Medicare Supplement Plans in Hawaii

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Hawaii Medicare Supplement plans provide beneficiaries with comprehensive coverage. This coverage was designed to be paired with Medicare; also, it gives recipients peace of mind and lowers out of pocket expenses.

Without Medigap coverage, beneficiaries are at risk for expensive healthcare bills.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Hawaii for 2020

Let’s say Donna has Medicare and no other coverage. Well, Donna has obstructive sleep apnea and requires regular doctor visits to ensure her complications are under control.

In the beginning, Donna thinks Medicare will cover everything and assumes that 20% of the costs can’t be too much. However, after visiting the Cardiologist, Donna receives a shocking bill.

See, the Part B deductible is $198 for the year; Donna needs to pay the deductible AND 20% of the remaining costs. Let’s say her doctor wants a Sleep Study redone because Donna isn’t getting any relief.

Well, Donna needs to pay 20% of that sleep study AND 20% of her Durable Medical Equipment when her current CPAP machine requires replacement.

Now, we enrolled Donna in Plan F. This means Donna worries about nothing. Donna goes to the Cardiologist, the sleep study, and gets a new CPAP machine without spending more than her monthly Plan F premium.

Be like Donna, pay a monthly premium, and forget the rest. Also, this makes managing your healthcare expenses simple.

Hawaii Medicare Parts and Medigap Plans

Medicare has gaps in coverage, doesn’t cover prescription coverage, and requires beneficiaries to pay a monthly Part B premium. While most beneficiaries receive premium-free Part A benefits, others will pay for this coverage.

Part A pertains to inpatient care, and Part B related to outpatient care.

Enroll in Part D to receive medication benefits.

Now, having a Medigap plan with a Part D plan and Medicare is the ideal situation. This is because Medigap fills the gaps in Medicare. The coverage you want when something goes wrong with your health is Medigap.

The Medicare Advantage plans offered in individual counties boast $0 premium options; however, beneficiaries can expect the coverage to match the premium.

When you pay little premiums, expect to pay big out of pocket bills when serious Medical issues arise.

Hawaii Medicare Eligibility for the Disabled Under 65

In the state of Hawaii, those under 65 can purchase a Medigap plan with Guaranteed Issue rights during the six-month window after Part B begins. However, insurance companies know beneficiaries under 65 receive Medicare due to disability, and the premiums are often higher for those under 65.

Beneficiaries that are under 65 may find that Medicare Advantage coverage is more suitable for the wallet until their 65th birthday. Once turning 65, beneficiaries will be given another chance to enroll in Medigap coverage with GI rights.

Taking advantage of GI rights will save beneficiaries money, time, and headache.

Hawaii Medicare Supplement Plans Enrollment

For most, turning 65 is a step into Medicare for the first time. During the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, beneficiaries will be allowed to enroll in coverage without the fear of denial. This is because of Guaranteed Issue rights.

So, once Part B becomes active, the GI period beings. This lasts for 6-months, and once it’s over, there’s no guarantee for coverage.

Let’s say Donna turns 65 on February 4th; well, her Part B effective date will be February 1st, and her GI rights will last until July 31st. If Donna waits until August to speak with an agent, she may find that she’s ineligible for Medicare Supplement coverage.

While denial isn’t likely, Donna will undoubtedly pay a higher premium than she would’ve if she enrolled sooner.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Hawaii

The best Medicare Supplement Plans in Hawaii are the same across the nation.

Since Plan F in Hawaii has the same coverage as Plan F in any other state, it makes sense that the top Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii are the same top plans in America.

Medicare Supplement Plan F has been the first dollar coverage since the initial release.

However, in 2020 first dollar plans will retire. This means Plan F won’t be an option for those eligible for Medicare starting in 2020.

The next best choice is Plan G, and sometimes Plan G makes more sense than Plan F.

Let’s say Plan G is $200 cheaper a year than Plan F; then, your better off paying the Part B deductible and saving yourself some money.

Plus, Plan G rate increases have been much smaller than Plan F.

Now, Medicare Supplement Plan N has gained some traction since the announcement of Plan F retiring. Plan N requires beneficiaries to put a little more out-of-pocket; however, the premiums can be substantially lower than the other two more popular policies.

Ultimately, the policy selected for enrollment is your decision. Insurance agents can guide you and offer expert advice; they can also walk you through the application.

Our agents provide you with the expert care at no cost. Give them a call now at the number above and discover the Medigap savings that may be available!

Applying for Hawaii Medicare Supplement Plans

The application process for any Medigap plan is simple; it can be done in one phone call with an agent licensed in your state. Beneficiaries at least 65, residing in Hawaii, and enrolled in Part B will find peace of mind with Medicare Supplement plans.

If you need to apply for Medicare, contact Social Security. Those receiving Social Security benefits should automatically be enrolled in Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Hawaii

Medicare Advantage in HawaiiIn 2019, 44% of enrollees chose a Medicare Advantage plan. These plans have policy limitations, and plans will change annually. Enrollees need to understand the risks of enrolling in Medicare Advantage coverage.

Imagine only having access to doctors on a list designed by a health insurance company, being forced to obtain referrals for specialist care, and a claim being denied because prior authorization requirements weren’t met.

Well, for many seniors receiving Medicare Advantage coverage, this is the reality.

Now, imagine going to any doctor in America, with no referral and no hassle.

That is the benefit of Medicare Supplement plans. This is the policy chosen by seniors who want to ensure they receive the best healthcare.

Prescription Drug Plans for Medicare in Hawaii

Hawaii Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Most seniors enroll in Part D during the Initial Enrollment Period to avoid the Part D late enrollment penalty.

However, those with proof of creditable prescription coverage may be allowed to avoid the penalty.

Before enrolling in medication coverage, check with an agent to be sure the plan covers your prescription drugs.

Sometimes prescriptions delivered to your home will save you money.

Plans and costs vary by location, call an agent at the number above to enroll in the best Part D plan for you!

How to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Hawaii

Exploring Medicare Supplement Plan options can be easy with the help of an agent! Our agents have the approval to write applications with top Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii.

Working with an agent will save you money and time. Call an agent today at the number above. If you don’t want to talk just yet, fill out the online rate form to compare rates online!

You deserve great coverage and peace of mind, be like Donna, and enroll in a plan today!

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