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Medicare Supplement Plan C

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Medicare Supplement Plan C is a popular Medigap plan that pays most healthcare costs not covered by Original Medicare.

What is Medigap Plan C?

Plan C is one of the most comprehensive plans available and will supplement your Original Medicare benefits. The only benefit that Plan C doesn’t cover is excess charges. There are three Medigap plans that fall under the category of first-dollar coverage plans, Plan C is one of them.

Who is Eligible for Medicare Supplement Plan C?

As long as you’re enrolled in Part B of Original Medicare, and were eligible prior to 2020, then you can enroll in Plan C. Beneficiaries who were not eligible for Medicare until after 2020, won’t be eligible to enroll in Plan C.

Plan C is Great for Beneficiaries Who:

  • Semi-frequently visit the doctor and/or hospital
  • Travel overseas
  • Are switching to another Medigap plan with guaranteed issue rights outside of their Initial Enrollment Period

Medigap Plan C Coverage Chart

Medicare Supplement Plan C Comparison Chart for 2021Medigap Plan C Premiums for 2021

You will pay a monthly premium for Plan C coverage. Your premium amount depends on where you live, the carrier you choose, your plan’s rate structure, your age, gender, etc.

The average premium for Plan C is around $150 per month. Again, the premium varies based on many factors. It could be less or more, depending on your location, age, etc. Just because your neighbor pays X premium for a supplement plan does not mean you’ll pay the same.

Is Medicare Plan C Discontinued?

Yes, Plan C has been discontinued, but only for those who are considered newly eligible after 2020. If you were eligible for Medicare before 2020, then you can still enroll in Plan C.

What’s the Difference Between Plan C vs. Plan G?

If you don’t want to enroll in Plan C for one reason or another, then Plan G is the best alternative. The only difference between Plan C and Plan G is coverage for your Part B Deductible.

Is Medigap Plan C and Medicare Part C the Same?

Medigap Plan C is often mistaken with Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, but the two are very different. Medigap Plan C is supplemental insurance for people who have Original Medicare. Medicare Part C is a private health insurance alternative to Original Medicare.

How to Compare Medigap Plan C Premiums

We can provide you with rates for Plan C from the top-rated insurance companies in your area. We’ll answer your questions and help you complete the online enrollment process. Many factors that are specific to you are what determines how much you pay. This is why it’s important that we speak directly to you to give you accurate quotes.

Since Medicare is always changing, it’s important to have a licensed agent by your side. To begin the process call us; or, you can use our online rate comparison tool to see a side by side comparison of rates in your area now.

Enter Zipcode

Enter your zip code to pull plan options available in your area.

Compare Plans

Select which Medicare plans you would like to compare in your area.

Get Quote

Compare rates side by side with plans & carriers available in your area.


  1. I have medicare supplement with Anthem. Plan C Med Select.I have a surgeon that only practices in The Cleveland Clinic – Euclid Ave, Cleveland , Ohio I am having back surgery soon and want to know if the room and board plus the surgeon costs will be covered by my plan. The cost for one night and stenosis of the spine surgery could be 30,000 – 50,000?They take medicare.

    • Hi Thomas! The only difference between Medigap and MedicareSELECT is the provider networks. Medigap does not come with provider networks, however, MedicareSELECT does. As long as your doctor is in your plan’s network, your surgery, as well as room and board, will be covered. You’ll have to contact Anthem directly to determine if your doctor is in your plan’s network. If you enrolled through us, our Client Care Team can help you.

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