Alaska Medicare Supplement Plans

Like most states, Alaska follows federal guidelines. Medigap is nearly identical across state lines. But, because the plans may carry the same benefits, it doesn’t mean the pricing is equal across the board.

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Medicare Supplement Plans in Alaska Explained

Nearly 98,000 people in Alaska have Medicare. Of those 98,000 residents, just about 39,000 have Medigap.

Medigap helps bridge the gap that beneficiaries often face with health care expenses. Medicare covers 80% of your medical costs for approved treatments. But, that still leaves you with a part to pay.

Medicare Advantage Policies in Alaska

Most beneficiaries won’t have access to an Advantage policy.

Alaska is a very rural state, and often times these plans aren’t available in rural areas.

Even though Advantage policies aren’t available, some employers provide employer-sponsored Medicare Advantage plans to retirees.

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Medicare Part D Drug Plans in Alaska

Medicare Part D coverage is the part of Medicare that will help cover most of your prescriptions.

Alaska offers 20 stand-alone Part D drug plans to Medicare beneficiaries.

Just about 39,000 people have some form of prescription coverage in the state.

Part D costs range from $16-$98 a month.

The best plan for you is the option that saves you the most during the year.

Don’t just choose the lowest monthly premium; you want to make sure your prescriptions have coverage under your plan.

Also, you want to be sure the policy provides you with the most value.

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How do I apply for Medicare in Alaska?
Applying for Medicare is the same in all states. You must apply through Social Security, which can be done online, on the phone, or in person.
Can I use my Alaska Medicare Supplement plan in the other states?
Of course! The beauty of a Medigap plan is its ability to travel with you anywhere within the United States.
Can I switch my Medigap plan in Alaska?
It may be possible that you can change Medigap policies without any underwriting. However, if your insurer requires underwriting, you may still get accepted into new coverage.

You may find that you end up saving money by switching coverage plans. If you’d like more information on changing plans, give us a call today.

How to Apply for Medicare in Alaska

By all means, you can hunt for the best Medigap policy on your own. But do you really want to? Especially with an experienced team of Medicare experts here to help you. Our agents are here to answer any Medicare questions you may have. We'll walk you through the entire enrollment process from the start till finish. Call the number above for help right away. Or, if you prefer, complete the online rate form to get your rates now!

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