Medicare Supplement Plans in North Dakota

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North Dakota Medicare Supplement Plans are protecting seniors from losing retirement funds. These policies help cover gaps in Medicare that beneficiaries would otherwise be responsible for paying.

Medigap coverage is a quality benefit, and doctor flexibility rolled into one policy. Beneficiaries that select Medigap coverage can see any healthcare professionals nationwide that accept standard Medicare.

Medicare Supplement plans are secondary to Medicare. These policies don’t replace Medicare; instead, they complement Medicare benefits.

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Plans for 2020

Let’s say Mallory has Traditional Medicare and no other coverage. Well, if Mallory slips and breaks her arm, she’s going to have some serious out of pocket costs.

See, the ambulance covered under Part B still costs Mallory $198 for the deductible. Then, she still needs to pay 20% of the balance after the deductible.

Next, the hospital lists Mallory as an inpatient. Once she becomes inpatient, the Part A deductible of $1,408 is coming out of her pocket. Then, she still needs to pay 20% of all the bills she racks up in the hospital.

Just one hospital visit could clear out retirement savings.

However, Mallory spoke to us before she slipped and broke her arm. She enrolled in Medigap Plan N; so, when inpatient care is received, she can focus on getting better.

The Plan N doesn’t cover the Part B deductible or Part B excess charges. If Mallory sees doctors that accept Medicare assignment, she doesn’t worry about excess charges.

The ER copayment of $50 only applies when not admitted to the hospital. The $20 copayment for a doctor doesn’t bother Mallory because she saves so much in premiums each month by being on Plan N.

Best North Dakota Medicare Supplement Plans

Beneficiaries in Fargo with Medigap Plan G will have the same coverage as those in Beulah with Plan G. The top 3 plans for Medigap across the country would be considered Plans G, F, and N.

Although, in 2020, Plan F won’t be available to new Medicare beneficiaries. High deductible F is also retiring. Many companies predict Plan G, and N will become the most popular option.

Also, it’s predicted that a High Deductible Plan G will debut in 2020. The best plan for your neighbor might not be the most suitable plan for you; consulting an agent can save you effort and money.

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Health Plan Requirements 

The best time to enroll in Medigap coverage is during the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period. During this time frame, beneficiaries qualify for Guaranteed Issue Rights. GI forbids insurance companies from policy denial or rate increase due to health.

Some beneficiaries could be eligible for the Special Election Period when involuntarily losing coverage, moving, or other applicable reasons.

Once eligible for a SEP, it’s beneficial to select a Medigap as soon as possible. Many companies require specific documents, approval is a waiting game, and a quote is just a number.

Only cancel your policy when new coverage is active. Otherwise, if you’re denied, the old carrier may not let you return to that coverage.

Under 65 North Dakota Medicare Supplement Plan Eligibility

State laws don’t require Insurance companies to sell Medigap to beneficiaries under 65. Those under 65 could benefit from Advantage coverage until the 65th birthday.

Upon Turning 65, you become eligible for the Medigap OEP. This means you can enroll in a Medigap with GI rights.

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Plan Enrollment

Beneficiaries will find enrolling in Medigap during the OEP is easier than any other time. Outside of OEP, insurance companies are requiring agents to ask medical questions and submit applications to underwriting.

Underwriting reviews the application; then, they send the final premium rate approval or policy denial information to the beneficiary.

Enrolling into Medigap coverage can be as simple as making a phone call. However, never cancel an active policy for a quote.


The cost of a Medigap plan will vary based on the level of coverage, company, and beneficiary residency.

For example, a Medigap Plan F will likely cost more than Medigap Plan N. Carriers charge different rates, brokers can help you shop carriers and discover your best coverage option.

Most Medicare Supplement Plan G policies can be purchased for less than $150 a month. Of course, age and enrollment period play a part in the costs.

Many Medigap plans in this state are attained-age rated. This means the premium rises with age.

Medicare Advantage Plans in North Dakota

Medicare Advantage in North DakotaLet’s say Mallory thought she was saving money by enrolling in an MA policy that costs her $60 a month. Well, when she gets in the ambulance, that’s going to cost her $265 to ride to the hospital.

When she becomes inpatient, the cost is $350 EACH DAY for days 1-5. So, a 5-day hospital stay is going to cost $1750! If Mallory goes out of network, she’ll pay 50% of the inpatient hospital bill.

Well, the money she spent on a trip to the hospital with an MA policy is more than she would’ve paid for Plan G.

Advantage plans can offer more benefits than standard Medicare. It’s better than nothing. Medigap coverage provides you with comprehensive coverage, access to quality care, and doctor flexibility.

In 2019, 17% of North Dakota beneficiaries chose a Medicare Advantage plan.

Beneficiaries under 65 can benefit from MA coverage; once you turn 65, consider enrolling in Medigap for retirement savings protection.

Medicare Part D in North Dakota 

North Dakota Medicare Part D Prescription Drug PlansAffordable Part D prescription drug coverage can be found across the nation.

However, the lowest premium plan could end up being more expensive for those with higher costing medications.

Checking a plan’s formulary ensures you get the best rates. For example, if Mallory enrolls in the cheapest policy in her area for $20 but ends up paying $80 copayments for her brand name medication, is she saving money?

Well, if she enrolled in the $50 plan, she could’ve gotten the brand name medication mail-ordered 3-month supply for $30 and saved $120 every three months.

Sometimes paying a higher premium makes more sense. Working with an agent allows you to understand better which policy will benefit you the most.

Our agents consider things that you may have forgotten. Let us help you protect your retirement funds and get the healthcare coverage you need.

Medicare Resources in North Dakota 

For state health insurance counseling regarding Medicare expenses, there are options, including Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB). The North Dakota State Health Insurance Assistance Program website has information.

The Medicare Savings Program (MSP) in North Dakota provides low-income beneficiaries with extra help. If you’re not eligible for the MSP, you could still qualify for extra help paying for prescriptions.

All beneficiaries should frequently review updates from the CMS Newsroom. Part D beneficiaries can use Medicare’s website to compare plans.

Applying for Medicare Supplement Plans in North Dakota 

Beneficiaries can give us a call directly at the phone number above to speak an agent. The enrollment process can be simple, with the help of an agent licensed in North Dakota.

Each company has different guidelines; save yourself hours of research by spending a few minutes on the phone with a specialist.

Medigap plans protect you from expensive deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. Discover which option is best for your situation.

Call today to get the coverage you need in retirement.

Don’t have time to call? Just fill out the online rate form, and we can answer any questions after!