a separate dental, vision, and hearing plan and a Medicare Part D plan can help provide coverage for those healthcare needs.

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How Much Does Medicare Supplement Plan N Cost in 2024?

The average cost of Medicare Supplement Plan N in 2024 is around $120-$180 per month. However, many factors determine premium cost. Premiums vary from one ZIP Code to another. Thus, in some areas, the monthly premium for Medigap Plan N can be as much as $400; in others, it can be as low as $70.

Your state of residence, gender, age, and tobacco use all play a part in determining your monthly premium rate. The chart below shows the Medicare Supplement Plan N premiums in three states for a non-tobacco-using female, age 65. You can see how premiums range depending on where you reside.

Below, we’re comparing the cost of Medigap Plan N throughout three different U.S. markets. For our methodology, we’re comparing the cost of coverage for both men and women that are aged 65 and 75 years old. No one in our comparison uses tobacco:

Plan N Average Monthly Cost in Las Vegas, NV (88901)*
Gender: Female, Age: 65 $258.00
Gender: Male, Age: 65 $292.00
Gender: Female, Age: 75 $273.00
Gender Male, Age: 75 $309.00
*Please note: the above are sample rates. These are subject to change. Call us for your accurate, personalized quotes today.
Plan N Average Monthly Cost in New York, NY (10001)*
Gender: Female, Age: 65 $328.00
Gender: Male, Age: 65 $328.00
Gender: Female, Age: 75 $328.00
Gender Male, Age: 75 $328.00
*Please note: the above are sample rates. These are subject to change. Call us for your accurate, personalized quotes today.
Plan N Average Monthly Cost in Chillicothe, OH (45601)*
Gender: Female, Age: 65 $218.00
Gender: Male, Age: 65 $246.00
Gender: Female, Age: 75 $227.00
Gender Male, Age: 75 $256.00
*Please note: the above are sample rates. These are subject to change. Call us for your accurate, personalized quotes today.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Pros and Cons

Medigap Plan N Pros Medigap Plan N Cons
Great at balancing coverage with affordable premiums For those who have extensive medical needs, Plan N may not meet their healthcare needs
A great option for those who won’t need healthcare as often The other associated costs when using Medigap Plan N can add up
Regardless of what state you’re in, you’ll receive coverage at any provider accepting Medicare Part B excess charges are rare, but they still do exist, and Plan N won’t cover you

What Carriers Offer Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Since Medicare Supplement Plan N is one of the most popular Medigap plans, most reputable insurance companies offer it. Many lesser-known carriers also offer Medigap Plan N. Ultimately, your choice of companies depends on your location.

The top-rated carriers that are nationally available who offer Medicare Supplement Plan N include:

Finding the right company can feel like an impossible task with so many options, but with the help of a licensed Medicare agent, you can compare your options and find the right coverage for your healthcare and budget.

While the above is not a comprehensive list of carriers offering the plan, they are some of the highest-rated and most widely available companies.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Copay Amounts

In exchange for lower monthly premiums, you are responsible for a copay when you enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N. A copay of $50 is required when visiting the emergency room (if it does not result in inpatient admission), and a $20 copay is required for doctors’ appointments. Yet, there is no copay if you visit an urgent care center.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

Let us help you navigate your Medicare journey

Thus, if you cannot get an appointment with your primary care physician, instead of going to the emergency room over something minor, you can go to urgent care and avoid copays.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Reviews

The feedback we hear from clients who enroll in Medigap Plan N is positive. If you are prepared for the small copays that come with this option, Medigap Plan N can be an excellent choice for you.

Remember, when researching reviews for a specific letter plan, focus on reviews about the plan benefits, not the carrier. Often, the negative reviews stem from complaints about the carrier, not the plan.

However, when you decide to enroll in coverage, it is important to sign up with a carrier with good reviews in terms of customer satisfaction and company stability. Thus, carrier reviews are essential in this circumstance.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Rate Increase History

Among the factors that impact your monthly premium rates, the pricing method that your carrier uses can influence your premium over time. According to csgactuarial.com, premiums for Medigap Plan N increased between 2% and 4% in the last five years. These increases are lower when compared to Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G.

As Medigap Plan N benefits are the same from carrier to carrier, it is essential to discuss with your agent the rate increase history for the company you are considering. Additionally, you should research carrier reviews for Medigap Plan N.

When Do I Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period

You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan with no underwriting health questions during your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment when you first sign up for Medicare Part B. This window lasts up to six months following your 65th birthday or your Medicare Part B effective date.

Outside of this timeframe, you can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan at any time of the year by passing underwriting. Being subject to Medicare Supplement underwriting questions means that a carrier can deny your application for any reason.

Is Medicare Supplement Plan N Better than Medicare Advantage?

The answer to this question depends on your healthcare needs and financial goals. For people who do not need to visit doctors often and find Medigap plans to be out of their price range, a Medicare Advantage plan may be the better choice.

Yet, if you do not want to deal with restrictive doctor networks, a Medigap plan such as Medicare Supplement Plan N will better suit your needs.

