Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan F is the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan available. Specifically, Medicare Supplement Plan F covers 100% of your Medicare cost-sharing and leaves you with no out-of-pocket expenses.

For beneficiaries who want full coverage, including deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments, Medicare Supplement Plan F is usually the best option. However, it is not available to everyone who is eligible for Medicare. We will help you understand when Plan F is the best choice for you and whether you’re eligible.

What is Medicare Supplement Plan F?

Medicare Supplement Plan F is a standardized Medicare Supplement Plan that covers all the cost gaps Original Medicare leaves behind. Once you enroll in this plan, you will have $0 cost-sharing and will only be responsible for your monthly premium.

Essentially, once Medicare pays its share of your medical related costs, your Medigap Plan F will pick up the full remaining balance.

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What Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Cover?

Medicare Supplement Plan F is a first-dollar coverage plan. This means you receive coverage from the first dollar you spend on the plan. As long as the doctor accepts Medicare and Medicare pays its share first, your Medigap Plan F will cover the rest.

Medicare Supplement Plan F covers:

Medicare Supplement Plan F Comparison Chart for 2022

Medicare Supplement Plan F Comparison Chart for 2022

How Much Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Cost in 2022?

The average cost of Medicare Supplement Plan F is around $173.00 per month. However, there are many factors that impact the premium price. Premium costs for Medigap Plan F can range from as low as $150.00 per month to as high as $250.00 per month or more.

Factors that determine your cost include your location, gender, age, tobacco use, and more. However, rates could be higher or lower, depending on your ZIP Code and other factors.

A major factor that influences your monthly Medicare Supplement premium rates is the plan you select. With more benefits come higher monthly premiums. Thus, Medicare Supplement Plan F is the highest-priced plan available.

Is There a Lower Premium Option for Medicare Supplement Plan F?

If you are interested in enrolling in Medigap Plan F but find that the premium rates are more than you want to spend, High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plan F is a potential option for you to consider. If you are comfortable with reaching the higher deductible prior to receiving full coverage for this plan, the lower premium could be worth it.

The Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F provides the same great Plan F benefits at a lower premium rate by eliminating the first dollar coverage. Once the deductible is met, you then receive 100% coverage from the high deductible plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan F vs G vs N Comparison

Will Medicare Supplement Plan F Rates Go Up in 2022?

Each year, every Medigap plan is subject to rate increases. The pricing method used partially determines this.

When choosing a plan, researching rate increase histories is beneficial. On average over the past five years, Plan F rate increases have been between 3% and 6%.

Ask your agent what the rate increase history is for the Medicare carriers with which you are considering enrollment. You will want to research carrier reviews before making a choice.

Why is Medicare Supplement Plan F Being Discontinued?

Medicare Supplement Plan C and Plan F are no longer available to newer beneficiaries. CMS discontinued all first-dollar coverage plans with the passing of the Medicare Access and CHIP reauthorization Act (MACRA).

Medigap plans unavailable for those who are new to Medicare include standard Medigap Plan F, High Deductible Plan F, and Innovative Plan F. Beneficiaries already on these plans or who received any part of Medicare prior to January 1, 2020, are grandfathered in and won’t be impacted by the change.

Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Include Prescription Drug Coverage?

Medicare Supplement Plan F will only cover the costs of prescription drugs administered at the hospital that are typically covered under Medicare Part A. However, Plan F will NOT cover prescription drugs that are prescribed by a doctor and taken at home. To receive prescription drug coverage, you’ll want to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan.

What is the Difference Between Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G?

Medicare Supplement Plan G offers excellent benefits and is sometimes more suitable than Medigap Plan F for many beneficiaries.

The only difference between Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G is that you are responsible for the Medicare Part B deductible when enrolled in Plan G. Yet, the lower premium with Plan G is often worth it.

Often, it is more cost-effective to elect the lower premium and pay the Part B deductible than it is to receive first-dollar coverage.

Medicare Plan F vs Plan G

When Can I Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan F?

