Medicare Supplement Plans in North Dakota

If you’re a resident of North Dakota and eligible for Medicare, you may be wondering about your supplement options. Well, Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans are available in your state. The best policy for you depends on your ideal coverage and your budget. Below, we’ll go over key information about Medicare in North Dakota.

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Medigap Plans in North Dakota

Medigap tends to be the most popular option among beneficiaries in North Dakota. And, if you have a doctor in South Dakota but live in North Dakota, you won’t worry about a service area with a Medigap plan.

The best Medigap plans in North Dakota are the same top-rated plans across the United States. Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N.

The most comprehensive plan is Plan F which provides first-dollar coverage. But, you must not be newly Medicare-eligible.

Plan G won’t cover your Part B deductible. But, most people find that they can save money by choosing this option.

The third most popular option is Plan N. But, it won’t cover Part B excess charges.

Also, with Plan N there are small copays for doctor visits or the ER. But, if you don’t see your doctor too often, this plan may work.

Supplement plans won’t include Part D. Meaning, you’ll want to buy a stand-alone Part D plan.

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What Does a Medicare Supplement Plan Cost in North Dakota?

First, pricing depends on several factors. For instance, Plan G may cost more in Fargo than in Jamestown.

In North Dakota, a woman of age 65 can get Plan G for around $110 a month. If you’re a 65-year-old woman who wants Medigap Plan N, it could cost you around $90 each month.

Depending on your specific health situation, Plan N could work. While this plan isn’t nearly as comprehensive, it may be less costly.

A man, age 65 may pay a monthly premium of about $100 for Plan N. But, Plan G could cost a man about $120 each month.

Keep in mind these are rates for 65-year old, non-smokers that are in their 6-month Open Enrollment window for a Medicare Supplement.

How to Choose Medigap in North Dakota

Choosing a Medicare Supplement plan in North Dakota is similar to choosing a plan in most other states. But, some states have different rules. So, if you’re moving to another state anytime soon, be sure to understand Medicare rules in your new state.

The best way to choose a Medicare Supplement is to consider the value a plan can bring you. If you need to see a doctor consistently, you don’t want to be underinsured. But, if you’re healthy and want a low premium, you want to avoid over-insurance.

Who Should get a Medicare Advantage Plan in North Dakota?

If you’re more interested in paying a small premium and following a strict network, a Medicare Advantage plan could work for you.

Although, you need to be aware of the disadvantages of these plans before you jump into this coverage option. Also, you want to live in an area that has a robust network of doctors.

In North Dakota, 21% of recipients have an Advantage plan. North Dakota doesn’t have the most sought after Advantage plans, but if you don’t qualify for Medigap or can’t afford it; some coverage can be better than nothing.

To qualify for an Advantage plan, you’ll first need to have Part A and B. Also, you’ll need to live in the plan’s service area.

When signing up, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with restrictions. For instance, Advantage plans have local networks to follow.

So, you’ll have to see doctors within the network or pay for the service yourself.

Advantage plans in North Dakota can cost anywhere from $0-$240 each month. Of course, prices can vary between locations.

In North Dakota, you may notice more Private Fee for Service plans than in most places.

Understanding Medicare Part D in North Dakota

Across the country, Medicare Part D is a voluntary option. But, without this coverage, you face penalties if you ever do enroll in Part D.

A Part D Plan with a low premium isn’t always the best choice. Now, if you don’t take any medications, go right ahead and choose a policy based solely on premiums.

However, if you’re like most seniors, you have at least a couple of medications that are important to your quality of life.

The state of North Dakota currently offers 22 Part D plans. When choosing a plan, you’ll want to compare the deductible, premium, and copayments.

Then, choose the best plan based on your needs. And, don’t be surprised if the best drug plan for you is different from your friends.

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How do I apply for Medicare in North Dakota?
Application for Medicare is the same in every state. You sign up online, on the phone, or in person at your local Social Security office.
How many Medicare Advantage policies are available in North Dakota?
There are 13 Medicare Advantage Part D Plans in North Dakota. And, 11 Medicare Advantage Plans that don’t include Part D.
Are there Medicare Supplement plans for disabled beneficiaries in North Dakota?
The state doesn’t require insurers to offer plans to those under age 65. There is a high-risk pool for uninsurable individuals pre-ACA. The high-risk pool offers two Medicare Supplement plans for those that can’t qualify for a Medigap plan.

How to Apply for Medicare in North Dakota

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