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Compare Medigap Plans

There are 12 different Medigap plans on the market in 2021. Our easy-to-read Medicare Supplement plan comparison chart makes comparing them side by side simple. 

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparision Chart for 2021

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart 2021

Don’t confuse Medigap Plans A and B with Medicare Parts A and B. Original Medicare includes Part A, which is inpatient hospital coverage, and Part B, which covers outpatient physician visits. Medigap Plans A and B are supplemental insurance to cover what Medicare doesn’t.

What is Medigap Insurance?

Medigap insurance is supplemental Medicare insurance, also known as Medicare Supplement insurance, that helps cover gaps in coverage under Original Medicare. These plans are sold by private insurance companies. Since Original Medicare doesn’t pay 100% of your medical costs, Medigap insurance helps cover the remaining out-of-pocket costs that Medicare leaves up to the beneficiary to pay.

What are the Different Medigap Plans?

There are 12 Medigap plans, lettered A-N. Each lettered plan covers the core policy benefits. Depending on the letter plan you enroll in, you will have coverage for out-of-pocket medical costs such as deductible, copays, and coinsurance.

Plan A

Plan A is the basic benefits supplement plan; it’s required by every Medicare insurance carrier to offer this coverage. However, each additional plan must have more coverage than Plan A.

Plan B

Plan B offers slightly more coverage than Plan A. The only benefit Plan B covers that Plan A doesn’t is the Part A deductible.

Plan C

Plan C offers first-dollar coverage. The only benefit left uncovered with Plan C is excess charges

Plan D

Plan D covers everything except for the Part B deductible and excess charges.

Plan F

Those with Plan F have no out-of-pocket expenses outside the monthly premium, making it a first-dollar coverage plan. This plan is only available to certain beneficiaries.

High Deductible Plan F

High Deductible Plan F is also a first-dollar coverage plan with lower premiums in exchange for a high deductible.

Plan G

Plan G is one of the most popular Medigap plans. The only benefit it doesn’t cover is the Part B deductible.

High Deductible Plan G

High Deductible Plan G offers the same benefits as standard Plan G but offers lower monthly premiums in exchange for a high deductible.

Plan K

Plan K covers 50% of certain benefits that other plans cover 100% of.

Plan L

Plan L covers 75% of certain benefits that other plans cove 100% of.

Plan M

Plan M is another cost-sharing plan due to it only covering 50% of the inpatient deductible. It also does not cover excess charges or the Part B deductible. 

Plan N

Plan N comes with small copays. It covers everything on the benefits chart with the exception of the Part B deductible and excess charges.

How to Compare Medicare Medigap Plans for 2022

We make comparing Medigap plans, as well as keeping up with changes to Medicare, simple. Call the number above to speak to one of our Medicare experts and get your free rate comparison. Or submit an online rate form to see rates in your area now.

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Jagger Esch

Jagger Esch is the Medicare expert for MedicareFAQ and the founder, president, and CEO of Elite Insurance Partners and Since the inception of his first company in 2012, he has been dedicated to helping those eligible for Medicare by providing them with resources to educate themselves on all their Medicare options. He is featured in many publications as well as writes regularly for other expert columns regarding Medicare.

7 thoughts on “Compare Medigap Plans

  1. Michelle may also be eligible for Medicaid, depending on her income in her state. She should contact her local Area Agency on Aging who can tell her the criteria for her state.

  2. New to Medicare . In the past paid for best insurance I could find.Signed up for BC&BS of Fl Advantage plan thinking I was getting like kind coverage . It has been a disaster.
    I have now waited over a month for “ok “ to have an epidural. I have been use to just walking in and receiving care. What plans will allow procedures I have had I the past , be allowed.

    1. Hi Pat! Unfortunately, many Medicare beneficiaries make the same mistake with Medicare Advantage. How long have you been enrolled in your Advantage plan? Did you enroll when you were first eligible for Medicare? If so and it’s been less than 12-months, you could be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period known as trial-rights. You can leave your Advantage plan and switch to a Medigap plan without going through medical underwriting. The best Medigap plan with the most coverage is Plan G. The only out-of-pocket cost you will have outside the monthly premium is the Part B deductible, which is only around $200. There is no prior authorization for procedures like there is with Medicare Advantage. As long as Medicare covers it, your Medigap plan will too. I hope this helps!

  3. My wife and I each carry high-cost private insurance. We each turn age 65 this year on Nov 4 and 5. We have just applied online for Medicare A and B. I have just begun evaluating supplemental vs advantage plans. I have been putting off a common procedure (performed in an ambulatory surgery center) until it would be covered by Medicare as it would not be paid under my private plan due to its high deductible. I was planning to schedule this procedure for November so the expenses would be covered by Medicare part B. I’m just learning that parts A and B have calendar-year deductibles that do not seem to be prorated depending on when in the year you first enroll in Medicare (a clear disadvantage in my case as I would have to meet the deductible in the two months that are left in this year and again when it resets Jan 1. Can you suggest a strategy for my situation? Is the answer in selecting the right supplemental plan? Thanks in advance.

  4. I’m on social security disability and pension. I’m very low income I can’t afford the copays and I haven’ seen my doctors because I go often and cannot afford them. I’m soon to be without anything but Medicare and severely depressed due to this. I need help, please can you help me?

    1. Hi Michele! I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling. I will do my best to help! Do you know what parts of Medicare you have? Do you have Part A, Part B, or a Medicare Advantage plan? I’m assuming since you are paying copays, you have a Medicare Advantage plan. If you’re low-income, you could qualify for a Medicare Savings Program & Extra Help. The MSP will cover most if not all of your cost-sharing, like deductibles, coinsurance, etc. Depending on which one you’re eligible for, it could also help you pay your Part B premium.Then Extra Help will cover your prescription costs.


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