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Idaho Medicare Supplement plans are available to Medicare beneficiaries in Idaho. Some states have state-specific rules to follow. But Idaho follows federal guidelines for the most part.

Eligibility, coverage, and costs are significant factors when buying Medigap policies. We’ll take a look below at everything you’ll need to know about Idaho Supplement policies in 2020.

Idaho Medicare Supplement Plans in 2020

Medigap plans can offer the same coverage throughout the nation. Idaho’s top 3 Supplement plans are Plan F, G, and N. But Plan F has seen some significant changes in 2020.

Since MACRA is now in full effect, anyone newly eligible for Medicare in 2020 can’t buy a Plan F. Because of this, Plans G and N have become increasingly popular.

How Medicare Supplements in Idaho Work

We’ll go ahead and look at just a couple of examples of plans and cost variations in Idaho. We’ll go ahead and use Mark as an example.

Let’s say Mark is 70 and has Medicare. Mark seeks medical attention for severe chest pain. The hospital decides to admit Mark.

Now Mark will become responsible for paying the Part A deductible and coinsurance.

Mark may end up needing a stent placement. Mark’s out of pocket costs for his stent could be thousands of dollars.

Plus, he’s going to start seeing a cardiologist regularly. The first visit to the doctors will cost him his Part B deductible and coinsurances.

Mark is lucky; we’re enrolling him into Plan G coverage. Plan G in Idaho could cost $130 – $145 a month for someone that’s 70 years old.

Now, if Mark were to go with Plan N, he will see slightly different monthly premiums. While the coverage may not be as comprehensive, he will likely see lower prices. Plan N in Idaho could cost Mark anywhere from $108 – $125 each month.

So, enrolling in Medigap gives you the health coverage you need and deserve. Medigap can drastically reduce Mark’s costs.

While this may be the best plan option for Mark, it may not be the most appropriate plan for you. Maybe Plan N works best for you, and that’s okay.

Medigap Premiums in Idaho

Medigap offers standardized plans throughout the country. But that doesn’t mean prices will be the same for everyone. Location can be a huge driving factor in cost variations for people.

A 65-year-old woman living in Boise may pay a premium of $105 each month for Plan N coverage. But this same woman could end up paying $128 for Plan G in another city of Idaho.

Premiums can also vary because of different insurance companies as well. You may find your premiums are less with Cigna than they are with AARP.

Medigap for the Disabled Under 65 in Idaho

Insurance companies don’t have to provide Medigap coverage to anyone under the age of 65. So, for those with disabilities who want extra coverage, you may find you prefer an Advantage plan.

Some Advantage policies can cover those with disabilities with a Special Needs Plan. But you’ll always want to check with your state’s specific laws before doing anything. Some states do require insurers to offer plans for people under 65.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Idaho

In 2020, more than 30% of Idaho beneficiaries have a Medicare Advantage plan. Idaho Medicare Advantage plans don’t tend to cover the gaps in Medicare that Medigap covers. Advantage policies work with networks.

So, if your doctor is not within your insurance network, your services won’t be covered. Supplements provide beneficiaries with quality coverage, without the same restrictions. Medicare Advantage premiums can range from $0 – $140 each month.

Part D Coverage in Idaho

Prescription drug plan premiums start at around $13 a month in Idaho. Premiums can go up to about $120, depending on the level of coverage you need.

To get a better idea of plans and drug costs, you can contact an agent to look at local plan options. Remember that if you choose to delay your Part D coverage, you may end up facing a penalty when you do finally enroll.

Commonly Asked Questions

How to apply for Medigap in Idaho?
Medicare Supplement plans can offer a variety of benefits for Medicare beneficiaries. To apply for a Medigap policy in Idaho, you can call an agent to begin the application process.

You’ll need to make sure you meet specific criteria to qualify for Medigap. In this day and age, applying for Medigap is quick and easy!

Do I qualify for Medigap in Idaho?
Most Idaho residents will become Medicare-eligible upon their 65th birthdays. You’ll want to first enroll in Medicare since you must enroll in Part A and B to qualify for Medigap.
Do Medigap plans cover trips to the chiropractor?
Medigap plans in Idaho will cover treatment from your chiropractor. Medigap Plans C and F will cover your Part B deductible in whole, as well as 20% coinsurance. Paired with Medicare, you won’t see out-of-pocket charges for medically necessary chiropractic care.
Does Medigap cover acupuncture?
Both Medigap and Medicare don’t cover acupuncture services. You’ll be 100% responsible for any costs you incur through your acupuncture treatments.
Will Medigap pay for my dental visits?
Medigap plans don’t cover dental visits. But you can always look into buying an individual dental plan from an insurance carrier. Idaho offers several private dental policies for those who are also on Medicare.
Do Supplement plans have vision benefits?
In most cases, you’d probably benefit from buying a standalone vision plan. Medigap doesn’t cover routine eye care, like eye exams and glasses. Supplement plans will cover severe eye conditions and cataract surgeries, though.

How to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Idaho

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