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Oregon Medicare Supplement Plans in 2021

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Medicare Supplement plans in Oregon are available for purchase through private insurance companies. These policies help bridge the gap between Medicare and your medical expenses. Medigap plans help by paying out of pocket expenses associated with Traditional Medicare. Waiting too long to enroll in a Medicare Supplement could result in ineligibility or a higher premium. Discover more about Medicare plans and options by reading below!

Top Medigap Plans in Oregon

The top 3 letter plans are Plans F, G, and N. These plans are a favorite across the nation.

Plan F offers the most complete coverage; although, the plan won’t be available to beneficiaries new to Medicare. Plan G is the second most comprehensive policy, covering everything except the Part B deductible.

Then, Plan N is predicted to become the most highly recommended policy for beneficiaries. The best plan for you isn’t necessarily the best plan for Josh.

Talking with a licensed insurance agent will make selecting a plan much more straightforward.

How the Oregon Birthday Rule Works

Oregon-Medigap-Birthday-RuleOregon is also unique in the fact they have a “birthday rule.” This rule allows you to change your Medigap policy within 30 days of your birthday, with no underwriting.

You must have an active Medicare Supplement plan to participate in this Medigap option. Those with Medicare Advantage coverage will need to apply for Medigap with underwriting.

Unlike other states, you can change the policy every year to a similar or lesser level policy, without being underwritten.

Oregon Medicare Benefits for the Disabled under 65

Most beneficiaries receiving Medicare because of disability will find the cost of Medigap impractical. State law requires insurance companies to offer coverage; although, the available plans cost more than it’s worth.

Many under 65 beneficiaries find relief from Advantage coverage. Some areas even offer Special Needs Plans (SNP); these policies tailor benefits for those with specific disabilities if a plan is available in your area you could qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

Then, upon turning 65, select a Medigap policy so that your coverage is there when you need it most!

How to Qualify for Oregon Medicare Supplement Plans

The best time to enroll in Medigap coverage is during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period. Beneficiaries that enroll during this time will have the best premium rate.

This is because, during the OEP, you qualify for Guaranteed Issue Rights. GI is a rule that requires insurance companies to accept beneficiaries no matter their health condition. No higher premium or coverage denial when you apply with GI rights.

Now, you can apply for Medigap anytime. Although outside GI, it’s likely you’ll pay a higher premium. This is why many agents recommend enrolling in Medigap as soon as possible.

Any Medicare beneficiary that loses Medicaid will be eligible to enroll in a Medigap with GI rights through Aetna, Cental States, Gerber, GPM, Manhattan life, TransAmerica, United American, United Healthcare.

With the help of an agent, finding a policy is easy!

Medigap Premiums in Oregon

Each state uses its own individual insurance companies to provide insurance coverage. For each company, area, gender, and health concern premiums vary considerably.

However, coverage for a Plan N policy in Beaverton will be identical to a Plan N in Portland. Standardizing plans means equal coverage and easier rate comparison.

Most people save several hundred dollars a year by choosing Medigap Plan G instead of Plan F. The best way to get a suitable policy is to consult with one of our licensed brokers.

Medicare Advantage Plans Oregon

Medicare Advantage in Oregon Over 40% of Medicare beneficiaries in Oregon chose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

These plans come in HMO and PPO forms. They take over for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B as your primary coverage.

Some plans even include additional benefits like vision, dental, and prescription drug coverage. This coverage is appealing; however, this coverage comes at a high out of pocket risk.

Seniors in Oregon generally opt for Medigap instead as they end up providing more considerable savings in the long run. Although, under 65-year-old beneficiaries find financial relief with MA coverage.

Oregon Prescription Drug Plans for Medicare

Oregon Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans Medicare Part D coverage provides prescription medication benefits. Most PDP plans can be purchased at an affordable premium. Although, don’t buy a policy based solely on premium because the best policy offers the best value.

It’s not always in the premium savings but the out of pocket savings. Some plans offer additional savings on Mail Order drugs.

Like Medicare Part B, there is a penalty for failing to obtain a PDP during the Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). The best coverage comes from carrying Medicare, a Medigap Plan, and a Part D Prescription Plan.

How to Apply for a Medicare Supplemental Plan in Oregon

Medigap applications are simple and can be done over the phone.

As always, our services are 100% free, and our brokers are available to answer any questions.

Obtaining a Medicare Supplement Plan is easy when you work with us; we represent the top Medigap carriers, making it easy for us to find you the best plan.

Get help applying for Oregon Medicare Supplement Plans give us a call at the phone number above! Or fill out an online rate form today!

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