Often, those who enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N over Medicare Advantage plans want a safety net in case of a medical emergency. Medigap Plan N’s low premium and out-of-pocket costs make it an attractive option.

How to Compare Rates for Medigap Plan N

If you are looking to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan, Plan N is a great option for coverage. You can depend on our licensed agents to review your options and leave you feeling confident about your plan choice. Complete our online rate form to review Medigap plans in your area and receive a free individualized Medicare Supplement Plan N comparison across multiple insurance companies.


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Jagger Esch

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Ashlee Zareczny

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65 thoughts on "Medicare Supplement Plan N"

  1. Is plan N an HMO or PPO? Do I need a referral from my GP before seeing a specialist who accepts Medicare?

    1. Plan N is neither HMO or PPO, rather it is a secondary to your Original Medicare coverage. Thus, any provider who accepts Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) will accept your Medicare Supplement Plan N. You will NOT need a referral before seeing a specialist who accepts Medicare.

  2. Hi, I am on supplement Plan N. If a doctor accepts Medicare assignment, and I have fulfilled my deductible, will i also have to pay a copay?? Up to $20.00??

    1. Hi Susan! Yes, if you are on Medicare Supplement Plan N, you will pay a $20 copay each time you visit the doctor after you have fulfilled your deductible.

  3. I have Plan N and am scheduled for out patient physical therapy. It says medicare will pay 80% but will these visits be subject to $20 copay per visit.

  4. hi—I currently have Plan G but am considering a change to Plan N, for the cost savings. My concern, however, are the possible cost overcharges that N does not cover. It says it happens rarely but you give me a better sense of what that means—or how often “rarely” occurs?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Meg. Recent research states that only 5% of doctors who accept Medicare do not accept Medicare Assignment and may charge excess charges. The best way to ensure you do not have to pay excess charges is to ask your physician if they accept Medicare Assignment. If they say yes, you will not have these charges.

  5. Hi, I’m helping out my 90 year old mother and her 90 year old husband. They were both on Medicare for many years but just this year decided to try a Medicare Advantage program. So far they are not totally happy with the Medicare Advantage program. I understand they can go back to medicare anytime this year. I just learned that they also have medicare Plan N. It is correct that Plan N does not cover the deductibles in a Medicare Advantage program and currently is of no benefit to them? If they decide to stay with their medicare Advantage program, I’m assuming they should cancel their Plan N, correct? If they decide to go back to Medicare before the end of 2022, should they keep their Plan N in the meantime even though it’s not covering anything? Thank you very much!

    1. Janine, it is actually illegal for someone to have both a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medicare Supplement plan (Plan N in your mothers case). So, first, you will need to be sure she does not have both plans. If she wished to disenroll from the Advantage plan and keep Plan N, she will need to have a Special Enrollment Period to disenroll from her Advantage plan.

  6. In your well prepared explanation of Plan N, you write, “.. if you visit an Urgent Care center, there is NO copay.” To clarify, does that mean no Copay in any way? Or does that mean just no $50 emergency room Co-pay? I’m wondering if we will still have the $20 physician office visit copay when going to an Urgent Care center, or does it really mean no CoPay at all?

    1. Karen, when visiting an Urgent Care facility there is no copay at all. You will not be charged $50 for an emergency visit or $20 for seeing a physician.

  7. Hello, I will be leaving my job by May 2022, and I am currently enrolled in Part A. I have Plan N and Part B starting in May. I had planned to have surgery this March. After talking to my current employee health plan and hearing about all the copays and deductibles I’ll be expected to pay out-of-pocket, I’m wondering if I should wait until I retire to get this elective surgery done. I’m not sure my surgeon takes Medicare, however. Do you suppose waiting would be financially wiser?

    1. Leslie, this depends on the coverage you currently have. With Medicare Part A and Part B, and Plan N, you will be responsible for the full Part B deductible if you wait to have the surgery. This is $233 in 2022.However, you’ll need to be sure your surgeon/doctor takes Original Medicare.

  8. Please clarify the statement above, “When you have Plan N, the only costs you’ll have when visiting your doctor are the $20 copay and the Part B deductible.” I thought the $20 copay didn’t come into effect until after one meets the Part B deductible. So is it “copay AND deductible” or is it “copay OR deductible?”

    1. Hi Karen, sorry if the above comment was confusing. However, when you are on the Plan N you will be responsible for the Part B deductible first. Once you meet the deductible, you will be required to pay the copayments.

  9. I think this is a tremendous explanation of a plan N i’ve been Looking for this online for a long time thank you very much for your help with this

  10. Hi I have a&b,I have plan n through aarp and aarp Medicare rx, any suggestions for vision and dental, something that would help with dentures

  11. Why can’t we know what plan N is going to cost for 2022. How are you suppose to sign up on time when United health care can’t get their act together does anyone know how much it’s going up. 2021 was 171.50 what’s 2022????

