Montana Medicare Benefits Explained for 2023

Montana Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap) work the same in this state as they do in most other states. Whether you want Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage, there are options available. While Medicare Supplement rules are basically the same in Montana as in other states, there are a few minor differences. But first, let’s explain how Medicare in Montana works in 2023.

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What Are My Medicare Options in Montana?

Much like other parts of the United States, the options available in Montana include Medicare Part C, Medigap, Medicare Part D, and more. Some people may choose to only have Original Medicare and a Medicare Part D plan; but, for more comprehensive coverage, you can include Medigap.

An alternative to that would be enrolling in Part C or a Medicare Advantage plan. While you could choose to only have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B of Original Medicare, it’s more beneficial to have additional coverage. Consider Medicare Advantage vs Medigap since those are your two main options for medical insurance with Medicare.

What is the Best Medicare Supplement Plan in Montana?

The same top 3 Medigap plans attract enrollees from all over the nation. Each policy boasts access to any Medicare doctor in the United States, easy claims approvals, and little to no out of pocket costs.

These popular plans are Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Another policy that could be beneficial is Medigap High Deductible Plan G. But, overall the best Medicare Supplement plan is the one that provides you with the most value at a sensible price.

How Do I Qualify for Medigap in Montana?

Those turning 65 or new to Medicare can sign up for Medigap without worrying about underwriting because they are in the Initial Enrollment Period. Also, there are situations where Guaranteed Issue rights apply, such as losing health insurance or moving to a new state.

For example, Aetna and United Healthcare have Medigap policies with Guaranteed Issue rights available to Medicare beneficiaries losing Medicaid. Also, those with employer coverage primary to Medicare can voluntarily lose coverage and qualify for Guarantee Issue rights.

Now, these are just ways to qualify for Medigap and avoid underwriting. You can apply for Medigap anytime but underwriting may be necessary. Depending on your health, you may be given a higher premium or denied coverage.

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Can Montana Beneficiaries Under 65 Get Medigap?

Certain individuals can be deemed eligible for Medicare benefits under the age of 65. You must obtain 24 months of Social Security disability to be eligible for Medicare. However, those with End-Stage Renal Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease qualify for Medicare with no waiting period.

Each state has specific rules about Medigap eligibility for those under 65. In Montana, insurance companies aren’t required to offer those under 65 a Medigap plan. Some may find financial relief on a Medicare Advantage plan until age 65, then they can sign up for Medigap without underwriting.

How Much Do Medicare Supplements Cost in Montana?

Someone in Montana, new to Medicare can expect Medigap plan costs to be around $120 a month for Plan G. But, the price is going to depend on which plan and carrier you select.

Also, age, gender, and zip code can play a factor in Medigap costs. You may find a cheaper policy or a more expensive plan. The easiest way to find the ideal policy for you is by consulting an insurance agent that represents multiple insurance companies. By doing this, you get a non-biased opinion. It’s important to remember that cost isn’t as important as value; you want to select one of the top rated insurance carriers, with a stable financial history.

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Part D Plans Plans for Medicare in Montana

There are 22 stand-alone Medicare Part D options available in Montana. But, one of those options is going to benefit you more than the others.

The only way to determine which plan makes the most sense is to take a look at the meds you currently take and compare that to annual costs for each policy.

So, a low premium plan with a high deductible could benefit you if that plan saves you the most annually. For those that take brand name medications, a higher premium plan with no deductible may more suitable.

Each Part D plan has a formulary, not all plans cover all drugs. It’s your responsibility to make sure a plan covers your medication before you enroll.

If you’re ever denied coverage for a medication, you have the right to file an appeal. Delaying enrollment can result in a Part D penalty. Those that don’t take any medications can choose the lowest premium policy to avoid future penalties.

Montana Medicare Advantage Plans

22% of beneficiaries in Montana enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. While the monthly premium costs may be lower each month, Medicare Advantage Plans come with restrictions and coverage limitations. Also, you may find the out of pocket costs seem to nickel and dime you.

Further, these Part C plans may require prior-authorizations that Medicare wouldn’t require. The Advantage plan would pay your claims instead of Medicare, giving the Part C plan the authority to deny a claim Medicare may have approved.

Due to a large number of unsatisfied people, Medicare brought back the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period. The reason, it gives Medicare Advantage beneficiaries another chance to change coverage between January and March. So, if the plan didn’t work the way you thought, you get one more chance to find a better Advantage plan.

Now, there are Advantages and Disadvantages to Medicare Advantage plans. Some people will find the lower premium gives them a chance to save for a possible health emergency. But, others may feel more comfortable with Medigap by paying a premium each month to avoid worrying about the cost of an emergency.

How to Apply for Medicare in Montana

The biggest question in insurance is, would you rather pay more now and less later or less now and more later. Only you can answer that question.

Our recommendation is Medigap, mostly because you won't worry about networks, restrictions, or emergency costs. But, we understand at the end of the day, it's what's important to you that matters most.

For seniors residing in Montana, applying for a Medicare Supplement Plan is easy! You can either call our number above or fill out an online rate comparison form.

As always, our services are 100% free, and we have your best interest in mind.

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