You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan at any time, as long as you are eligible. However, the best time to sign up for Plan F is during your one-time Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period.

If you apply outside of this window or do not have guaranteed issue rights, you will need to answer underwriting eligibility questions and await application approval.


What is Medicare Part F?
There is no such thing as Medicare Part F. Medicare Parts refer to Parts A-D which are the parts of Original Medicare. The Plan letters refer to Medicare Supplement plans, which include Medigap Plan F.
What happens to your Medicare Supplement Plan F when you move to a new state?
You’ll generally be able to keep your Medigap Plan F when you move to a new state. In fact, the same plan might be less expensive where you move.
Are all Medigap Plan F the same?
The federal government standardizes Medigap plans to offer the same benefits regardless of carrier. Thus, Plan F is the same across all carriers. While monthly premiums will vary for individuals and across carriers, the plan’s benefits will not.
Is Medicare Supplement Plan F still available?
Medicare Supplement Plan F is still available to beneficiaries who were Medicare-eligible prior to the plan’s elimination.
Is Plan F the best Medicare Supplement plan?
The best Medicare Supplement plan for you is the plan that provides you with the best value. For some, Plan F does this by covering all cost-sharing. For others, Plan F may not be the best plan due to budgetary reasons.
Is Medicare Supplement Plan F better than Plan G?
Medicare Supplement Plan F offers the most coverage of all Medigap plans. Yet, it isn’t available to all beneficiaries and the Medicare Part B deductible you save with Plan F might be less than the premium savings you get with Plan G.
Is Medicare Advantage better than Medicare Supplement Plan F?
The answer to this question is different for each person. Your health care coverage goals will determine which is better for you. For example, if you don’t want to deal with restrictive doctor networks, Plan F is the better choice. But if keeping monthly premiums low is more important to you, a Medicare Advantage plan would be more suited to your needs.

How to Get a Medicare Supplement Plan F Rate Comparison

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12 thoughts on “Medicare Supplement Plan F

  1. Im am currently with aetna supplement but the copays are draining me. I would like to know about plan F could you give me some prices. Im 66 08/08/1955 on medicare.Thankyou

    1. Vickie, we are more than happy to help you find the best price for Medicare Supplement Plan F. So we can get a better understanding of what you would qualify for, complete this online rate form and we will be able to provide you with personalized rates based on your health, location, and other factors.

  2. I am disabled and on disability and medicare since 2012. I turn 65 in April 2022. Am I eligible for plan F yet? I am interested in medigap insurance for obvious reasons
    thank you
    karl pedone

    1. Karl, happy early birthday! Since you are turning 65 in April, you are currently in your Initial Enrollment Period. This means you are eligible to enroll in a Medigap plan at any time with no underwriting health questions. If you enroll before April, the Medigap coverage will begin on April 1. Since you started Medicare before 2020, you will be eligible for Plan F. If you would like, complete this rate form and one of our expert licensed agents can help you enroll.

    1. Hi Theresa – yes, all doctors who accept Medicare also accept any Medicare Supplement plan to pay the balance.

  3. My mom has been enrolled with the plan F for some time. Her assisted care facility is offering a Medicare Part C plan. Which is better to have- Medigap policy plan F, or a Health Advantage (Medicare Part C) plan? Are there penalties for changing at certain times? Can you give me an idea of what they might mean by “complex care needs”? Thank you!

    1. Danny, Part C plans are quite different from Plan F. There are no penalties for changing plans, however, depending on her health history, there is a chance she might not be able to return to a Medicare supplement plan in the future. Without knowing her specific needs, I cannot say which plan is best, but be sure to compare deductibles, premiums, coverage, and the Advantage plan network before making any changes to her policy.

  4. Hello,
    I am assisting my husband sign up for a Medicare Supplement. We are interested in Bankers Fidelity Plan F. I do not know how to enroll him into the current desired plan. He was recently eligible for Medicare on 11/01/2020. Where do we begin? Thanks


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