    1. Hi Theresa – everyone’s Plan N premiums are different due to a number of factors. You should receive a letter from UHC informing you what your premium will be for the coming year. The Annual Enrollment Period doesn’t apply to Medicare Supplement plans.

  12. My Mom has Tricare for Life and I recently discovered she is paying for Plan N. My understanding of Tricare for Life is she only needs Parts A and B to be fully covered by Tricare. Is she over insured at this point?

    1. Hi Angie – TFL works as a wraparound for Original Medicare (Parts A and B). There is less need for a Medigap plan with TFL, but it is still a good choice to make for maximum coverage. If you don’t have Medigap, then TFL is your secondary insurance but if you do, TFL pays last.

  13. My husband is over will be 78 next year. He is still working and will be retire by June 2022. I am retired now and my healthcare is cover by my husband company. My husband is expecting and AAA procedure either next year or the following yr depending on the size of Vessel. Can you please advise which of the plan (N) or (G) we should consider to add on to Medicare part A and Part B.

    1. Hi Kimberly – whether you go with Plan N or Plan G is a matter of personal preference. Plan G has higher premiums, no copays, and covers excess charges. Plan N has lower premiums, can involve copays, and does not cover excess charges. Both cover the 20% that Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover.

  14. I’m thinking of switching from Plan F to Plan N… are there copays for blood work? I receive a weekly treatment for psoriasis is there a copay? How about physical therapy?
    I understand copays for ER and doctors just not sure what services falls under the category of copays.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Cathy, the copay that you owe on Plan N ultimately depends on the billing code for the service you receive. Most of the time, there is a copay.

    1. Robert, unfortunately Medicare does not cover hearing aids. Since Plan N is a supplement to Medicare, it does not cover any portion of hearing aid costs either. For hearing aid coverage, you would need to have separate hearing coverage.

  15. my father recently passed away and my mother will lose his blue cross blue shield insurance. She has mental health issues. We and need to make sure her current doctors and therapists and medications are covered under a supplemental plan. Which plan supplemental plan would be best for her?

  16. Hi Lindsay, can Plan N Co-Pays for Doctor and Hospital visits change and go up in the future in Florida? Or are they permanently stabilized? Thank You for responding, Mike.

  17. Say I visit a doctor who charges $40. Under Original Medicare, Medicare pays $32 and I’m responsible for paying the remaining $8 directly to the doctor. Plan N has a $20 copay for office visits. If I visit this doctor covered by original medicare and a Plan N supplement, what do I owe the doctor $8 or $20? It seems silly to think that I’d pay more for this service with plan N than with just original medicare, but that’s exactly what a representative at a supplement company told me. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

  18. HI i am turning 65 and i have had medicare parts A AND B due to disability and i am going on Plan N thru colonial penn as my supplement ,,I am on an insulin pump i believe it will be covered and the insulin under medicare part B and my supplement it that correct and should my doctor know how to order this from my pharmacy so its billed correctly or do i have to go thru mail order?

  19. I recently had surgery on Monday lower eye lid and the bill was @8500.00,Medicare paid about $3300.00 and my N plan paid about $1500.00.How much will I have to pay?

    1. Hi Ron! You will not have to pay anything out of pocket. Medicare paid the surgeon the approved amount they agreed on, which was more than likely less than $8,500. The 20% coinsurance on the Medicare-approved amount was covered by your Medigap plan. The bill you received is called balance billing, which you are not responsible to pay.

  20. Hi Lindsay,
    My mom recently was in a car accident and is no longer able to drive. I am unable to take her to doctor appointments the majority of the time because I travel weekly for my job. Does Supplemental Plan N cover transportation to necessary medical appointments?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Susan! Medigap plans will only cover services that Original Medicare covers. Since Original Medicare does not cover transportation, unfortunately, Plan N won’t cover it either.

  21. Hello. I will be losing coverage with my employer on 6/30/2021. I want to enroll in Plan N. I was told I might not be eligible for guaranteed issue. why is this?

  22. Hi Lindsay,

    I have had Aetna insurance with my employer. I recently went part time and lost my insurance through my employer. I now have Aetna Medicare Plan N. Will the doctors/labs that I had under my regular Aetna be covered under my Aetna Medicare Plan N. I am unsure where to find this information out. I was hoping to keep my same doctors.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Jami! Plan N is great, all your doctors & labs will still be covered. You should be able to keep your same doctors as long as they accept Medicare. Which 96% of doctors in the US accept Medicare.

  23. I just got plan n , I had plan f and liked it, now I might have to have some major test in the next two months so if test run over $5,ooo what would I have to pay on plan n.

    1. Hi Carmen! The main difference between Medicare Supplement Plan F and Medicare Supplement Plan N is with Plan N, you’re responsible for the Medicare Part B. You’ll also have a small copay for each doctor visit, which is $20. If your tests run over $5,000, you still would only be responsible for the Part B deductible and copays for each doctor visit, nothing more than that! I hope this helps.

  24. Could you tell me if Teresa Jones at Women’s & Children’s Center in Findlay, Ohio is covered by AARP Medicare Supplement Plan N?


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