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Medicare Supplement Plan C is a popular Medigap plan that pays most healthcare costs not covered by Original Medicare. After Original Medicare pays its portion of medical costs, beneficiaries can still be left with many out of pocket costs. That’s where Medigap Plan C steps in to help.

What is Medigap Plan C?

Plan C is one of the most comprehensive plans available and will supplement your Original Medicare benefits. The only benefit that Plan C doesn’t cover is excess charges. There are three Medigap plans that fall under the category of first-dollar coverage plans, Plan C is one of them.

Who is Eligible for Medicare Supplement Plan C?

As long as you’re enrolled in Part B of Original Medicare, and were eligible prior to 2020, then you can enroll in Plan C. Beneficiaries who were not eligible for Medicare until after January 1, 2020, won’t be eligible to enroll in Medigap Plan C. Beneficiaries eligible for Medicare before 2020 are eligible for Plan C.

Medigap Plan Coverage Chart

Medicare Supplement Plan C Comparison Chart for 2020

Plan C is Great for Beneficiaries Who:

  • Semi-frequently visit the doctor and/or hospital
  • Travel overseas
  • Are switching to another Medigap plan with guaranteed issue rights outside of their Initial Enrollment Period

How Does Plan C Coverage Work?

If Emily has a Plan C, her policy will cover most of the gaps in Medicare. The only coverage responsibility Emily has is the Part B excess charges. Most doctors accept Medicare, so excess charges aren’t usually a concern. So, if Emily goes to the hospital then her Part A deductible has coverage as well as the Part A coinsurance charges. Basically, Emily pays nothing when she’s receiving inpatient hospital care. However, Part B can require some out of pocket funding.

So, when Emily goes to a doctor that charges an extra amount, that amount can’t be more than 15% over Medicare’s amount. Plan C can be an incredible option for people looking to make smart Medigap choices.

What are the Premiums for Medicare Plan C?

You will pay a monthly premium for Plan C coverage. Your premium amount depends on where you live, the carrier you choose, your plan’s rate structure, your age, gender, etc. The average premium for Medicare Plan C is around $150 per month. Again, the premium varies based on many factors. It could be less or more, depending on your location, age, etc. Just because your neighbor pays X premium for a supplement plan does not mean you’ll pay the same.

Is Medicare Plan C Discontinued?

Yes, Plan C has been discontinued, but only for those who are considered newly eligible after 2020. If you were eligible for Medicare before 2020, then you can still enroll in Plan C.

What’s the Difference Between Plan C vs. Plan G?

If you don’t want to enroll in Plan C for one reason or another, then Plan G is the best alternative. The only difference between Plan C and Plan G is coverage for your Part B Deductible. If you’re not eligible for Medicare until after 2020, but want similar benefits that Plan C offers, then Medigap Plan G is your best option. Plan G is not going anywhere in 2020 and on average costs a little less than Plan C.

Is Medigap Plan C and Medicare Part C the Same?

Medigap Plan C is often mistaken with Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, but the two are very different. Medigap Plan C is supplemental insurance for people who have Original Medicare. Medicare Part C is a private health insurance alternative to Original Medicare. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you cannot enroll in a Medigap Plan.

Medicare Plan C Reviews

Because this is a Medicare Supplement (and not Medicare Advantage plans, which have hidden expenses), we gave them all an A+ on coverage and benefits. It’s possible that you’ve been looking for a list of insurance companies offering Plan C with a 4 or 5 gold star traditional review. You won’t find this since benefits for Plan C are the same with any insurance company.

In other words, there is no Plan C out there that’s going to pay any worse or better than the next companies Plan C. Every Plan C will cover the same gaps in Medicare. Plus, Medicare tells them when and what to pay; so, you never need to worry about your Medicare supplement denying coverage on a bill.

If Medicare pays its share, the Medicare Supplement must pay its share too. Every Medicare Supplement Plan C gets an A+ on benefits because it will pay exactly as Medicare has ruled that it will pay.

How to Compare Medigap Plan C Premiums

We can provide you with rates for Plan C from the top-rated insurance companies in your area. We’ll answer your questions and help you complete the online enrollment process. Since Medicare is always changing, it’s important to have a licensed agent by your side. To begin the process call us; or, you can use our online rate comparison tool to see a side by side comparison of rates in your area now.

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