Medicare Supplemental Plans in Florida

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Medicare beneficiaries in the state of Florida find they can lower costs with a supplement plan. Some states have specific rules. But, Florida mostly follows the federal guidelines.

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Let’s dive into everything you need to know about Medicare Supplement plans in Florida for 2020. We’ll discuss Floridians’ cost, coverage, and eligibility options.

The page has been updated for 2020.

Guide to Medicare Supplemental Plans in Florida for 2020

The best Medigap plans in Florida are Plan F, G, and N. But, these are the top Medigap plans in the nation too.

Plan F covers the most benefits, leaving you with no out of pocket costs. Those with Plan G will cover the Part B deductible themselves. Further, those with Plan N will also pay the Part B deductible and have a few co-payments.

Depending on your Medicare effective date, you might not be eligible for Plan F. But, since Medigap plans in Florida aren’t the cheapest, a lot of beneficiaries go with Plan N or Plan G.

The best Medicare Supplement in Florida is the plan that gives you the most value.

Premiums for Medigap Insurance Plans in Florida

Insurance companies charge a premium each month for Medigap plans. These premiums can vary from one insurance company to another, and they also depend on your age, sex, and location.

Also, the pricing method the insurance company chooses to use can impact the cost. In Florida, companies must use issue age ratings or community ratings.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of Medigap costs in Florida.

For a 65-year-old female in Orlando, Plan F could cost almost $200 a month. But, Plan N could cost less than $130.

If going to the doctor isn’t a frequent occurrence, Plan N could be a money saver. But, if regular doctor visits are part of your normal activities, Plan G or F could provide more predictable costs.

Keep in mind; premiums depend on age, gender, and location. If you’re an older male in Clearwater, your premium costs will be a little different.

Tip: Work with an agent that represents all the top carriers, so you can make your choice in one phone call; save time and money.

Florida Medicare Supplement Plans Eligibility

Just like the rest of the country, when a Floridian turns 65 and has Part B, they can enroll in a Medigap plan. In all states, you have the Open Enrollment Period to select a Medigap plan and avoid underwriting.

Delaying enrollment could result in the inability to buy a Medigap plan in the future. You buy Medigap with your health, and the companies can deny coverage or charge more for pre-existing conditions.

Special Enrollment Periods can sometimes give you access to Medigap coverage with Guarantee Issue rights. If you’re unsure about your Medigap eligibility, an agent can ask you a few questions to help you identify your options.

Medicare Supplement Plans for Disabled Under 65 in Florida

You have automatic enrollment in Medicare Part A and B if you have been on Social Security Disability for 24 months.

In Florida, you’re also eligible to sign up for any Medicare Supplement insurance plan. Keep in mind; your premium will be MUCH higher than it would be for someone over 65.

The premium for Plan N for a female under 65 in Orlando would cost over $400 a month. Many people with disabilities opt for a Medicare Advantage plan until they turn 65.

Florida Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage in FloridaIf you’re not eligible or can’t afford Medigap insurance, an Advantage plan could be your solution to preventing high medical bills. Also, those under 65 should consider an Advantage plan since Medigap costs are higher.

Some counties offer Special Needs Medicare Advantage Plans that cater to those with chronic health issues.

Over 40% of Medicare enrollees in Florida chose a Medicare Advantage plan to administer their benefits. There are many $0 premium plans available throughout the state.

Not all counties have the same plans; some areas, like Miami-Dade, have a lot of Advantage plan enrollees. But, Key West has fewer Medicare Advantage enrollees.

While these plans are notorious for being “all-in-one” coverage options, they have rules and restrictions you must follow. Rules can include using in-network doctors and obtaining referrals.

Tip: Many Advantage plans include drugs; if you’re going to choose this option, make sure your plan includes Part D!

Part D

Florida Medicare Part D Prescription Drug PlansFlorida currently offers 27 different Part D options throughout the state. For many, Medicare with a Medigap plan and a Part D policy is the ultimate coverage.

Not enrolling in a Part D plan when you’re first eligible could result in penalties. If you don’t take any drugs, join in the cheapest premium policy to avoid a late penalty.

Part D plans range from less than $20 to over $100. But, don’t judge a policy by the monthly premium.

When looking at costs, consider what you’ll pay out of pocket for your medications. A plan with a higher premium could benefit someone with several brand name drugs.

Tip: Our agents can run your prescriptions through our price comparison tool and help you identify the most affordable option for YOU.

Florida Medicare Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Change My Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan in Florida?

One of the best parts about Medicare Supplement plans is that you can change policies at any time. But, depending on your situation, you may need to go through underwriting.

Many people pass through underwriting without any hassles. But each company is different. Some companies have strict guidelines for one disease and lenient guidelines for another.

When you work with an agent, they can help you identify the best company most likely to accept your application.

Does Medicare Pay for Assisted Living in Florida?

No, Medicare doesn’t pay for assisted living. But, it does pay for a limited stay in a skilled nursing facility after a hospital stay. The hospital stay must be at least three days for you to qualify for skilled nursing care. Otherwise, you pay the full cost of the nursing facility care.

Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care in Florida?

Yes, Medicare will cover the cost of home healthcare in Florida. But, you must be under the care of a doctor, be homebound, need speech therapy, or skilled nursing care. Also, please note that “home” can be assisted living, a house, an apartment, or adult family care housing.

Does Medicare Cover Dentures in Florida?

No, Medicare doesn’t cover routine dental care or dentures. But, with a standalone dental policy, you may have coverage.

Keep in mind, some of these policies don’t provide denture coverage. Talk to an agent about the options in your area.

Florida Medicare Supplement Plan Quotes

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