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Plan D is a Medigap policy that helps supplement Original Medicare. Medigap plans cover things like out-of-pocket expenses, coinsurance, deductibles, and co-payments. Medigap Plan D provides beneficiaries with a decent amount of coverage. Below we discuss Medigap Plan D benefits, eligibility, costs, and more.

Medicare Supplement Plan D Coverage

The federal government standardized Medigap benefits; therefore, every Plan D has the same exact coverage, no matter which company you select.

Plan D covers the Part A deductible; this is one of the biggest things beneficiaries need to look for when considering a policy.

The Part A deductible isn’t an annual deductible; it’s based on hospital admissions. So, if you’re inpatient at the hospital 4 times in a year, you could pay the deductible four times.

Medicare Supplement Plan D covers the Part A hospital and coinsurance costs up to 365 days after Traditional Medicare ends. This policy also covers Part A hospice coinsurance and copayments.

Also, Plan D provides beneficiaries with coverage on the Medicare Part B coinsurance and copayments. Part B deductible isn’t covered under Plan D; however, the Part B deductible is a small annual deductible.
Plan D MMedicare Supplement Plan D Comparison Chart for 2020edicare Supplement Plan Chart 2020

Plan D is Perfect for Beneficiaries Who:

  • Want a good amount of benefits
  • Are looking for a plan with a stable rate increases year over year
  • Don’t want to be concerned about unexpected out of pocket medical costs while at the hospital
  • Like to travel overseas

How Does Medigap Plan D Work?

Let’s say Stacy has Medigap Plan D when she has a stroke. Well, this Medigap policy covers the Part A hospital deductible and the Part A coinsurance. Thankfully, the only cost outside the premium is the Part B deductible and Part B excess charges. Stacy chose this policy because Plan G was substantially higher in her area; also, she lives in Connecticut where doctors can’t charge Part B excess charges. So, Medicare Supplement Plan D is a great option for Stacy, it acts as a Plan G in her area but costs less. By working with an agent Stacy was able to get the best policy for her in the area she resides.

Who is Eligible for Medigap Plan D?

You’ll make the final choice for your policy; if you decide to go with Medicare Supplement Plan D, you must be eligible. You must have Medicare Part A and B to enroll in Medicare Plan D.

What does Medigap Plan D Costs?

Medicare Plan D out-of-pocket expenses aren’t huge. However, unless the premium is substantially lower than Plan G, you may want to opt for the higher coverage policy. Plan D costs will vary based on location, age, gender, health, as well as the company. Also, just because a company has the lowest supplement premium this year, that doesn’t mean next year won’t have a high rate increase.

When you select a Medigap company, choosing one with lower rate increases should be one of your top priorities. To get the most accurate cost of a Plan D, contact one of our licensed insurance agents in your state by calling the phone number above.

What’s the difference between Medigap Plan D and Medicare Part D?

Part D is not the same as Plan D; Plan D is a supplemental policy and Part D is a stand-alone prescription drug policy. Medigap Plan D, just like other Medicare Supplement plans, doesn’t cover prescription drugs. However, you can easily purchase a Part D drug plan in your state to supplement your Plan D.

How to Compare Rates for Medigap Plan D

Staying up to date with all the constant Medicare changes is an impossible task for someone not in the Medicare space. Our team of licensed agents is always dedicated to making sure you’re kept up to speed on your Medicare benefits at all times.

Our services are always free. If you choose to sign up through us, you’ll receive all the unlimited support you need from our Client Service Team. That means, if you have any issues or questions about your coverage or claims, we’re here to help!

Call us today! Or, fill out our rate form application to compare plan rates online with the top carriers in your area today!

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