Medicare Supplement Plans in North Carolina

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North Carolina Medicare Supplement plans give beneficiaries the freedom to choose doctors nationwide that accept Medicare. These policies cover the gaps that Medicare leaves you responsible for paying.

Medigap coverage will provide beneficiaries with an easy to budget cost plan for healthcare. Budgeting expenses like healthcare can be easy when the only out of pocket concern is the premium.

Guide to North Carolina Medicare Supplement Plans in 2020

Let’s say Bobby has Traditional Medicare with no Medigap policy. Bobby believes Medicare is providing him with adequate coverage. However, Bobby doesn’t realize how much 20% of the bills cost.

Then, Bobby has congestive heart failure, requiring him to take an ambulance to the hospital. This is where he spends a week in the hospital.

While in the hospital, Bobby learns he needs coronary artery bypass surgery.

Well, the ride to the hospital costs him $198 plus 20% of any additional cost. This is because the ambulance is a Part B service.

Then, since admitted to the hospital, Bobby will pay $1,408 for the Part A deductible. On top of that, he spends 20% of the total cost of his hospital stay.

Bobby could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars by relying on Medicare coverage alone.

However, by enrolling in Medigap Plan F, Bobby is no longer responsible for those coinsurances and deductibles. Now, Bobby just pays the Medigap premium and focuses on living healthier.

North Carolina Medicare Plans Explained

Traditional Medicare is Part B and Part A. Then, Medicare Advantage (MA) policies will replace Medicare with Part C, which can cover drugs. Part D covers medications.

Then there are North Carolina Medicare Supplement Plans that fill the gaps of Medicare.

NC Medigap Coverage for the Disabled Under 65

NC legislatures require Medigap carriers to offer Plan A as well as Plan F to those under 65. These policies can be expensive for those on disability. Insurance companies assume that beneficiaries on disability will have higher claims than someone turning 65.

Most beneficiaries under 65 will benefit from an Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage offers more financial protection than standard Medicare.

Some areas offer Special Needs Policy to beneficiaries with specific disabilities. Talking to an agent is the best way to discover what’s available in your area.

North Carolina Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage in North Carolina

In 2019, 35% of enrollees chose a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare has no out of pocket limit; beneficiaries could spend tens of thousands of dollars on healthcare with Medicare. However, Advantage offers Maximum Out Of Pocket (MOOP) limits that provide beneficiaries with a spending cap.

So, with Advantage coverage, if the MOOP is $7,500, then the most you pay in a calendar year is that $7,500. This coverage isn’t as comprehensive as Medigap, but it’s better than nothing.

Let’s say Bobby has an Advantage plan when his congestive heart failure scenario happens.

Well, the ambulance would cost $235 in copayments. Then, the hospital is $295 EACH DAY for days 1 through 6; that’s a total of $1,410 to just stay in the hospital.

The total expenses are more than the annual cost for some Medigap policies.

Medicare Part D in North Carolina

North Carolina Medicare Part D Prescription Drug PlansStandard Medicare won’t cover the medications prescribed by your doctor.

Beneficiaries will need to purchase a Part D policy to ensure adequate drug coverage.

Those that don’t enroll in coverage during the Initial Enrollment Period could incur a Part D penalty.

Most Part D policies have an affordable premium. However, don’t be blindsided by a low premium. In some cases, paying less means paying more.

Let’s say Bobby selects the $17 Part D plan; this policy considers his high cost generic as a brand name drug. So, he ends up paying $80 in copayments each month.

However, let’s say Bobby enrolls in the $50 Part D plan and only pays $20 for his prescription. He’d save more money by purchasing the higher premium policy.

When you work with an agent, they can identify ways to help you save money long-term.

From Medigap to Part D, coverage is needed, and we can help.

Resources for Medicare Help in North Carolina

Every beneficiary should follow the CMS Newsroom for updated information that pertains to Medicare.

Luckily, the Medicare Savings Program is available to assist low-income beneficiaries with costs. If you don’t qualify for MSP, you could still be eligible for Extra Help.

The State Health Insurance Assistance program, or NCSHIP, can help beneficiaries better understand Medicare and gather more resources.

Best Medicare Supplements in North Carolina

The best plan for Bobby might not be your ideal policy. Each person has different healthcare expenses, needs, and standards.

Most beneficiaries select Plan F, N, and G. However, some people find a deductible sharing plan like Plan M is more suitable.

No matter which policy you select, the coverage is the same. So, Plan N in Greenville has the same benefits as Plan N in Charlotte.

Medigap provides beneficiaries with clear and consistent coverage. Plus, you can apply or change policies anytime since it’s not an Annual Enrollment Period policy.

Qualify for North Carolina Medicare Supplement Plans

The Open Enrollment Period starts three months before the 65th birthday, the month of and 3-months after the 65th birthday for a total of 7-months.

This is the best time to enroll in Medigap coverage because it ensures your Guaranteed Issue Rights. Beneficiaries with GI rights can’t be denied coverage or charged an increased premium based on health.

Even with some health issues, seniors may still qualify for Medigap coverage; the best way to learn about eligibility is to speak with a licensed insurance broker specializing in Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plan Prices in North Carolina

Medigap insurance prices will vary based on location, carrier, enrollment eligibility, gender, age, and sometimes health issues. Beneficiaries that enroll during OEP will likely have a lower premium rate than those that apply with medical underwriting.

Some beneficiaries will pay more for Medigap coverage because the company they desire is a higher cost. That’s okay. Choosing a company is just as important as selecting a plan.

Plenty of A-rated companies in your area offer affordable Medigap coverage. Some Medigap policies cost less annually than 1-visit to the hospital; plus, you protect your life savings from medical debt.

North Carolina Medicare Supplement Plan Enrollment

Medicare Supplement policies in North Carolina are designed to protect seniors from the burden of costly medical deductibles and coinsurance.

If you or a loved one has Medicare, call us at the number above or fill out an online rate form. Then, discover nationwide coverage benefits and hassle-free care.

However, consulting an agent telephonically is the best way to ensure the most suitable coverage is purchased.

The specialist knows which companies are known for rate increases. The agent will save you money for the long haul.

Our policyholders have access to a team of Client Care Specialist dedicated to supporting and assisting all active members. So, even after enrollment, you know we care!