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Medicare Supplement Plan B is one of the 10 available supplement policies for Medicare beneficiaries. Medigap Plan B offers coverage where it counts. This policy will offer the same benefits as a Plan A; however, it’ll also include coverage on the Part A hospital deductible. The Part A hospital deductible isn’t an annual deductible, this means you could be responsible for paying it multiple times throughout the year. Coverage on your Part A deductible can save you thousands of dollars annually.

Medicare Supplement Plan B Coverage

Plan B offers coverage for: 

  • Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part A coinsurance
  • Hospice Part A care
  • Part B coinsurance or copayment
  • First 3 pints of blood

Medicare Supplement Plan B Comparison Chart for 2020

Medicare Supplement Plan B Comparison Chart for 2020

Who is Medicare Supplement Plan B coverage best suited for?

  • Are in good health
  • Don’t travel outside the U.S.
  • Looking for lower premiums
  • Are not concerned about out of pocket costs if hospitalized

How Medicare Supplement Plan B Works?

Let’s say Gary has Medigap Plan B when he’s admitted to the hospital. Well, Plan B covers the Part A deductible and the 20% coinsurance. Gary concerns himself with the Part B excess charges; however, for the most part, his inpatient care is taken care of on this policy. Now, if Gary needs to see a doctor regularly, his out of pocket expenses could become unbearable. Plan B isn’t usually the best choice for coverage; Gary can find more extensive coverage by working with an agent. If you have a concern about your coverage, give us a call at the number above.

Does Medigap Plan B Include Prescription Drug Coverage?

Medicare Supplement policies will cover the cost of prescriptions that are administered in the hospital. If you have a doctor prescribe a prescription for at-home administration, then you’ll need additional coverage. Stand-alone Part D policies are important to obtain when you’re first eligible for Medicare. If you wait, you could be responsible for a Part D late enrollment penalty.

Is Medigap Plan B and Medicare Part B the Same?

You may have heard of Part B, it’s common to get these two confused; however, simplifying the information can help. Medicare has a way of making things as clear as mud. Part B and Plan B are two separate things. Original Medicare consists of “parts”; like Part A, B, C & D. Part B will refer to your doctor portion of Original Medicare coverage.

Plan B is a Medicare Supplement policy that helps beneficiaries with healthcare costs. You’ll use the word “plan” when referring to a Medigap policy.

Now that you understand the difference, let’s learn more about Plan B and what it can offer you.

How do I Enroll in Medigap Plan B?

You can enroll in Plan B as soon as your Part B is in effect. You’ll have 6 months to do so with guaranteed issue. However, you can enroll anytime. Guarantee Issue rights will be available for Plan B with all beneficiaries losing coverage.

The Best Choice for You

You have different needs than your neighbor; so, it makes sense that you’d be suitable for a different plan. When you work with our agents, you’ll have a team of Medicare knowledgeable people ready to help you at any time.

Our agents will help you make an informed decision on your healthcare coverage. Additionally, signing up with coverage through MedicareFAQ means you get unlimited support from our Client Care Team.

These services are absolutely FREE. So, if you ever have an issue with a claim being denied or you need help filing a claim, we’re here for you.

Getting started is simple; call one of our licensed insurance brokers or complete our online rate comparison form today!

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