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Medicare Supplement Plan M hit the market in 2010, it helps cover thousands of seniors across the United States. Plan M is a low premium policy, great for those prepared to cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with healthcare.

What is Medicare Supplement Plan M?

This policy is very similar to Plan N, although, instead of having a doctor or hospital copayments, you’ll cover 50% of your Part A deductible. The Plan M may not be first dollar coverage, however, plenty of seniors discover this is the perfect premium amount and the coverage works fine for them.

What does Medigap Plan M Cover?

Looking at Medicare Supplement Plan M, you’ll notice it does offer comprehensive coverage. While there are some gaps, overall the policy offers more peace of mind than Medicare. Plan M offers coverage for Part A hospital coinsurance and the costs of a hospital stay for an extra 365 days after Original Medicare coverage is exhausted.

This coverage alone could save you if you find yourself staying in the hospital for an extended period. What could have been a giant expense and headache, has coverage when you have Medicare Plan M.

This policy will also protect you from nickel and diming yourself through doctor visits. By covering the Part B coinsurance and copayment, you’ll be relieved from that added expense.

The only expenses you should prepare for include the Part B deductible and any Part B excess charges. If you see doctors that accept Medicare assignment, you can avoid the Part B excess charges.

Meeting your deductible means you’ll receive coverage on your Part B services.

With Medicare Supplement Plan M, you’re responsible for 50% of the Part A hospital deductible.

Also, it’s important to inform yourself about how Part A’s deductible works.

Medicare Supplement Plan M Comparison Chart 2020

Medicare Supplement Plan M Comparison Chart 2020

Plan M is Good For Those Who:

  • Need a lower monthly premium
  • Are okay with paying 50% of their hospital deductible
  • Sometimes travel overseas.

Does Medicare Plan M Cover Prescription Drugs?

As far as prescription drug benefits, you’ll need to enroll in a stand-alone Part D plan for coverage on drugs prescribed by your doctor to take at home.

What is the Best Alternative to Plan M?

The costs for Plan M tends to be higher than the other options. If you were hoping to have comprehensive coverage and a lower premium, you could consider Plan G.

Feel Confident in Your Choice

Working with one of our licensed agents doesn’t cost you a thing, and you get a whole client service team in your back pocket.

When an issue occurs during the lifetime of your policy, you’ll call us and we will be here to help you.

Our agents will simplify Medicare and the enrollment process for you. We will be here to help you every step of the way, at no additional cost.

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