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Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia

Summary: Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans in Virginia are standardized to provide the same benefits as Medigap plans nationwide. Each plan offers different benefits based on your needs. Estimated Read Time: 4 min

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Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia help cover the out-of-pocket responsibility left behind by Original Medicare, leaving you with little or no out-of-pocket costs. Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia follow the same standardized rules as most other states. Below, we review the different options of Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia.

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Medicare Plans in Virginia

Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover 100% of the costs for beneficiaries. Medicare Supplement plans help alleviate some of these costs for enrollees. Also known as Medigap, these plans fill the gaps Original Medicare leaves behind.

There are 12 standardized Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia. Each of these plans offers different benefit levels and monthly premiums, with the more comprehensive options being higher in price. However, the benefits of each plan remain the same between carriers.

Additionally, when you enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan, you are eligible to receive care at any doctor or hospital nationwide that accepts Original Medicare regardless of the carrier.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia

Like several other states in the U.S., Medicare Supplement Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N are the best Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia. These three plans are considered the best for overall satisfaction, cost, and coverage level when compared to other Medigap plans.

Medicare Supplement plans are a great option for anyone looking to enroll in coverage they can rely on. With a standardized plan, benefits do not change year to year, and you’ll never receive unexpected medical bills. If a service is covered by Original Medicare, your Medigap plan will cover its portion of benefits.

Medicare Supplement Plan F Virginia

Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive Medigap plan available in Virginia. However, only some beneficiaries can sign up for this plan. Due to MACRA, if you are new to Medicare after January 1, 2020, you are not eligible for Medigap Plan F.

However, if you qualify for and enroll in Medigap Plan F in Virginia, you are only responsible for your monthly premium. Your plan will fully cover any out-of-pocket costs Original Medicare leaves behind making this the ideal plan for someone who frequently visits the doctor or hospital.

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Medicare Supplement Plan G Virginia

For those not eligible for Medicare Supplement Plan F, Medicare Supplement Plan G is the best policy on the market in Virginia. Plan G is quickly growing in enrollment among all Medicare-aged Virginians due to its low monthly premium and high level of benefits.

When you enroll in Medigap Plan G, you are only responsible for the monthly premium, plus your Medicare Part B annual deductible. Once you meet the annual deductible, your policy then covers any other out-of-pocket Medicare-covered costs, leaving you with nothing to pay out-of-pocket.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Virginia

Finally, Medicare Supplement Plan N is popular for its low premium great benefits. On Medicare Supplement Plan N, you are responsible for $20-$50 copayments and excess charges in Virginia if your doctor does not accept Medicare assignment.

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Who is Eligible for Medicare Supplement in Virginia

The eligibility requirements for Medicare Supplement enrollment in the state of Virginia does not differ from other states nationwide. To enroll in a Medigap plan, you must be enrolled in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) and be a resident of that state of Virginia. If you have residency in another state or spend more than 50% of the year in a second state, you must enroll in coverage through the state you reside in at least half of the year.

Depending on when you enroll, you may also be required to answer underwriting health questions when you apply for Medigap coverage. If you apply outside of your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment, these health questions may be used to determine your Medigap eligibility.

What is the Cost of Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia?

The cost of Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia is not the same for all beneficiaries. Premium prices are based on age, sex, ZIP Code, and tobacco-use status. Below is an example of premium costs for Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia.

65-Year-Old Female, Non-Smoking
Plan Monthly Premium
Medicare Supplement Plan F $100-$352
Medicare Supplement Plan G $88-$337
Medicare Supplement Plan N $67-$288
65-Year-Old Male, Non-Smoking
Plan Monthly Premium
Medicare Supplement Plan F $115-$401
Medicare Supplement Plan G $101-$384
Medicare Supplement Plan N $77-$328

The above costs are an example of average premiums for Virginia. However, your exact cost can vary. To accurately determine your premium costs, it is essential to work with a licensed agent who has access to multiple plans and carriers.

Medigap Carriers in Virginia

Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia are offered by several carriers. Each carrier offers a combination of the standardized Medigap plans available nationwide. However, just because they offer one plan does not mean they have to offer all Medigap plans.

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Some of the most popular carriers in the state include:

Medicare Supplement Plans for Disabled Under 65 in Virginia

There is no federal guideline requiring carriers to offer Medigap plans to those on disability under age 65. However, Virginia requires all insurance carriers who offer Medigap plans to offer the same coverage to those on Medicare under age 65.

Often, when you enroll in a Medigap plan on disability, your monthly premium will be much higher. Thus, it is not uncommon to wait until you turn 65 to enroll in a Medigap plan.

Additional Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries in Virginia

Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia are not the only coverage available for Medicare beneficiaries in the state. Additional options include:

Medicare Part D plans help cover the cost of prescription medications. Whether or not you enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan, Medicare Part D is essential coverage for anyone with Original Medicare.

Medicare Part A, Part B, and Medigap do not cover prescription drugs, so it is critical to enroll in Medicare Part D as soon as you are eligible to avoid penalties in the future. Virginia offers several Medicare Part D plans from many carriers.

In addition to Medicare Part D, dental, vision, and hearing plans are available to Medicare beneficiaries in Virginia. As Original Medicare and Medigap also do not cover these three benefits, ancillary plans safeguard you from these holes in coverage. The policies are popular among Medicare Supplement enrollees.

Lastly, Medicare Advantage plans are an alternative to Original Medicare and Medigap for beneficiaries who wish to pay a lower monthly premium. However, you must be comfortable with the potential of copayments at each visit to the doctor’s office.

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These plans must include the same benefits as Medicare Part A and Part B. Policies often have additional benefits, like dental, vision, hearing, and prescription drug coverage. Keep in mind, beneficiaries can only enroll in Medicare Advantage or a Medigap plan. They may not enroll in both.

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How to Find a Medicare Supplement Plan Broker in Virginia

Finding the best option for your needs out of the 12 Medicare Supplement plan options in Virginia is essential before enrolling in coverage. Luckily, Medicare agents can help, and you do not need an agent in Virginia to find the best plan for you in the state!

At MedicareFAQ, our agents are Medicare experts who understand the need to educate clients on their benefits and costs. Call the number above or complete our online rate form to begin your free plan comparison and Medicare consultation. Our agents are ready to help you understand your Medicare coverage today!


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Ashlee Zareczny

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  1. I have Medicare Part D and $612. was deducted from my social security check for the year 2021. I also have Silverscrilpt through CVS and pay $350. a year. Am I paying twice for the same insurance? I never use the Silverscript insurance because there is no discount worth using. I use Good RX.

    1. Lenora, if you did not enroll in Part D when you were first eligible, the $612 Part D charge could be IRMAA or the Part D late enrollment penalty. If this is not the case, I recommend contacting your local Social Security office to find the root of this payment.


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