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High Deductible Plan G was once just a rumor, something we heard about through the grapevine. Now, Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G is here! Let’s discover more about this brand NEW plan option!

What is High Deductible Plan G?

The High Deductible Plan G is available as of January 1, 2020. The policy is open to both current beneficiaries and new to Medicare individuals.High Deductible Plan G requires the beneficiary to pay the Part B deductible but, that amount applies towards the plan’s total deductible. The total deductible is $2,340.

So, essentially, the policy is the same as High Deductible Plan F.

Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G Comparison Chart 2020

Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G Comparison Chart 2020

High Deductible Plan G is Ideal for Those Who:

  • Rather have a high deductible plan with a lower monthly premium
  • Semi-frequently see the doctor or end up in the hospital
  • Reside in states that allow excess charges
  • Enjoy traveling outside the U.S.

High Deductible Plan G Eligibility

Let’s say Gary is eligible for Medicare in February 2020. If Gary was eligible for Medicare before 2020, then he would’ve been eligible for High Deductible Plan F too. But, since he’s newly qualifying, he’s only eligible for High-Deductible Plan G.Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G


What is the deductible for the high deductible Plan G?
The deductible for high-deductible Plan G is $2,340 in 2020.
Which carriers will offer high-deductible Plan G?
Each carrier offers different plans in each state. It depends on the state you live in if this plan is available to you or not.
Is high deductible Plan G better than high-deductible Plan F?
Essentially, both of these high-deductible supplement plans work exactly the same way. The only difference is depending on when you first became eligible for Medicare, you may or may not be able to use Guaranteed Issue Rights when enrolling.
Can I use Guaranteed Issue Rights to enroll in High Deductible Plan G?
Before 2020, Plan G was not a guaranteed issue plan. However, due to the elimination of first-dollar coverage plans, if you are not eligible for high-deductible Plan F, and have guaranteed issue rights, then you can use them to enroll in high-deductible Plan G.

How to Enroll in High Deductible Plan G

The best policy for you depends on many different factors, such as location, eligibility, and health condition. Many seniors select standard Plan G; but, some may find the lower premium of the high deductible policy is more valuable.

The easiest way to ensure you have the most suitable coverage is to consult a Medicare Expert. Our agents here can help you navigate through the murky waters of Medicare.

They simplify the process by asking you a couple of questions to identify the best coverage options. Then, once you select the best policy, they can walk you through the application over the phone.

Call the number above or fill out an online rate comparison form to discover your most suitable coverage.

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