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Medigap Plan A

Medicare Supplement Plan A helps cover a few of the out-of-pocket costs that Original Medicare doesn’t pay for. Of all Medigap plans, Medigap Plan A covers the least amount of benefits. However, one of the benefits it does cover is one that could cost you the most out of pocket.

Medicare Supplement Plan A – Core Policy Benefits

Medigap Plan A has the least amount of benefits, it only covers what is considered the core policy benefits. Core policy benefits are covered under all Medicare Supplement plans. Meaning, there are more benefits Plan A doesn’t cover than there are benefits that it does cover.

What Doesn’t Medigap Plan A Cover?

Some benefits Plan A doesn’t cover, that other Medigap plans do, include the Part A deductible, Part B deductible, Skilled Nursing Care coinsurance, excess charges, and foreign travel emergency coverage.

Who Plan A is Ideal For

  1. Those looking for a lower monthly premium
  2. People who aren’t concerned about out of pocket hospital costs
  3. Those who do not travel outside the United States

Medicare Supplement Plan A Coverage Chart

Medicare Supplement Plan A Comparison Chart for 2021

How Much Does Medigap Plan A Cost?

The average cost of Plan A is around $110-$180 per month. There are varying factors that influence your monthly premium.

Plan A for Those Under 65

If you’re on Medicare due to a disability, you may find that Plan A is one of the few Medigap plans available to you in your state. However, you’ll find that in most cases, the premium for Plan A to those under 65 will be at least double, if not triple, what it would be for someone over 65.

This is due to most beneficiaries on disability having higher medical costs than someone who ages into Medicare at 65.

Those collecting SSDI benefits are the only individuals who get a 2nd Open Enrollment Period window to enroll without having to answer health questions. When they turn 65, they use this window to then enroll in a Medigap plan at that time.

Are Medigap Plan A & Medicare Part A the Same Thing?

No, Plan A and Part A are not the same. When it comes to Medicare, any time you’re talking about a Part, you’re referring to Original Medicare. When you’re talking about a Plan, you’re referring to a supplement plan.

Medicare Part A is your inpatient Medicare coverage, Medigap Plan A is supplemental coverage that will pay for some out-of-pocket expenses your Part A doesn’t cover.


What does Medicare Supplement Plan A cover?
As well as covering the coinsurance for Part A and Part B, Medigap Plan A covers the first three pints of blood and hospital costs up to 365 days after Original Medicare benefits are used up. This plan includes the most basic benefits.
In which Medicare Supplemental policies are the core benefits found?
All Medicare supplemental policies cover the core policy benefits, including Plan A. In fact, Plan A ONLY covers the core policy benefits.
How many pints of blood will be paid for by Medicare Supplement core benefits?
Medicare Supplement core policy benefits will pay for the first three pints of blood.

How to Compare Medigap Plan A Rates

Our team of Medicare agents will explain every detail and prepare you for out of pocket expenses you may encounter. Whether you're 65, under 65, looking for a Medigap plan, or looking for a Medicare Advantage plan, we can help. We can also help you with your prescription drug coverage options. Since there are multiple factors that impact your Medigap rates, it's impossible to see accurate rates online.

Give us a call, our services cost you nothing. You'll also have unlimited support from our Client Care Team when you enroll with us. If you need help with a claim or want to make sure you still have the best price, they are here to assist you.

We also have an online rate form you can fill out to see rates in your area. Please know, our agents still need to collect additional information from you to give you accurate prices. However, our form is a great starting point.

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