Guide to Maryland Medicare Supplement Plans for 2022

Maryland Medicare Supplement plans extend Medicare coverage by providing beneficiaries with additional coverage. Medigap plans cater to beneficiaries by allowing doctors freedom and secure payment options. Medicare Supplement plans from Maryland will be accepted by doctors nationwide. Beneficiaries with identical letter plans have the same coverage. Sure, standard Medicare offers some health coverage benefits; however, this coverage isn’t sufficient protection when your health deteriorates.

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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Maryland

Each person has a different healthcare need, budget, and preference. Some beneficiaries will find Medigap Plan F works better for them, while others will be more satisfied with Plan N.

The best policy for your neighbor is likely different than your best policy. Insurance companies will charge different premiums based on the enrollment period, location, level of benefit, and even age.

Beneficiaries that enroll in a policy when first eligible will likely pay less than people who enroll after their Medigap Open Enrollment Period.

Eligibility for Maryland Medigap Plans

The best time to enroll in Medigap is during the OEP because beneficiaries will have Guaranteed Issue Rights. These rights forbid insurance companies from charging you more or denying you coverage based on health conditions.

The OEP begins on the first day of the month you turn 65, usually the same as your Part B effective date. Now you can pre-enroll in Medigap so that Part B and the supplement go into effect at the same time.

United American offers Medicare beneficiaries GI rights for Medigap when losing Medicaid coverage.

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Maryland Medicare Eligibility for Disabled Beneficiaries Under 65

The Federal Government isn’t requiring insurance companies to sell Medigap to beneficiaries under 65.

However, the state of Maryland requires insurance carriers to provide Medigap Plan A and C to beneficiaries under 65 during the OEP. These policies are also available to beneficiaries entitled to GI rights.

Most companies charge higher premiums for people under 65. Some disabled beneficiaries will find Medicare Advantage coverage beneficial until they turn 65.

Certain areas have Special Needs Plans available that could offer more tailored coverage to disabled beneficiaries.

Turning 65 means eligibility for Medigap with GI rights begins; taking advantage of this is important because it likely won’t happen again.

Maryland Medicare Supplement Plan Premiums

Medigap Plan F in Rockville will have the same coverage as Plan F in Baltimore; however, the cost is going to be different.

Medicare Supplement premiums are based on carrier, location, enrollment period, gender, age, and more. The only way to ensure you get the best policy for the long run is to consult an agent.

Beneficiaries turning 65 will have the best rate on Medigap; some Plan G policies can be found for as little as $120 a month.

However, Plan G might not be the most suitable policy for your needs. Depending on your budget and healthcare requirements, Plan N could be more beneficial.

Also, Plan N usually costs less than Plan G.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Maryland

Beneficiaries can enroll in a 5 star Medicare Advantage plan at any time. Medicare gives beneficiaries a Special Enrollment Period for these plans.

Only 16% of Maryland beneficiaries chose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Although Advantage plans can have outrageous out of pocket expenses, let’s say Jessica enrolled in Advantage coverage and had a stroke.

Well, the ambulance ride would cost $265 per one-way trip. So, if she needed to be transferred to another hospital, she pays that copayment again.

Then the inpatient hospital costs are $300 EACH DAY for days 1-5. In other words, after five days, Jessica is responsible for a $1,500 bill. That’s more than the Part A deductible.

One visit to the hospital could cost more than the annual costs for Medigap Plan G. Now, some beneficiaries under 65 will find that Advantage plans offer more coverage than Medicare.

Some coverage is better than no coverage. However, when comparing Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement plans, Medigap is the most comprehensive option.

Maryland Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Part D covers the medications prescribed by doctors. You should sign up for Part D as soon as possible because delaying enrollment could result in a penalty.

Part D plans can be selected for less than $20 each month. However, the lowest premium isn’t always the lowest expense.

If Jessica has the $20 policy but pays $90 on her prescriptions, she might not be saving money.

See, the $50 policy could cover more of the prescription and offer mail order supply for $30 every 3-months.

So, by paying a higher premium, she saves money on out-of-pocket costs.

Much like choosing a Medigap plan, pay now so you can save later.

Maryland Medicare Assistance Resources

The consumer guide to Long Term Care can provide you with additional Medicare information.

Maryland’s State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) can guide Medicare enrollees in finding help paying for their coverage options if they need assistance.

Beneficiaries with low-income could be eligible for the Medicare Savings Program; low-income beneficiaries could also qualify for Extra Help.

All Medicare recipients can stay informed by visiting the CMS Newsroom or Medicare’s website.

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