Medicare Supplement Plans in Maine

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Maine Medicare Supplement Plans combined with Medicare will add benefits to your coverage. Medigap plans allow you to have more control of annual healthcare spending.

Below, we’ll give you an example of how a supplement plan protects you from high out of pocket costs in Maine.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Maine for 2020

Let’s say Lucy has standard Medicare and a Part D policy; she thinks her coverage is sufficient. However, Lucy is at risk for paying tens of thousands of dollars in the form of healthcare deductibles and coinsurances.

If Lucy spends one night in the hospital, she will need to pay the Part A deductible. Most people can purchase Medigap insurance for less than one annual admission to the hospital.

Lucy could go to the hospital, stay for a few days, and still save money if she purchases a Medicare Supplement.

Well lucky for Lucy, she gave our agents a call and has peace of mind knowing she won’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on healthcare expenses this year. Her Medigap plan will cover Part A deductible as well as additional out of pocket costs.

Depending on the letter plan she chose, she could have zero out of pocket costs. Medigap offers you the most beneficial coverage. To learn more about Maine Medigap plan enrollment and eligibility, keep reading.

Qualifying for Medicare Coverage in Maine

Medicare eligibility is based on federal law; you must be 65 or receiving disability for at least two years. State-specific guidelines can make a difference for your eligibility.

If you’re turning 65, be sure to enroll in Part B and seek additional coverage right away to avoid any penalties. Enrollment is automatic if you’re receiving social security benefits.

Maine Medicare for the Disabled, Under 65

Receiving Medicare Supplement coverage if you’re disabled will be relatively easy. This is because supplement policies are available throughout the state.

State rules protect consumers, giving greater access to Medigap coverage.

Those under 65 are granted Guaranteed Issue Rights for Medigap plans the same as someone who just turned 65. These enrollees can change plans at age 65 when they’re eligible for the standard Medigap Open Enrollment Period.

Enrolling in Medicare Supplement Plans in Maine

As a Maine resident, OEP begins when Part B is active or when you turn 65; for some, this happens twice!

If you have an effective date, start planning additional coverage options today. Waiting too long can result in higher out of pocket costs.

Protect yourself from paying high deductibles and 20% coinsurances by enrolling in supplement coverage now.

Medicare recipients that have recently lost Medicaid are eligible for GI rights on a Medigap plan through Aetna, Cigna, Gerber, GPM, and United Health Care. Voluntary loss of employer coverage still entitles beneficiaries to GI rights when the employer policy is primary.

Maine Medigap Plan Premiums

Community rating is required for Medigap plans in the state of Maine. Beneficiaries can expect the same premium regardless of age and overall health conditions. However, different ratings could be made for each community or county; the information is found on the CMS website!

High Deductible Plan F could cost around $900 for the YEAR for a non-smoker, that’s less than the Part A Deductible!

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Maine

When comparing Maine Medicare Supplements, remember each letter plan stays consistent from provider to provider. The only variation is the cost.

The most commonly chosen, and most popular, Medigap plans are Plan G, Plan F, Plan N, and Plan HDF.

Also, doctors may charge excess charges for care. Keep in mind, if you want to have coverage for your Part B deductible, it is best to go with Plan F or Plan HDF.

Beneficiaries can read the Bureau publications Consumer Guide to Insurance for Medigap or see benefits and current rates in Maine by visiting the rates and benefits sections of the state website.

Maine Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage in MaineBeneficiaries can select Medicare Advantage coverage once eligible for Medicare or during the Annual Enrollment Period.

You can’t have an MA policy and supplement coverage at the same time. If you enroll in an MA plan, the Medigap plan will no longer supplement benefits. So, having both would be a waste of money.

Advantage plans have limitations such as doctor networks, prior authorization requirements, and doctor referrals. Those considering an MA plan should be prepared to re-evaluate coverage each year since the plan will change annually.

In 2019, 33% of beneficiaries chose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

When you select MA coverage, paying your Part B premium is still required.

Medigap policies will give beneficiaries more freedom and more security. Since Medigap won’t replace Medicare, you can expect the best coverage when an emergency occurs.

Maine Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Maine Medicare Part D Prescription Drug PlansWhen it comes to medical expenses, prescription drugs can often add unexpected costs to your health care bill.

Most people gravitate toward purchasing a Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Having this coverage helps beneficiaries to avoid paying the full cost of prescribed medicine.

Don’t forget; there are some plans that already include drug coverage and benefits. For example, Medicare Advantage may assist with medication expenses.

Not having prescription drug coverage when initially eligible can result in a penalty on your Part D benefits.

Avoid this penalty by enrolling in a Part D plan as soon as you become eligible for Medicare.

State-Specific Resources

In the state of Maine, SHIP services are available to seniors and people who have Medicare because of disability. CMS is funding the SHIP program.

CMS also offers Consumer Assitance information; this links out to the state Bureau of Insurance, state Department of Health and Human Services, Mainecare, and more!

Compare Medigap Plans in Maine

Understanding all of your options can seem overwhelming; contact one of our licensed insurance agents in your state to get the most suitable policy. Enrollment is simple and can be done over the phone.

Don’t delay enrollment. Waiting could result in ineligibility. Once you lose your eligibility for an enrollment period, selecting a plan becomes much more difficult.

Call today and discover the best plan options for your needs. Our agents can be reached at the number above or fill out the online rate form!