Medicare Supplement Plans in South Dakota

Like almost every state in the U.S., South Dakota offers ten standardized Medicare Supplement plans. Nearly 172,000 residents in South Dakota have some form of Medicare. As a beneficiary, it’s important to understand the details of Medicare in your state. While states have similar guidelines, those guidelines aren’t the same across the board. In this content, you learn everything you need to know about Medicare plans in South Dakota.

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What are the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in South Dakota?

South Dakota Medicare Supplement plans are available to beneficiaries that reside in the state. The standardization of plans means that Plan G has identical benefits no matter the company.

In other words, your Plan G will provide the same benefits, whether you live in Sioux Falls or Brookings. Also, Plan G coverage is the same, whether you choose Aetna or Mutual of Omaha Plan G.

Plan G will cover a wide variety of costs but won’t cover your Part B deductible. The most comprehensive policy is Plan F, but it’s not available to those newly eligible.

Another great choice is Plan N, while there are a few copays, the premiums tend to be lower than the other top options.

If Plan N is still more per month than you prefer to pay for a policy, there options like High Deductible Plan G and  High Deductible Plan F.

One of the best parts about Medigap is that if you live in South Dakota and have a doctor in North Dakota, you’ll have access to that doctor without concerns of a service area.

When Can I Sign up for Medigap in South Dakota?

When you live in South Dakota, you can sign up for Medigap any day. But your best bet is to enroll during your Medigap Enrollment Period.

If you’re not new to Medicare, you may need to go through underwriting to obtain Medigap. Thankfully, there are 49 insurers that offer Medigap in this state.

So, if one company won’t approve your application, another company might. There are several instances where you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

If you’re trying to navigate eligibility, we highly recommended using an agent. Our agents can help you identify your Medigap eligibility.

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In South Dakota, Can I Get a Medicare Supplement Plan Under 65?

In South Dakota, insurers can’t charge someone under 65 more than they would charge someone at age 75 for a Medigap plan. Further, those under 65 are eligible for the Medicare Open Enrollment Period upon gaining eligibility for Medicare.

Even though you qualify for the Open Enrollment Period when Part B begins, you’ll have the opportunity to qualify again upon turning 65. Meaning, those under 65 on Medicare get two Medigap Open Enrollment Periods in their life, instead of just one.

Many states don’t offer benefits like these to their residents. If you move, be sure to notify Medicare and your plan of any changes.

How Much Does Medigap Cost in South Dakota?

A woman who is 65 in South Dakota can get Plan G for around $120 a month. Now, if you’re a 65-year-old woman with Plan N, your premium will likely be around $100 a month.

A man who is 65 with Plan G can expect to pay about $165 each month. But, a 65-year-old man with Plan N may pay about $125 each month.

Your costs may be slightly higher with age. We run our pricing estimates on our quoting tool. These estimates are current, but rates may vary between counties, eligibility, and more.

Facts About Medicare Advantage Plans in South Dakota

24% of beneficiaries in South Dakota have Medicare Advantage. There are 16 Medicare Advantage Part D plans in the state, and some areas have a few Medicare Advantage options.

Costs range from $0 – $240 a month for a policy.

You’ll want to be sure ALL your doctors are in-network.

Now, before making this choice, you should be aware of the disadvantage of Medicare Advantage plans.

While they may seem like an all-in-one option, it can be frustrating staying in-network or paying more to go out of network.

The Medicare Advantage Part D plan with the highest star rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Also, you may notice more Private Fee for Service plans in South Dakota than in most other states.

But in some areas, HMO’s or PPO’s may be available.

Understanding Part D in South Dakota

Those that don’t have Part D can enroll in a stand-alone drug plan during the Initial Enrollment Period. But, if you miss that opportunity to enroll, you can sign up during the Annual Enrollment Period.

The state of South Dakota currently offers 22 Part D plans.

The lowest premium Part D plan available in South Dakota is $13.20 a month, and the highest is $89.60.

Some people will get Part D coverage through their Medicare Advantage plan.

It’s important to note that Medigap doesn’t cover Part D medications.

Also, delaying enrollment can cost you a Part D penalty in the future.

Even if you don’t think you need coverage, it’s a good idea to have it.


How to apply for Medicare in South Dakota?
In any state, you apply for Medicare through Social Security. If you’re accepting Social Security before turning 65, you’ll have automatic enrollment in Medicare.

Those not accepting Social Security can apply online for Medicare. Also, you can call or apply at a local Social Security office.

Do I get Medicare if I have a disability in South Dakota?
Across the country, as long as you have Social Security disability for at least 24 months, you can qualify for Medicare before turning 65.

A little over 10% of beneficiaries in South Dakota have Medicare due to a disability.

Who sells Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota?
There are many top-carriers in South Dakota. With 49 different companies offering options, it can be a nuisance trying to identify the best option.

Our agents can help you compare costs for top-rated companies. And, they can do this for you over the phone.

While United American may benefit your neighbor the most, Omaha Insurance Company could be more suitable for you. The best policy for you is the plan that brings you the most value.

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How to Apply for Medicare in South Dakota

Finding the policy that brings you the most value is harder than it sounds, as you may have already discovered. Instead of calling each company individually, you can call our agents to get quotes from the top Medicare Supplement carriers in your area.

Our goal is to help you the same way we help our family find the most suitable coverage. You deserve to know the pros and cons of your options, transparency is key.

When you work with us, you have continuous access to a team of Medicare experts. Give us a call at the number above to get help in the enrollment process. To get a quote, complete our online rate form now.

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